500 Watt Electric Scooters | The best of 2022

500 Watt Electric Scooters | The best of 2022

In recent years, the use of vehicles such as bicycles and electric scooters has undergone a substantial increase, establishing themselves as inevitably more convenient and ecological alternatives than transport by traditional means; vehicles which, as we know, contribute to a reduction in the level of traffic congestion. In fact, the new habits of Italians include abandoning cars and public transport, preferring scooters, especially in historic centers.

Not surprisingly, the mobility bonus has contributed to the spread of these new means of micro-mobility. The Government has in fact made available an incentive of up to 750 euros for all those who have purchased e-bikes or electric scooters in the second half of 2020 together with the scrapping of a category M1 vehicle with CO2 emissions between 0 and 110 grams per kilometer.

As we know, the use of electric scooters is regulated by a series of regulations that came into force in March 2020; rules that govern not only on which roads it is possible to drive them but also indicate what limits they are subject to. Let's not forget that electric scooters are currently equated with cycles and can therefore be driven by drivers over the age of 14. As for the engine power, the latter must not exceed 500 Watts, while the maximum speed must not exceed 20 kilometers per hour. We also reiterate that to date those who decide to buy an electric scooter do not have to take out an RC policy.

In addition to understanding what are the situations in which vehicles such as scooters can prove to be a real form of sustainable transport, it is essential to know the rules that the Highway Code has recently introduced. The scooter is certainly a useful and safe means of transport as long as the user complies with all the regulations.

Today's guide is dedicated to the purchase of the best 500 Watt electric scooter, in line with the choice governments to encourage the spread of zero-emission vehicles. For the creation of this guide we have relied on the products available on Amazon, also taking advantage of the discounted prices offered by the well-known e-commerce.

Best 500 Watt electric scooters

Cross E-Sport electric scooter Electric scooter Cross-E Electric scooter Jeep 2XE Camou Electric scooter Kugoo M4 Pro Electric scooter Aprilia ESR2 EVO Photo by Okai Vehicles on Unsplash

Electric scooter Cross E-Sport

Let's start this guide by introducing you to one of the most interesting electric scooters available on Amazon. Equipped with an enhanced battery, the Cross-E Sport electric scooter guarantees inevitably high performance in terms of autonomy: the power offered by the 499 Wh battery and the 500 W rear brushless motor, which guarantees autonomy, certainly distinguishes the vehicle. up to 45 km. Not surprisingly, the Cross-E Sport scooter offers a high level of reactivity at the start, making it ideal for those looking for a high-performance vehicle to move easily around the city. In addition to the design of the wavy platform, the profile of the scooter that houses a front light formed by two lights, whose inclination can be adjusted independently according to the user's preference, does not go unnoticed. The anti-glare LED headlights ensure excellent visibility, making use safer even at night. The sturdy footrest covered with non-slip grip material guarantees stability when cornering and grip of the foot on the vehicle, increasing driving safety. To complete the product, the presence of fat wheels which, thanks to their above average width, allow you to overcome sudden holes in the road surface with less difficulty.

Cross-E electric scooter

The Cross-E electric scooter with the Ducati Scrambler brand certainly deserves a place among the best 500 Watt scooters. Compared to the Sport model, the range of this model drops to 40 km with a full charge and an average speed of 15 km / h. With a much more massive constitution, the very high-strength steel alloy frame mounts a large platform that offers maximum comfort of use. The 11.5 ”wheels with anti-puncture tubeless tires are also suitable for dirt or uneven sections of road. However, the presence of the double headlight allows the vehicle to be used at night with excellent visibility, while the functionality is managed through the 3.5 '' LCD display implemented on the handlebar. Compared to the Sport model, this model is lighter and easier to handle.

Jeep 2XE Camou electric scooter

best 500 W electric scooters selected by us could not miss the Jeep 2XE Camou. Built to offer optimal performance and move easily around the city, the Jeep 2xe Camou electric scooter is ideal for those who</a> want to tackle different types of surfaces with ease. It is equipped with a powerful 500 W rear motor and a 48 V battery which translate into an electric range of up to 50 km. There is also an LED display that allows the user to have speed, driving mode, battery level and kilometers traveled under control; therefore an indispensable element to keep all the fundamental driving parameters under control.

Kugoo M4 Pro electric scooter

Model flagship of the Kugoo brand, the M4 Pro electric scooter was born as an ideal vehicle not only for city trips but also for off-road. Not surprisingly, the presence of 10-inch tires designed to handle off-road terrain without problems, are able to provide a stable ride even in the most difficult conditions. The 23 kilograms of weight of the vehicle also ensure that the scooter develops enough momentum while driving, so as not to feel any holes and vibrations. The Kugoo M4 Pro scooter houses a 16 Ah high-capacity lithium battery that allows a range of up to 70 kilometers. There is also the possibility to adjust the handlebar according to the user's needs, easily adapting to people of different heights. The Kugoo M4 Pro is powered by a 500 Watt single-drive brushless motor that allows the scooter to travel even very steep climbs. The special display implemented on the handlebar also allows you to check speed, battery charge level and other useful information. Although the maximum speed of the Kugoo M4 Pro is 45 km / h, let's not forget that the limit allowed by law is 20 km / h.

Aprilia ESR2 Evo electric scooter

To conclude this purchase guide dedicated to the best electric scooters, we have selected for you the 'eSR2 EVO. Powered by a 500W brushless motor and powered by a 48V battery, this Aprilia-branded scooter guarantees high autonomy performance with the possibility of traveling up to 50Km on a single charge. The kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), which allows you to recover part of the energy during braking, distinguishes this vehicle from many other models available on the market. The double front and rear suspension and 10 '' air chamber tires also help to cushion shocks and vibrations, increasing comfort during use. However, there is no lack of maximum driving comfort thanks to the front rear and lower LED lights, which ensure optimized visibility in night driving situations or in low light situations.

How to choose the best electric scooter

Become part of the life of adults and children considered a valid alternative to the car on short journeys, in addition to the basic structure shared with mechanical scooters, equipped with handlebars, footboards and wheels, electric scooters have additional essential elements for operation, such as motor, control unit, accelerator, sensors and battery. Let's see in detail some of the most important features.


Fundamental to the thrust of the scooter, the motor can be positioned on the handlebar, near the front wheel, rear or both. Of course, a scooter equipped with an engine positioned close to the rear wheel will show greater stability while riding; if the motor is located high up, near the handlebars, however, the scooter may be less stable. Let's not forget that according to the regulations the motor must not exceed the continuous rated power of 500 W.


Together with the motor, the batteries influence the thrust of the scooter. At the time of purchase, it is certainly important to analyze the capacity of the battery implemented on the vehicle, also based on the journeys to be made. Let's not forget that batteries can affect not only the center of gravity of the vehicle but also its stability itself. An electric scooter equipped with a battery placed in the handlebar tube will show less stability during the ride than one that houses the battery under the footrest. A completely important factor related to the battery is inevitably the autonomy, the greater capacity of the battery will naturally correspond to a greater autonomy. Each scooter model has a different battery pack in terms of technical characteristics and dimensions: depending on the power and autonomy the scooter needs, the change will be volts and A / h.

Usually the vehicle can be recharged using the supplied battery charger connected to a common socket, but we do not exclude that the presence of a removable battery is to be preferred thanks to its extreme ease of recharging. There are some models of scooters on the market that offer the possibility of adding an extra battery so as to double the autonomy of the electric scooter.


Weight is a feature that may seem irrelevant but that is of fundamental importance to make an informed purchase. First of all, let's start by reiterating that the weight of the scooter does not depend only on the frame but, to affect the overall weight, will also be the battery and the motor. On average, an electric scooter with an autonomy of 25 kilometers has a weight of about 12 kg and in the event that there is the need to face rather long journeys and the user's body weight exceeds the average one of 80-90 kg, it is essential. prefer a model that has superior quality and therefore more robust and resistant, with a heavier weight.


Today there is no lack of differences in the type of tires mounted on the scooters. In fact, there are many vehicles on the market equipped with tubeless tires that not only guarantee greater grip on the road but also require little maintenance. There are three types of tires that can be mounted on a scooter: with inner tube, tubeless and solid wheels. Tubed tires increase driving comfort thanks to their greater ability to absorb the unevenness of the ground, consequently reducing the vibrations that reach the handlebars. When purchasing, however, it must be taken into account that this type of tire requires a greater need for maintenance as they are subject to punctures and must be inflated in the event of low pressure. Tubeless tires, on the other hand, do not have an internal air chamber; the tire itself will therefore be inflated. Although they have the same advantages offered by pneumatic tires, even in this case we must consider the possibility of punctures. The third type is that with solid wheels. As the name indicates, in fact, they are solid rubber tires that are impossible to puncture; the only defect in this case is the lack of a high grip and cushioning.

When buying, you must also take into account the size of the wheels: a larger diameter will allow you to reach and maintain higher speeds with better balance. The larger size of the wheels ensures a consequent greater cushioning. In this regard, the user must evaluate that the size is closely linked not only to the type of driving you want to have, but also to the speed you want to reach and the type of road you want to travel.


As for the brakes it is essential, during the purchase phase, to prefer safe brands in order to avoid unpleasant accidents. Among the main types of brakes, electric, mechanical, disc and drum, the disc ones are certainly better in terms of stopping capacity. Not surprisingly, high-end and high-performance electric scooters almost always house this type of brake.

Electric brakes, on the other hand, are less effective than the others, as they act as an engine brake. This braking mode is activated by means of a button implemented on the handlebar which, acting as a small lever, slows down the stroke of the electric scooter.

Taking advantage of the rear "mudguard", the mechanical brakes (flex fender) are the most durable and reliable and, for this very reason, they are preferred to mount on higher priced electric scooter models.

As for drum brakes, these offer the least maintenance advantage over other types of brakes but, unlike those with discs, they can lose braking capacity over time.

As a matter of safety on the road, both for the driver and for any pedestrians, the braking system is therefore essential on a vehicle such as the scooter. It is important to reiterate that the brakes of the electric scooter go hand in hand with the diameter of the wheel: the brakes mounted for wheels up to 110 mm. about it is usually the fender flexes while on a scooter with larger wheels it is the disc brakes that are mounted.

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