Dehumidifiers | The best of 2022

Dehumidifiers | The best of 2022

We have now officially arrived at the gates of autumn and temperatures are dropping considerably, as well as the amount of humidity that lurks in our homes from early morning and late into the night. This is why we need to prepare ourselves as best we can to overcome all the pitfalls caused by the drastic change, starting from the end of September. To make the most of this last factor, it is necessary to have one or more dehumidifiers capable of eliminating excess humidity in your home.

Read also: Instant cameras | The best of 2022 If you don't have a dehumidifier, and you don't know which one to buy, you can rely on our buying guide. To meet your needs we have decided to put together the best products in circulation, starting from the smallest and simplest ones suitable for those who do not have too many pretensions to higher quality models, with a greater budget but also extremely performing in such humid periods. and hot.

Before moving on to the product review, it is necessary to underline something that many of you will probably take for granted but that others may not know, by going to this guide. Dehumidifiers are not air conditioners! Therefore, their function is to lower the level of humidity in an environment, condensing it in water and allowing you to withstand higher temperatures without the annoying sensation of a hood in your rooms. Consequently, the summer will be extremely less difficult to overcome but, and this is essential, not cooler! An air conditioner, on the other hand, takes care of lowering the temperature by blowing cold air into an environment (whether it is a room or an entire apartment). Having made this clarification, we recommend that you read the article carefully to make the best choice according to your specific needs.

The best dehumidifiers for the summer

Omasi Olimpia Splendid 01939 Aquaria Slim 10 P Ariston DEOS Pro Breeze De'Longhi Tas Dryo AriaDry 12L Dehumidifier


We inaugurate the guide to the best dehumidifiers with an economic model but absolutely performing in small homes. We are talking about the product developed by Omasi, which is able to absorb up to 300 ml of water in 24 hours (the tank, on the other hand, has a double capacity) present in the environment. In addition, this particular model has the automatic shutdown function, which allows you to keep electricity consumption at bay. Its selling price? Just under 30 euros, and therefore ideal for bedrooms or offices.


Olimpia Splendid 01939 Aquaria Slim 10 P

If you are interested in a more performing product, we recommend the purchase of Olimpia Splendid Aquaria Slim. A natural gas dehumidifier that can condense 10 liters of water per day, consuming little electricity. Furthermore, this product is suitable for any type of environment with a volume not exceeding 45 m³. The only flaw of Aquaria lies in its tank, which has a capacity of only 2 liters, however it is possible to connect a continuous water drain to solve this problem. Let's move on to the price, Acquaria costs precisely € 118.89. In short, not bad for a product with good technical characteristics.


Ariston Deos Dehumidifier, 250 W, 46 Decibels

Ariston is synonymous with quality in the field of household appliances, and this is confirmed once again by the Deos dehumidifier. It is a product that combines three very important factors: a good water absorption capacity, a very low energy consumption (estimated at 250W maximum) and a noise level below the standards (according to estimates, we are below 45 decibels. ). In addition, there are various models of different capacities, but we recommend the 12-liter one, ideal for all environments between 30-35 square meters. Its selling price, if you are interested, is about 135 euros.


Pro Breeze Dehumidifier 12L

Cataloged as “Amazon's Choice ”On Amazon Italy, the Pro Breeze dehumidifier is undoubtedly a well-made product. First of all, it removes up to 12 liters of water in the air per day while keeping energy consumption low. As a second feature, we find a digital LED display to give it the various orders or activate all the functions it is equipped with. Unfortunately this dehumidifier has a small tank of 1.8 liters, but it is possible to connect a type of drainage, as is the case for washing machines and air conditioners. Its selling price? 141.99 euros!


De'Longhi Tastilo AriaDry

To close this particular buying guide is the De ' Longhi Taschiugo AriaDry, a particular dehumidifier that can remove up to 25 liters of humidity per day in any situation, and especially even in medium-large homes. As if that were not enough, this product has the tumble dryer mode, in fact it helps to reduce the drying time of clothes by up to 50%, compared to a normal condition! It also has an anti-dust system, a double condensate elimination system and the so-called “Tank Coltrol System“, capable of automatically stopping when the tank is full. Its price, if you are interested, is 299.00 euros and you benefit from Amazon Prime shipping!


How to choose the best dehumidifiers

In commerce there are many products that perform, all in all, the same task. Choosing therefore is very complicated, which is why we decided to show you what are the characteristics to look for. Buying a good dehumidifier can make a difference during your summer and winter, especially bearing in mind the very high temperatures and humidity that is afflicting these months. Bringing home a product that is able to satisfy all your requirements is essential, since we are talking about a not high expense but still not to be underestimated. You will have to carefully evaluate numerous characteristics, so that the environments around you can be dehumidified in the best possible way and, last but not least, so that the product lasts over time and does not deteriorate after a few months of use. Below we have compiled some of the information to keep an eye on when purchasing:

Volume and temperature of the environment Capacity Dimensions

Volume and temperature of the environment

First point to keep in mind mind is the volume of the room and the general temperature of the environment in which you will want to use it the most. Whether it is a room or an entire apartment, it is necessary to check these two factors before purchasing such a product. A possible preventive error results in a not entirely satisfactory experience.


This is a key factor before purchasing. For this reason, it is among the first information to consider, even before the performance of the product itself. After evaluating the area and the temperature of the environment in which you want to place the dehumidifier, you can consider the load, in order to purchase the optimal item specifically designed for your needs. We have said that humidity is, summed up in a few words, the water vapor found in the air.

So the dehumidifier's task is to remove it, making the room or the house (in the case of a very powerful product) more "dry". In a nutshell, the capacity is the value that indicates the liters of water that the dehumidifier is actually able to extract from the air in a day, also taking into account the type of item you are thinking of buying. For the drying models, for example, the estimated capacity is about 6-8 L per day.


Obviously, the spaces available in the house are not all the same and they change even from room to room. For this reason, at the time of purchase, you will also have to evaluate the size of the dehumidifier you are thinking of buying. room, without occupying an important slice of the space at your disposal. Equally important is the design, the presence of wheels and the ease with which you can transport it, if you plan to use it in different rooms of your home or your studio.

Being an article that can be very useful also in different spaces in your home, you shouldn't underestimate the idea of ​​being able to move it easily. To do this, not only will you have to aim for the purchase of a dehumidifier that is not too heavy and not too large, but it will be useful to look for a product that is also designed to be moved in small and simple steps. The special handles are very useful if you decide to transport it or plan to use it on different floors. As much as the castors, these features can greatly simplify your daily use.

What does the dehumidifier fight against?

As you probably know, the effects of humidity are very many and mostly extremely annoying . For this reason, the function of the dehumidifier to reduce and contain the humidity rate in an environment is essential to avoid them! First of all, it is worth mentioning the question of the perception of temperature which, both in summer and in winter, can make a huge difference in your daily life. Humidity, in fact, makes the summer heat even more sultry and difficult to bear, while in winter it makes the cold even more severe. Equally important, the effect that humidity can have on the reproduction of molds, for example on the walls of the house, especially during the winter. go, they can cause allergies, asthma, and other health problems. No less important is the possibility of bacteria proliferating in the air, especially now that we are experiencing much colder temperatures and the first seasonal diseases. A product such as those mentioned in our guide, allows you to drastically reduce these problems, helping in particular children, the elderly and even allergic subjects, sensitive to all the aforementioned effects.

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