In Peschiera del Garda, sovereign propaganda has started again

In Peschiera del Garda, sovereign propaganda has started again

In Peschiera del Garda

For a few days Peschiera del Garda has entered a trending topic on social media, on national media and on the lips of some of our local politics. It all started on June 2nd, with some gatherings of young people on the local beaches, a brawl and several riots which also led to the intervention of the police in riot gear.

In the following days the scene was repeated, with several acts of vandalism, up to the worst possible outcome: some underage girls reported being sexually harassed on the train that brought them home to some of the boys in Peschiera del Garda. A story that forces us to update the tragic bulletin of group abuse of which too many women are still victims in Italy, after weeks of talking about similar episodes that occurred at the feast of the Alpini.

Unlike then , however, to condemn the violence today there are also those who on that occasion spoke of jokes and belittled the facts: the Italian right. That when he learned that the abusers of the train were foreigners, or in any case non-white people, he immediately declined the episode in an immigrationist key. As if there were more acceptable violence, those committed by whites, and less acceptable violence, those carried out by those who do not have a 100% Italian family tree.

The stories of the women who suffered harassment during the Alpine gathering in Rimini The collective Non una di less collected 150 testimonies, especially among women who work in bars, restaurants and hotels. The institutions, however, both locally and nationally, have turned their backs What happened in Peschiera del Garda On 2 June hundreds of young people met on the lakefront of Peschiera del Garda through a tam tam on TikTok and other social networks . There would have been a fight due to the theft of a wallet and some riots, which prompted the local administration to request the intervention of the police in riot gear. Some people have reported excessive use of force, including against girls. In the following days the comings and goings of people from Peschiera del Garda did not stop and some videos actually show a chaotic situation: kids clinging to tourist trains, others jumping on parked cars, a scooter with a couple riding surrounded in the street and pushed by on both sides, reports of theft and so on.

The most serious event, however, would have occurred on a train bound for Milan. Six girls between 15 and 17, returning from Gardaland, reported being harassed by a group of boys in the crowd of wagons. “We were surrounded. The heat was suffocating, some of us passed out, ”they said. The abuse allegedly occurred as they tried to advance along the train to find a conductor, with groping, verbal harassment and encircling.

Sovereign propaganda in motion What happened in Peschiera del Garda, and in particular on the train, is the tragic normality of a nation in which, according to Istat data, one in three women aged 16-70 (over six million people) have suffered some form of physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. A country where when things come out, as in the national meeting of the Alpini last month, there are those who also in the political world tend to belittle the facts, to downgrade them, to even talk about jokes, remembering how until the the country's political culture will be difficult to achieve social improvement. Yet, unlike the Alpini and other episodes of sexual harassment of the past, in the case of Peschiera del Garda and the violence on the train, the issue has taken on national significance also and above all among those who usually prefer to turn their gaze the other way. Fortunately, one might say, were it not that this change of vision is due to the usual, immortal detail: the color of the skin of the alleged molesters.

As the girls returning from Gardaland reported, it was about "A group of North Africans" who "told us that white women cannot go up here". All certainly shabby, as shabby, however, is the importance that continues to be given to the profile of those who commit a crime, as if mitigating and aggravating were variable depending on the origin. Matteo Salvini on Instagram posted the title of Repubblica - Girls molested on the train from Gardaland - underlining how the right version should have been Girls molested by a bunch of North Africans. Then he ran to Desenzano del Garda, the town where the girls got off after being harassed on the train, to shout his anti-immigration slogans to the population. A certainly sincere visit, that next weekend there will be municipal elections in Desenzano is a coincidence. Giorgia Meloni also expressed herself on the episode, also recalling the New Year's violence that occurred in Piazza Duomo in Milan for which some youngsters of foreign origin had been reported, but forgetting as always all the other reports of violence on which one usually does not it expresses or even, as in the case of the Alpini, belittles.

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In general, the gatherings of Peschiera del Garda were immediately described by the sovereign narrative as "gatherings of immigrants" , taking advantage of the presence of some flags of Morocco in the crowd and several black people. In reality it was enough to take a ride on TikTok in those hours, as well as watch a couple of videos other than those edited by the social media managers of the League with vuvuzelas and bongos in the background, to realize that both the call to the rally and the rally itself have had as protagonists Italian children, some of them second or third generation immigrants. Elements of little consequence for the gears of sovereign propaganda, which for days instead took the chaos of Peschiera del Garda as an example of the effects of "wild immigrationism", and then exploited the obscene harassment suffered by some minors on the train to increase the dose in this direction, focusing only on the alleged perpetrators and forgetting to talk about the only thing that matters: the victims. And of the sexual violence that women of any age continue to suffer in Italy, whoever is the perpetrator.

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