Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands: Uncharted Realms, we tried the new TFT mid-set

Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands: Uncharted Realms, we tried the new TFT mid-set

Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands

Riot Games is one of those companies that grow their video games day after day, in order to keep them always healthy and attractive to the general public. Updates and patches alternate between excellent results and others that are not as good, but there is no doubt that the Draconic Lands expansion is among the first in the Teamfight Tactics landscape. Set 7 brought a breath of fresh air to the goal, with interesting news and a more reasoned and less random basic strategy. The inclusion of dragons has changed the dynamics of the game, enhancing the power budget of the team compositions together with the traits and augments.

This is the excellent starting point on which the foundations of Draconic Lands Uncharted Realms rest, which has the sole objective of rising further from the previous bases, giving even more relevance to the dragons component.

We have discovered and tried Teamfight Tactics: Draconic Lands Uncharted Realms in preview and these are the news.

The new tacticians

Pengu a new tactician for Uncharted Realms There is no 'is Set with no new Tacticians. In Uncharted Realms we will find a handful of new protagonists waiting for us: How to Train Your Dragon Pengu, who with his Golden Spatula directs the battlefield orchestra to the sound of music, Prancie, a very tender creature that will remind pokémon fans of a possible merger quadruped between Dragonair and Snivy, and finally Bungo who identifies a new species of baby dragon and which we will find in 5 different variants.

Prancie another new tactician dragon from TFT Chibi theme, it will be Lee Sin who arrives on the battlefield. The Monk of Ionia is the perfect point of contact for a Tactician in an expansion entirely devoted to dragons, given his ability to channel the spirit and fight through it.

Chibi Lee Sin Dragonmancer It will be present in the basic version and with its most iconic skin, Dragonmancer Lee Sin. To close the team we will find Regal Koi Starmaw and Sauna Sprite, closely linked with the two new arenas Grotto of the Secret Spa and Choncc's Splash resort.

The premises of Uncharted Realms

Arriva on TFT also Nilah, new champion of League of Legends Once the season is unlocked on September 8th, an event entitled Uncharted Realms - Secret of the Shallows will start. In it there will be a way to explore the three different areas in which the world of Teamfight Tactics has fragmented, but we will find out more only as we get closer to the release date. The narrative premise of the update is that Pengu and her friends unleashed the power of the dragons, changing the map of the wasteland and thus giving rise to the Uncharted Realms, which it will be up to us to discover. The event will launch a new Chibi Champion, probably Kai'Sa. Obviously the aesthetic aspects will not be the only novelties of Uncharted Realms, rather it will certainly be the mechanical aspects that will gain most of the scene once the novelties come out on the test realm.

The changes to the objects and to the Dragon's Treasure

The Dragon's Treasure of the Order The Frozen Heart disappears in favor of what for the moment is called Fimbulwinter, but which will certainly have another name in the final version. It will be an item that can be used on the frontlines but also on assassins, because it combines physical resistance and mana, as well as increasing the damage of allies for the rest of the fight with its special ability.

The Spear of Shojin instead evolves by providing Ability Power as well, making it a great option for magic damage carries as well.

Two augments also change: Lucky Gloves and Scoped Weapons II. The first, starting from a thief's glove, generates two random items that have properties suitable for those of the character who dresses it; for example an AD carry will not have items designed for Tanks, or a tank will not have items that boost attack speed or critical percentage.

The Dragon's Treasure is also not immune to evolution and will be present in three different types: Chaos, Standard and Order. The chaos will bring a pool of objects with a very high variability rate, the standard one will behave exactly as in the live patch, while the order will almost always be a harbinger of radiant objects, ensuring that all players have a consistent power spike and can bring out the best in your composition.

The rework of the dragons and the new traits

Earth, one of the new dragons We thus arrive at the remake of the Dragon trait which will also be the most important level change mechanic of expansion and the one that will influence the meta revolution the most. You will no longer need the dedicated Augment to play multiple dragons in the same composition, on the contrary, the dragon trait scales according to the number of those present, just like all the other traits.

Level 4 increases by one the space on the board and therefore allows the player to put another dragon on the map once level 9 is reached. Then new dragons are added with Nomsy and Swayn becoming real dragons, while all suffer a cost reduction. Tier 3 dragons will cost 6, Tier 4 cost 7, and Tier 5 will cost 8. No dragons will be removed from the Set. Revel, Legend and Trainer traits will be removed. In their place Lagoon, Darkflight and Monolith.

Splash Art of the new version of Swayn The first enhances the board with Ability power and adds a "Seastone" to the map which offers free loot to the player as the game progresses. Darkflight instead sacrifices a unit and a random item of it is given to the other Darkflight champions, adding to a substantial health bonus. Monolith offers three zones on the battlefield where units receive a 15% damage resistance bonus. Instead, Astral has been modified, which was not considered at the same level of design as the others.

A look at the units

Splash Art by Graves, Tier 4 champion To close the series of novelties we find many new units, also because many are ready to leave the Set. Among the most important we include Graves, Tempest Cannoneer Tier 4, Jayce is his counterpart Guild Shapeshifter; they are two carries of physical damage and magical damage respectively. Pantheon, whisper warrior, is another 4 cost that identifies an excellent resource for team combat, dealing area damage and reducing the defenses of the enemies in front of him.

An embryonic look at the meta

Sohm, Dragon with Trait Lagoon In the face of the short test carried out, at the end of the presentation we were convinced that the composition only dragons, now possible without Augment for the remaking of the homonymous stretch, in addition to being very strong, will also be extremely popular. It will be because of its being the very emblem of a Set whose fulcrum is precisely the dragons, it will be because conceptually it is quite simple to conceive, but we do not doubt that it will find ample space in Uncharted Realms. For their part, the other combinations such as Darkflight and Lagoon also seem extremely promising, perhaps less than Monolith, due to its defensive propensity, difficult to manage against the very high damage offered by the compositions of the meta, current and future.

Further considerations they will be possible only when the final balance reaches the official servers and the meta situation stabilizes. However, it must be noted that with Draconic Lands and even more so with Uncharted Realms there are two design strategies that the guys at Riot Games are pursuing: on the one hand, continuing to increase the spectacle and power of the teams, from the another is the introduction of game elements that partially mitigate the uncertainty of a match by offering players the tools they need to be able to create the teams they want without fate opposing them excessively.


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