School Diaries | The best of 2022

School Diaries | The best of 2022

September is synonymous with school. In the coming weeks, in fact, millions of students will return to sit at school and, among the most important stationery products to have, the diary certainly ranks at the top. The latter is essential not only to write down the tasks to be done at home and the various commitments, but also to quickly check what the subject is and the relative time that you will study on a specific day of the week, so we have created a guide that help you to buy the most suitable school diaries to face the next school year.

Read also: High school backpacks | The best of 2022 A diary is strictly personal, to allow a person to understand your personality, especially if they have access to your drawings, personal thoughts and any anecdotes that you have saved. Precisely for this reason there are various types of school diaries but, obviously, not all of them offer the same organization and practicality, and this is why we have created a guide that allows you to have in front of, and subsequently buy, the best school diaries.

Although we are aware that the choice of the diary is very much based on aesthetics, we have concentrated on selecting those that ensure an excellent internal organization and a layout capable of leaving the right space in which to write your own notes of the day. The bell is about to ring, so don't delay and take a look at our proposals immediately, remembering that in our section dedicated to Back to School you will find the best offers on items for school.

The best school diaries

ScuolaZoo Grupo Erik Stranger Things Me against You Comix Be You White Pearl


ScuolaZoo diaries are the favorites of many students and the reason is quite simple, given that they are made of resistant materials and, often, have a number of pages that go beyond the classic time of the school year. This is the case of the model reported by us, which boasts 480 pages. The cover is minimal and is available in different colors or textures, satisfying the personal tastes of each of us. This diary also contains over 40 exclusive memes, a good selection of stickers and a section dedicated to provisional and final times, as well as a monthly horoscope. In short, a complete diary, suitable for any institution.


Grupo Erik Stranger Things

If you are looking for a diary that can offer extra contents and recommended mainly for elementary or middle school, as well as for lovers of the Stranger Things TV series, our suggestion is to consider this model from Grupo Erik. In addition to an optimized and colorful daily layout, this diary features details and accessories that make it unique and inimitable, such as the 16 fantastic illustrations scattered around the pages and the presence of a ruler, which you can use as a bookmark. There is even an expandable pocket for storing cards. From an organizational point of view, everything is designed to ensure that nothing is missing, from the holiday list to the pages for notes.


Me against Te

We could not leave the fans of Luì and Sofì unsatisfied, and that's why we recommend that you also consider the diary of Me against You. Despite being a diary designed for all the boys and girls who love the nice YouTuber couple, this hardcover model has everything you need to save your school commitments, and is enriched with lots of games and photos. The pages are spacious, colorful, with large and legible writing. The writing will be simple and precise thanks to the presence of the squares located on each page. In short, a diary that fans of Me against You will not be able to do without.



After conquering generations of students , the Comix diary still remains a student favorite today, not only thanks to its 576 pages, but also to the hard cover, on which short sentences are printed that can make you laugh out loud. Furthermore, it has all the dedicated sections to allow you to save the lesson times and, since we are talking about a Comix product, it will not be uncommon to find funny messages even among the internal pages of the diary. In short, an article suitable for those who love pungent moods.


Be You White Pearl

The school diaries they enjoy an excellent internal organization are now numerous and apparently perhaps almost all similar, but the Be You White Pearl will probably be one of the best sellers for the year 2022/2023. Available in both 16 and 18 cm format, this diary is made with excellent materials, with a padded cover and clearly with everything you need to make it inimitable. Among the pages there is no shortage of exclusive stickers, elements that give added value to the product.


How to choose school diaries

We understand that the diary is one of the indispensable objects for every student's school life, as it allows you to write down homework and do more. Apparently choosing a diary may seem like a simple operation. However, in order to make a good purchase, we decided to examine some of the main features that will guide you better in your choice.

How should school diaries be organized?

Since a school diary is mainly used to write down the topics to be studied for the following days, the way in which the pages are presented is fundamental. Having an excellent internal organization, in fact, will allow you to quickly access the page you are looking for. Another factor that goes hand in hand with the internal organization is the layout, which must be so beautiful to look at with so many images and colored characters, but not to the point of taking up half a page, limiting the space reserved for writing. Thanks to the preview images, you can almost always check some internal pages and verify that there are no problems mentioned above. Remaining on an organizational theme, a school diary cannot miss a section dedicated to the timetable of lessons, divided from the provisional and definitive ones.

What materials should a school diary have?

The diary will be used every day and will have to last a whole year, which is why it is good to rely on someone who has a sturdy cover, as well as a thick-weight paper, also useful for preventing annoying “ears” at the edges of the page. The presence of rubber bands is welcome, as they will help you better protect individual pages or prevent the diary from accidentally opening in the folder.

What extra contents should a school diary have?

A diary does not necessarily have to be limited to helping the student to remember the subjects to study, quite the contrary. The most well-known diaries, in fact, boast graphics, stickers and memes that will allow you to tear a smile from you, perhaps after a question that went wrong. These solutions will certainly allow you to start the day in a positive way, even if, when it comes to school, we are sure that very few will be happy to sit at the desks.

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