LastPass password manager | Review

LastPass password manager | Review

In the panorama of password managers, LastPass is undoubtedly one of the big names, both for popularity and overall quality. Produced by the well-known company LogMeIn, one of the most important SaaS developers in the world, LastPass boasts over 30 million customers, including 85,000 on the business side.

And it's no coincidence: as we will see, LastPass is one of the most complete password managers on the market, whose basic functions, that is those included as standard in the subscription plans, are able to satisfy both the needs of individuals and those of business users.

Of course, this quality comes at a price, literally, as the plans are some of the most expensive in the business, while the free version is limited to a single device. The more advanced features are also available only on higher-end plans, or through add-ons. That said, however, LastPass certainly remains one of the best password managers on the market today.

LastPass - Plans and prices

As we said, LastPass plans are divided into two macro-categories, Personal and Business, which are quite self-explanatory. The business plan includes advanced tools such as checking and deploying authentication methods for onboarding and offboarding, security reporting for administrators, and much more. The Business plan offers a 14-day free trial, while to purchase it you need to register and contact the sales office for a quote. | ); } By switching to the Personal plan, there are two subscription options, the Premium plan which, to the features guaranteed by the free plan, adds access from all the user's devices, sharing from one to many, 1 GB of encrypted storage space and much more.

The Families plan, on the other hand, offers up to 6 individual vaults, with an administration control panel, so that a primary user can manage and control users and family security. Both personal plans offer a 30-day free trial.

Plans and pricing:

LastPass Premium: € 2.90 per month with annual billing LastPass Families: € 3.90 per month with annual billing Business plans: on estimate only Read also: Password manager: what it is, how it works, what it is for

LastPass - Installation, app and performance

However, the service is at its best with browser extensions, available for Google Chrome, FireFox, Micorosft Edge and Opera. It is worth noting that a version for Edge is also available in its pre-Chromium editions.

The best aspect of the browser experience is the SSO technology: after entering the master password, the extension will fill in automatically passwords and credentials on all stored screws. It seems obvious, but not all password managers guarantee this function with this effectiveness.

In any case, the apps are still worth downloading, since this is where you can manage all your account settings and data. As we said, download and use are simple and straightforward operations and access only requires the master password. Alternatively, you can use biometric data, while passwordless access has been introduced relatively recently, using FIDO technology.

Photo Credits - LastPass

Performance of the apps are remarkable, in our tests we did not encounter any slowdowns or problems on any of the devices we associated with the account and the transition from the app to the browser is really smooth, as promised by the company.

At the level of design, the interfaces are clear, simple and very easy to consult. A particularly worthy point is the order in which the data is organized in the various menu options. In this way, it is very easy to catalog passwords, credit cards, notes and addresses in an orderly manner.

Yes, because, LastPass allows you to save much more than just passwords, and all data is easily shareable. with other people securely.

A welcome extra is monitoring the Dark Web for possible breaches of your passwords, plus the LastPass Security Center will report repeated or weak passwords to you.

In the case of companies, then, there are excellent additional features, such as 1 GB of encrypted storage space, the integration of MFA services for the protection of access points of corporate devices, with single sign-on for more of 1,200 pre-integrated applications.

The customization options available to administrations are numerous, with the possibility of exploiting more than 100 criteria for managing users and data.


Turning to security, LastPass has an excellent reputation, thanks to end-to-end encryption using the 256-bit AES standard, with the use of advanced TLS technology for in-transit attack prevention.

LastPass does not it stores the master passwords or the authentication keys neither locally nor on its servers, furthermore the company frequently commissions external audits and is very transparent in the management of incidents. Recently, LastPass suffered a breach, however, thanks to the security mechanisms, explained in detail by the company, no customer data was compromised and, although the hackers had 4 days of access to the systems, the security of users has never been at risk.

On a final positive note, LastPass runs an ongoing Bug Bounty program, rewarding the community when bugs and vulnerabilities are discovered.

Photo Credits - LastPass


There is no doubt: LastPass is one of the best password managers around, both for the quality of the apps and services, and for the high levels of security and transparency achieved. Of course, there are less expensive solutions, however, individual plans are not unreasonable and, especially during promotional periods, they can be particularly attractive.

In any case, you have 30 days (14 for companies) of free trial to personally test the high quality of LastPass.

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