Play 2022: what to do on Saturday 21

Play 2022: what to do on Saturday 21

Play 2022

Second day of Play Festival del Gioco 2022, a day full of events and activities to be discovered. What's cooking for those who visit the fair on the "Saturday of Play"?

Among the highlights of the day there will be some of the highlights of the event, such as the conference show by Adrian Fairtrade and Luca Perri Sia for Venus than for Mars ... Are we leaving? but not only!

We have browsed today's program to point out some of the activities not to be missed.

Mysteries and investigations, between play and reality

Saturday 21 at 11:00 am

Gallery - GAL6

The journalist, popularizer and investigator of the unusual Massimo Polidoro and the scientific journalist Michele Bellone will guide us through mysteries and enigmas, often at center of games.

The desire to reveal them, fueled by curiosity, pushes us to explore, collect clues, formulate hypotheses to discover together what players and investigators, game creators and writers have in common.

"Houston, problem solved!" PLAY on Earth to survive on Mars at 1:30 pm

First Floor - Room 40

A panel in which representatives of INAF (National Institute of Astrophysics) and Ignacy Trzewiczek, author of First Martians, will tell us which are the challenges that await man on Mars and how the scientific element has been correctly implemented within the game.

Broken Compass: Raiders of the Lost Stone - Multi-Flight Event

Saturday 21 at 14:30

First floor - Room 400

The Raiders of Lost Stone will be the first official multi-table event of Broken Compass, the award-winning role-playing game Role-playing Game of the Year 2021.

Up to twenty tables of adventurers will face the greatest treasure hunt: the search for the Philosopher's Stone.

Spire - Multi-table at 15:00

Saturday 21 at 15:00

Pad.A - stand A25

Great multi-table event role-playing fantasy punk game Spire - The city must fall: in the shoes of ruthless terrorists and daring revolutionaries will the players succeed in overthrowing the regime of the tyrannical Aelfir?

The Role Play in Psychology and Psychology in Role Play at 15:30

Saturday 21 at 15:30

First floor - Room 40

Role play and psychology: a combination that can help us understand both dynamics between players at the table, and prove to be a useful support tool during a psychotherapeutic path.

Christian "Zoltar" Bellomo will work alongside Dr. Luca Pezzullo and Dr. Mimma Schirone to accompany us on a journey through the affinities between Psychology and role play, trying to answer the questions on these two fantastic themes.

Q&A with InnTale - Saturday 4:30 pm

Gallery - GAL6

The members of InnTale, one of the most famous gaming groups in Italy, meet fans for a question and answer session in to discover many curiosities about them.

Non Dire Draghi - Stories of Vapor - Live Actual Play at 16:30

Saturday 21 at 16:30

Gallery - Office 15

Non Dire Draghi will be engaged in a live role-playing session, set in Kumo, the world of “Stories of Steam“, their podcast available on all platforms.

The protagonists of the session will be the master Emilio Palmerini, the old gnome Olga (played by Giada Taribelli @giadadiruolo), her assistant Amethyst (played by Viola Sanguinetti @viovagram) and two special guests: Laura @lamadredeidraghi and Alberto @il_bardo_taglialegna!

The number of seats is limited so you must register, free of charge, through Eventbrite at this link.

For both Venus and Mars ... Are we leaving? 9.00 pm

Saturday 21.00 pm 9.00 pm

Modena - San Carlo Church

A show conference with Adrian Fartade and Luca Perri on the questions that animate the discussion around the colonization of Mars, with his eyes turned upwards but his feet firmly planted on the ground.

To participate in the event, registration is required at this link. To access the event it is mandatory to show up by 9 pm by showing the registration.

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