Destiny 2: the Eclipse, we discover the new expansion and preorder bonuses

Destiny 2: the Eclipse, we discover the new expansion and preorder bonuses

Destiny 2

Destiny 2, the MMO shooter from Bungie, has begun preparing for the Eclipse, the next and penultimate expansion in the saga of Light and Dark. As happened with The Queen of Whispers, the Eclipse will be the cornerstone of all 2023 of Destiny 2 because it will add a new campaign, a new destination, a new raid, a new subclass of darkness, 2 dungeons and 4 seasons by progressing the story every week.

For this reason we have decided to collect all the information on the new expansion of Destiny 2, the Eclipse, and its preorder bonuses, some of which are already active.

Article edited by Riccardo Lichene.

The background of the Destiny 2 Eclipse

Destiny 2: the Eclipse Destiny 2: The Eclipse will bring the guardians out on February 28, 2023 Neptune and more precisely in the city of Neomuna, a neon metropolis that survived the Collapse, the apocalypse from which the Destiny universe was resurrected. This city, unlike almost all previous settings, is not a place in ruins, but is home to a cutting-edge society. Here humanity continued to evolve (skipping the dark ages it lived on Earth), but without the blessing of the Light and the Traveler, which gave the guardians their powers and immortality.

We do not yet know the direct facts that will lead us to Neptune, because after the current season (that of the Treasures) there will be another one we are still unaware of. Looking at the first artworks, however, we can hypothesize the return of Osiris, finally awakened from the coma in which Savathun had left him before the season of the Lost. In the Collector's Edition, we will then discover new details about the strange specter of the Unknown Exo, a mechanical creature in the shape of a fish first seen in the Beyond the Light expansion.

At the end of The Queen of Whispers we discovered who is the puppeteer who pulls the strings of the destruction of humanity: he is the Witness, the first herald of the Dark. We do not know why, but Neptune and Neomuna are his next targets and, to conquer them, the Witness will have the strength of a new disciple: the Emperor Calus. After spending an entire season (that of the Tormented) trying to uncover his machinations, the former Cabal emperor has pledged himself to obscurity by placing his armies in the service of the Witness.

To face this new Shadow Legion we will have at our side some powerful allies: the Cloudwalkers, protectors of Neomuna and allies of humanity. We know next to nothing about these genetically engineered warriors, only that they will die before they leave their city in the hands of the Witness.

Destiny 2: the Eclipse, the Telascura Our arsenal will also be expanded thanks to the introduction of Telascura, the new subclass of Darkness. With its green and serpentine hues, the Telascura will take on different characteristics for each class of Destiny 2. The Sorcerers will be Architects: sculptors of matter able to create new sentient beings at their command. The Hunters will be Valicatori: masters of movement, traps and lasso. The Titans will be Overriders: by slashing the Dark Telegraph they will forge blades and claws to shatter their enemies. | 'Eclipse? Destiny 2 Living Silver Storm: Eclipse Like last year, Bungie opened pre-orders for its new expansion as soon as the presentation showcase finished. There is the standard version which contains only the Eclipse (therefore the campaign and the new raid) and the deluxe edition which in addition to including the 4 seasons of 2023 also has the key to the Dungeons (which gives access to two new dungeons coming out later this year), cosmetics (a wrapper for the specter, an exotic emote and an exclusive emblem) and a new exotic auto rifle.

The peculiarity of this year is that the new weapon is unlocked at the time of pre-order and not at the release of the expansion. The exotic assault rifle is called the Vivo Silver Storm and has as special features the rocket trackers (micro missiles fired automatically every 12 bullets hit) and an alternative fire mode that turns it into a grenade launcher: for each rocket hit, in fact, a grenade will be added to the rifle's magazine. Holding the Quicksilver Storm reload button transforms into a grenade launcher that deals damage in a similar way to the Peak, i.e. firing its shots straight instead of along an arc.

After testing it in both PvE and PvP, we can confirm that it is not the new Mithoclast Vex. It's fun to use, but doesn't do exaggerated damage to game-controlled enemies and isn't particularly effective against other players.

The Eclipse looks good but there's no rush

L cover image of Destiny 2: Eclipse We know that behind the Eclipse is the same narrative and design team as The Queen of Whispers and this gives us hope. The setting, the enemies, the story and the new subclass convince and will certainly bring a breath of fresh air to the game. A new reputation system is also on the way that will help new players find more experienced Guardians to guide them through difficult tasks and allow them to praise their teammates based on their strengths.

After finishing the campaign (which returns with legendary difficulty for the most seasoned Guardians) we have 2 raids (one new and one returning from Destiny 1), two new dungeons and story advancements from week to week . In 2024, the Final Shape "the latest expansion of this Destiny 2 saga" will arrive, according to game director Joe Blackburn. Unless you are obsessed with being the latest with emblems, goshawks and emotes, there is no need to pre-order the Eclipse Deluxe Edition so far in advance, especially since Quicksilver Storm is not essential to the endgame and will be just as fun to use when the expansion comes out.

Destiny 2: Eclipse When the release date approaches, however, it may be worth considering the deluxe edition because, in addition to the seasonal content, the new Rahool Secret Stacks are included. You will receive one per season and they will contain a guaranteed exotic message and a number of premium materials such as upgrade modules and optimizing prisms.

The good news is that the Eclipse is well on its way to revolutionizing Destiny 2 as it has made the Queen of Whispers. The story will continue to evolve in unexpected ways and the new subclass promises a lot of new gameplay. There are still several months to go before the Eclipse arrives, but the conditions for a further evolution of the Bungie universe seem to be there.


Intriguing evolution of the story thanks to the setting The new sub-class will add many new gameplay features. Experience for new players improved thanks to the reputation system DOUBTS High cost Unconvincing pre-order bonus even with the addition of an exotic weapon Have you noticed any errors?

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