Who are the viral "maranza" on TikTok (and what does politics have to do with it)

Who are the viral maranza on TikTok (and what does politics have to do with it)

Two topics monopolized TikTok Italy in the summer of 2022: the first is linked to the mysterious Gallipoli virus, the second concerns the phenomenon of "maranza" in Riccione. Many, this summer, had the opportunity to comment on the issue of safety in the Romagna city of entertainment: from Emis Killa, who compared it to Marseille, arguing that "going out after 6pm, if you are a good guy you must be afraid even to a walk along the seafront ", up to Francesco Facchinetti who in the last few hours has increased the dose:" To say that Riccione is not safe is to say something objective ".

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Objectively strong words that led the mayor Daniela Angelini to a libel suit against the rapper. It must be said that other VIPs have also wanted to defend the entertainment capital of the Adriatic: for example Martina Colombari, from Riccione doc, explained that "Riccione is not dangerous, but social networks are the ones with their over-the-top messages. ". And again Claudio Cecchetto, brought up by Facchinetti himself, did not take long to defend "his" creature: "Here we still have fun", he replied.

So what is happening in Riccione? And, in all this, what does TikTok have to do with it? During the summer months, in the Italian version of the popular Chinese social network, many young people talked about the phenomenon of "maranza", defined by most users as groups of kids who go around on the streets of nightlife with the intent to annoy tourists and peers, committing thefts and creating inconvenience in the city.

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To understand where this story comes from, you have to rewind the tape until the beginning of the summer, precisely on June 3, when about 2,000 young people met through TikTok on the free beach of Castelnuovo del Garda, terrifying tourists and vacationers with various acts of vandalism. A situation that according to the mayor of Peschiera del Garda, Orietta Gaiulli, occurs every year and that would be repeated again. After the events in Castelnuovo, indeed, some videos had started to circulate on TikTok in which many young people "threatened" a remake of what happened in Veneto on the shores of the Adriatic. From that moment on, a double narrative on "maranza" began to circulate on social networks: the first, linked precisely to this vandalism of the pack (which in Riccione, however, was not repeated in the same proportions as Peschiera del Garda), the second, almost folkloric , in which the aim is to make fun of their clothing and ways of doing things, so much so that in many videos even some popular creators have tried to lower the tone by creating a macchiettistica version of the “maranza” type.

The identikit of “Maranza” type Let's start with the name. The term was used in Milan in the 1980s to identify the classic "tamarri" or "forced": today we are facing a 2.0 version. "Maranza" is back in vogue this summer to refer to the classic "bullies" who come from the suburbs and who sport a more or less defined look. According to the various more or less amusing reconstructions that can be found on TikTok, the classic “maranza” always runs in tracksuits, acetate or tech, or wears the official football team jerseys.

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the perm. Accessories complete the look: the real “maranza” wear only the Nike Tn and the shoulder bag, often by Louis Vuitton. The last touch is given by necklaces and watches. Indeed, they seem to have some sort of appeal. This is the Alicante song by rapper Gambino: many young people in fact appreciate French rap or trap, whose lyrics refer to the street. The identikit shown here is clearly ironic, even if the confirmations on the "maranza" come from various quarters. For example, from this video of the Olympic and European champion Gianmarco Tamberi who posted this video during his training in Riccione.

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The now widespread cliché has it that the "maranza" also has a tendency to commit crime and that among them there are many foreigners. Especially North Africans. However, among the videos that have begun to take hold on TikTok there are not only those of those who want to mock some of the attitudes of the neighborhood bullies. Many have started posting videos showing these big companies of these guys around Riccione or Rimini, to which the public disorder is attributed.

Do the “maranza” have a role in the electoral campaign? If on the one hand it is the "maranza" themselves who publish videos in which they insinuate that they "have dominion over the territory", "make a mess" and threats of various kinds accompanying videos in which they basically run up and down the streets of the cities or they dance wildly in the street, on the other hand there are videos of those who are frightened by rumors, legends, but also by some news stories concerning them. The climate on the subject has already been tense since last year, in which episodes of violence and vandalism actually occurred in Riccione and its surroundings. This year, at least according to tourists and traders, but also to some journalists who went to check the situation around Viale Ceccarini, the situation seems to have improved. Yet, scrolling through the videos under the hashtag #maranza on TikTok also increases the videos with racist connotations: often, in fact, Moroccan flags are added to the videos of the fights, while in others phrases such as: "Riccione has become a 'Africa ”and the like. The same TikTok, on some contents, applies the banner that reads: "Participation in this activity could cause dangers to you or to others".

However, there are still groups of young and very young people who, for fun, annoy those who try to enjoy an evening of fun. In the videos of those who report unpleasant episodes, however, the comments do not show much solidarity with those who come across the "maranza", they all seem to go in the same direction. Thousands, in fact, refer to the upcoming political elections on 25 September.

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We praise the party of Giorgia Meloni, Brothers of Italy, which according to the point of view of many will be in able to free the nocturnal places from the "maranza". "YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO AT THE ELECTIONS", "25 September BROTHERS OF ITALY", "Giorgia save us" "remember it on 25 September", "and they want to put the ius soli ... let's read the calendar hope and the bonino and invite them to make a nice evening ... ", and again:" I think I'm tired of having to be afraid to go for a simple walk and to hear this thing that is now becoming the order of the day ", are just some of the comments can read below the story of a boy, who claims to have received a headboard from a "maranza" only for having refused to ask for a cigarette. In a clear minority those who doubt the veracity of stories like this, although among the comments there are also those who tell of a different situation: "I went to riccione not even a week ago and if all goes well I will have seen 3/4 in total of" maranza "Or whatever you call them," is one of the isolated comments below the video.

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