Adria Arjona explains the relationship between Brix and Cassian in Andor

Adria Arjona explains the relationship between Brix and Cassian in Andor

The new Star Wars series available on Disney Plus, Andor, represents an important moment for the seriality of the franchise, considered as the story of the past of Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) is, in the intentions of the production, the opportunity to show sides not usually addressed in the saga. Not only will we discover new passages of the complex period known as the Rise of the Empire, but also on the narrative level, new dynamics will be introduced. As we have seen in our preview of Andor, for example, the sentimental aspect of characters is also addressed in a different way, to the point that for the interpreter of Bix Caleen, Adria Arjona, the relationship with Cassian in Andor central to the series.

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In Andor, for Adria Arjona the relationship between Brix and Cassian will be central

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Adria Arjona offered her vision on the complex relationship that binds her Brix to Cassian, bringing out a narrative construction that allows us to tackle issues that usually have never landed in the stories ofa> Star Wars:

I know that they have been friends for a long time, they are childhood friends. And there is this questionable 'Are they really in love? Have they ever been together? Is there any jealousy between Cassian and Timm? Is it a triangle? '. It is all truly mysterious, but through their long-standing friendship, a great trust has been built, which has been broken and rebuilt, only to be broken again. Yet, Bix still cares a lot about Cassian, who is incredibly complex, always seems to get into trouble and tackles things in crazy ways.

While admitting that there is a deep bond between two characters, Arjona does not deny that Cassian's way of acting, this impetuousness of his, can be a source of problems not only for him, but also for people who, holding on to him, trying to help and protect him:

Bix is ​​a practical woman, she has her own business, and finally seems to have found her right size, she is at the top of the list. She has found stability, but every time Cassian breaks into her life it erodes this tranquility of hers. Despite this, she would like the best for Cassian, and she is extremely protective of him. But she still ends up taking him back on everything, and it is not the best. | ); }
It is understandable, therefore, that Brix saw in his colleague Timm a stability that he could never have with Cassian, thus seeing him as a desirable life partner.

Timm is safe, responsible, together they are great, they also have a business together. Maybe she hoped and dreamed that Cassian could be there instead of her, who knows? But with him it's simply impossible, hence the joke Cassian makes to Brix in the first episode, with him replying 'I don't ask you about your private life'. You can feel the tension of that moment, but it is fleeting. This is also her way of protecting the people she loves.

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