Sonos Sub Mini, the wireless subwoofer that makes everyone dance

Sonos Sub Mini, the wireless subwoofer that makes everyone dance

Sonos Sub Mini

Sonos Sub Mini is a small wireless subwoofer capable of annoying even the gentlest of neighbors, like Ned Flanders of the Simpsons. In short, a bulldog for cinematic entertainment and serial binge watching to keep on a sound leash, otherwise it exaggerates. And to say that it recalls a tame cylindrical living room storage, those made to support a vase or maybe some book. In reality it is a 30.5 cm high drum, with a diameter of 23 cm and a weight of 6.35 kg; you can choose in white or black versions. It is not made of gray plastic, but of a good polycarbonate. On the back there is an ethernet port, the pairing button and a status LED; the bottom rests on rubber pads that should dampen vibrations. From the ventral slot you can then see the two opposing woofers, 15 cm (6 inches) in diameter, which give substance to the low frequencies.

Sonos does not provide the power data but merely states that there are two class D digital amplifiers, adequate in their opinion for a medium-sized room - for the large ones they recommend the older brother Sonos Sub (Gen 3 of 2020) from 16 kg. Perhaps, however, the discriminating factor is more related to the type of house: apartment in a condominium for Sub Mini; independent villa for the Sub.

Easy to install and self-equalizes

The Sub Mini requires cable power and a home wi-fi network. As is well known, the Sonos platform relies on the cloud and a wireless communication technology based on the protected 5 GHz frequency (not the common bluetooth). After that, remember that the Mini is compatible with all non-portable Sonos models and is recommended in combination with Ray and Beam 2 soundbars, One, One SL or (Ikea) Symfonisk speakers.

In our test we paired it with the 299 euro, 55 cm wide entry-level Ray model, which integrates two tweeters, two mid-woofers and bass reflex. Setting up was simple as in the Sonos app you just need to click on the entry that allows you to add a new device. On the other hand, the procedure is also facilitated by the fact that the Mini supports NFC technology and therefore it is enough to bring the smartphone to the upper surface for coupling. Alternatively, there is still the pairing button. The final result will be a "room", perhaps called living room, TV room or otherwise, where there will be soundbar and Sub Mini combined.

However, one last fundamental step is missing, which is that of optimization through TruePlay technology. Woe to not do it: the final experience changes totally. Basically it's a system that uses the iPhone's microphone (yes, unfortunately the Sonos Android app doesn't have it yet) to rebuild the environment. The soundbar emits a pulsating sci-fi lab sound and the zombie step user is forced to walk 60 seconds around the room making large circles in the air with the hand holding the mobile phone. Better to proceed in solitude because no noise is tolerated and at the end of the procedure the zealous app may require another session.

TruePlay performs the miracle of making the audio system understand where there are walls or windows, reflective surfaces, curtains and any other element capable of influencing the diffusion and reflection of sound. Understandably how it is even more important when it comes to combining a soundbar with a subwoofer: imagine a cabinet with a cabinet next to the subwoofer ... In short, it automatically equalizes and then intervenes accordingly to eliminate the risk of unpleasant rumblings or other anomalies.

A shot of bass

At the ready, off to go the Sonos Ray and Sub Mini combo provided an impressive result. The small subwoofer is so powerful that in a room even of 40 square meters you are forced to turn down the volume or "put your hand" to the equalizer of the app. On the other hand, it wouldn't have been bad to have at least some touch controls on the device for some lightning intervention, like when the neighbor with a broomstick knocks you under the floor.

In any case, the low frequencies reached are deeper than they are. can do the top of the range Sonos Arc by itself. Watching any Marvel movie any explosion or thud becomes visceral; the shocking detail is that this also happens with a model like Ray which only supports the Stereo Pcm, Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS Digital Surround standards, but not Dolby Atmos. In short, under the TV that Ray wren becomes a sound giant with the Sub Mini hidden around. Moreover, the Mini only comes into play when there are frequencies that require it. And this relief of commitment to the soundbar is really enough to allow it to give its best on the other frequencies. Behavior that would also be replicated with other Sonos products.

But beware: involvement is guaranteed, everything is exciting but the virtual surround effect is closely related to the type of soundbar it matches. Ray does what he can, but Beam 2 and Arc would do better in positioning sound objects in space.

What about music? Here the palate comes into play. Those who prefer music with impacting bass, such as rap, hip hop and above all dance, might love it while with other genres you do not feel the need for this push. And who owns a Sonos Arc? An improvement in bass thrust and depth can certainly be seen, but economically it is an investment to be pondered. The Sonos Sub Mini costs 499 euros; the Arc costs 999 euros: the final bill is considerable and probably the market offers more accessible alternatives.


The Sonos Sub Mini is a great product, with attention to detail and performance notable. Of course it is limited to the Sonos ecosystem, but as with Apple, the user enters an environment that facilitates configuration and use. Perhaps the most serious flaw is that it has not yet implemented TruePlay in the Android app and therefore forces the consumer to involve a friend or family member with the iPhone in the most timely automatic equalization. The price of 499 euros is high, but it is true that to get a similar experience you still have to focus on soundbars with subs worth over a thousand euros.

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