Hasbro Pulse finally arrives in Italy too

Hasbro Pulse finally arrives in Italy too

It is called Hasbro Pulse and for many action figure collectors, until a few days ago, it was only a mirage in which to see products announced that too often were sold out before even reaching distribution. The wait is finally over and now, after rumors and rumors, we can officially announce that Hasbro Pulse is also available in Italy with all the benefits that this entails for us action figure collectors.

What is Hasbro Pulse?

What are the advantages?

| ); } For those who have not grasped the enormous opportunity given by the American giant Hasbro, we explain what Hasbro Pulse has to offer compared to buying at a store or through distribution. One of the first advantages is to be able to activate a direct channel with the producer himself, skipping intermediaries and obtaining the product from the parent company with considerable advantages also in the distribution of products that will arrive much earlier than in the past. Another aspect to take into consideration is that of being able to make pre-orders with the certainty that the product does not go out of stock overseas (... hoping that some “leftovers” will also arrive at us). Another very interesting thing, which few have not grasped, is the possibility of being able to participate in Haslab's crowdfunding campaigns and be able to grab unique pieces such as the Razor Crest in Black Series scale or the Proton Backpack of the Ghostbusters, some of the most interesting from past Hasbro campaigns. These two incredible pieces, which we Europeans could only obtain through the intermediation of other e-commerce, are just a few examples, for example, the campaign for the Ghost Rider car, Engine of Vengeance, has just started.

Hasbro Pulse promises additional benefits for those who subscribe to their Premium service, with an annual fee of 50.00 euros you are entitled to unique and exclusive benefits such as free shipping, early access to certain products and much more ( To learn more, click here ). We also recently talked to you about the Selfie Series line, with the arrival of Hasbro Pulse in Italy, will it also be possible for us Italians to transform our photos into action figures? We really hope so and we will keep you updated on any possible development.

Where to buy?

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