The brand new Xiaomi Smart Band 7 immediately discounted on Amazon!

The brand new Xiaomi Smart Band 7 immediately discounted on Amazon!

The long-awaited Xiaomi Smart Band 7 arrives in Italy today, which is the seventh generation of the most loved and purchased smart band on the market, thanks to Xiaomi's desire to keep expectations high, but above all low the price, so much so that Mi Band has become, over time, also an alternative to those who want a smartwatch, but without the relative bulk on the wrist.

The news of the day is that at its debut on the market, Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is already in launch offer on Amazon, with a discount that will allow you to buy it for only € 49.99, and therefore with a saving of € 10 compared to the original € 59.99!

A small but appreciable deal that, probably , will be online for a few hours and that, for this reason, we seriously invite you to grasp, also and above all considering the quality of this product which, at the current price, is only a few euros more expensive than the previous generation.

Now equipped with an AMOLED screen p Larger by about 24% compared to the last generation, Mi Band 7 is proposed with a 1.62 "display, with a resolution of 326 PPI. The quality, as always, is very high, and Mi Band 7 is readable both in the dark and in bright light, making it one of the best smart bands for those who, for example, love to train or run outdoors.

Equipped with 100 new dynamic and free dials, freely selectable, Mi Band 7 even offers smoother animations, for a more captivating and enjoyable glance of the dial than in the past.

From the point of view of the performance, on the other hand, Mi Band 7 is confirmed with its usual sensor apparatus, including the SPO2, as well as a new VO2 Max activity monitoring system, which will allow you to monitor those which are your performances from a sports and cardiac point of view.

In outline, Mi Band 7 is one of the very few devices on the market, including smartwatches, to count on the beauty of over 100 sports modes, which you can now analyze taking into account 3 different additional parameters: training load, duration of recovery and training intensity.

Equipped with a larger battery than in the past (180 mAh against the 125 of the previous generation), Mi Band 7 is, in essence, a smart band with all the trappings and, for this reason , it is definitely worth buying it at the launch price proposed today by Amazon which, as said at the beginning, could be re-leveled within the next 24 hours!

Read also: Smartwatch | The best of 2022 Having said that, we suggest you do not delay any longer, and complete your purchase immediately, which is possible by consulting the product page immediately, so that you can take advantage of this discount before the offer or availability comes to an end.

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