The best electric scooters, which one to choose in 2022

The best electric scooters, which one to choose in 2022

The best electric scooters

The electric scooter is a decidedly comfortable way to get around urban centers and above all it has a basically lower environmental impact than scooters, mopeds and cars. Often the first question that arises is related to autonomy, but in truth there are many other details to focus on. For example, how they behave with uneven asphalt, the quality of the brakes, the handling, the dimensions, the starting point, the weight, etc. In principle, quality electric scooters have batteries of over 250 Wh that allow you to reach a maximum nominal range of about 20/30 km, if not more.

In reality, our road tests have confirmed that the various manufacturers declare the ceilings achieved in the best possible conditions, that is with an eco setting with low consumption, speed reduced to 10-15 km / h and a rider of 70- 75 kg. All models usually also have a drive mode, sport and the function to walk with maximum speeds pre-set by the manufacturer. Another important aspect concerns the electric motors which now start at about 300 W nominal and can even reach 500 W peak. The traction can be front or rear. Charging is always done via an external power supply, as you would with a laptop. And in this sense, the charging times start from about 4/5 hours.

Obviously there is never a lack of an app that allows via smartphone (via bluetooth) to intervene on some adjustments, monitor consumption as well as distances covered and manage the electronic padlock of the scooter. There is always a small display with at least one key to interact with the basic functions. An important detail is the presence or absence of the shock absorbers which affect above all the response to the roughness of the asphalt. Then there is the theme of handling and grip which change according to the frame, weight and tires. Brakes can be disc or drum brakes. Often there is also a kinetic energy recovery system. And lights and stop lights are also gradually spreading. There is always a side crutch, some reflectors and a bike bell. Finally, they can all be folded up thanks to a snap hook positioned at the bottom of the tube.

The new rules from November 2021

The maximum speed of electric scooters has always been limited to 25 km / h, but the Infrastructure Decree approved in the Senate on November 4 established a new limit of 20 km / h for urban roads and 6 km / h for pedestrian areas. From 1 July 2022, all new models will have to have arrows and brakes on both wheels. For those already in circulation there is the possibility of adaptation by January 1, 2024. In low light conditions or half an hour after sunset, the use of a fixed white or yellow light at the front and a steady red rear light will be mandatory. During these conditions the driver must instead wear a high visibility reflective vest or shoulder straps.

The new rules have just entered into force: here all the details. Those who prefer to go down in price and look for cheaper models can consult our review of electric scooters under 300 euros.

All the electric scooters in this buying guide have been really tested by a rider of about 85 kg in the city on normal, rough asphalt and cobblestones. The maximum climb faced was 8%. During the tests the apps were still set for a maximum speed of 25 km / h, but gradually the manufacturers will update the respective applications.

Ducati Pro-III, the sportsman

The Ducati Pro-III is probably one of the best electric scooters on the market. It is produced under license by the Bolognese M.T. Distribution srl. The design is very refined and the sporty soul exudes from every detail - even the knobs with palm rests. Moreover, it is one of the few to have front position (low) LED lights always on and like the others a main light at handlebar height and stop.

Ducati Pro-III Gallery 9 Pictures by Dario d'Elia

Look at the gallery It has an IPX4 certification which confirms its resistance to splashing water. The magnesium frame allows the weight on the scale to be reduced to 17.5 kg; the dimensions are quite compact (112.4 x 48 x 117.5 cm), even when closed (112.4 x 48.0 x 50.5 cm). These characteristics assisted by the two 10-inch tubeless tires always allow you to have excellent stability and feel safe in the event of holes or bumps. The disc brakes are powerful but also very modular and the levers are reminiscent of the configuration of motorcycles, with the right acting on the front. Then there is the kers (kinetic energy recovery system).

Motor chapter: simply a 350 W bomb with 515 W peak power. In the sportiest mode - there is also eco and standard - if you start with too much panache you risk a small wheelie since the traction is rear. In short, it pushes a lot and even on the most challenging climbs it might go down to 10 km / h but it never gives up. The 13000 mAh / 468 Wh battery should allow up to a maximum of 50 km, but in reality with the drive mode at 20 km / h we got to just over 40 km and with the sport at 25 km / h about 35 km . Full recharging takes about 9 hours. Finally, the NFC card is very convenient, to be tied to your keychain, which allows you to unlock the scooter simply by touching the large display. And there is also a USB port to eventually recharge the mobile phone.

Overall, the Ducati Pro-III is an excellent electric scooter: powerful, easy to handle, safe and with good autonomy. On the bumpy it is second only to the Aprilia model.

785.97 € - buy on amazon

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3, the super practical

The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3 is a good compromise between size, handling and power. It has an IP54 dust and liquid resistance certification. The frame is made of aerospace aluminum and the weight is in fact only 13.2 kg; measures 108 x 43 x 49 cm. As soon as you leave, you immediately have a feeling of lightness and dynamism, probably also favored by the 9-inch tires. The same manageability can be had when stationary when you have to move on foot or simply place it.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3 Gallery 9 Images by Dario d'Elia

Look at the gallery On the holes the behavior is quite predictable and acceptable: what is lost in stability due to lightness then becomes a recovery margin. Braking is very powerful, even too much. The rear disc brake is combined with an e-abs system, but in essence you have to be delicate to avoid overbalancing towards the front.

The 300W motor with 600W peak power and front-wheel drive allows for good acceleration, but has a lower pickup than the Ducati. It also has the kinetic energy recovery system. In our uphill test he didn't make it. While stationary it is certainly the easiest to manage: it almost looks like a toy. The 7650 mAh / 275 Wh battery should allow a maximum range of 30 km, but in reality in standard mode (max 20 km / h) it stands at 17/18 km while the sports one at 11/12 km. It fully recharges in about 5.5 hours.

Xiaomi is a good electric scooter, light and with a ready engine. The quality-price ratio is excellent. It is certainly the most manageable of the bunch and easy to manage.

449.99 € - buy on amazon 399 € - buy on mediaoworld

Nilox M1, the first with arrows

The Nilox M1 is one of the first electric scooter models already in good standing with the obligations of the new legislation which from next September 30 will provide for the use of rear turn signals, two brakes and a maximum speed of 20km / h for new products. In truth, it can also be set at 6 km / h for walking and 25 km / h; in short, the 350 W motor pushes and in fact acceleration is not bad at all. It is also easy to unlock the scooter using an nfc card.

Nilox M1, the first with the arrows Gallery 9 Images by Dario d'Elia

Look at the galleryThe frame is in aluminum and the weight is in fact it is only 13.8 kg; measures 45 x 111 x 106 cm. It shines for handling thanks to the 8.5-inch tires, but if you weigh more than 80 kg it is a bit too danceable. Furthermore, considering the height of the stem, it is recommended for people who do not exceed 180 cm. In summary, it is for children or adults of average build.

No problem with the roughness of the asphalt as it can absorb them very well. Braking, on the other hand, is not very incisive and the rear tends to pinch easily. But control is easy to maintain. The 7500mAh battery should allow a maximum range of 25 km and in fact at 20 km / h it is very close to this threshold but at 25 km / h it drops below 20 km. Full recharging takes about 4 hours. Unfortunately, an app is not available and even the on-screen interface dedicated to autonomy appears imprecise.

The Nilox M1 is one of the first quality scooters to have arrows and good front and stop lighting. If it plays with the Xiaomi for handling and inspiration. And in fact, even on the price it is a head to head.

379 € - buy on mediaworld

Aprilia eSR 2, the suspension

The Aprilia eSR 2 is an electric scooter with a sporty design with a great distinctive quality: it is equipped with a suspension system both at the front and at the rear. This detail makes it the best model for dealing with manholes, cobblestones, holes and any other irregularities on the asphalt. None of this guide does it better. How the Ducati is produced under license by the Bolognese M.T. Distribution srl.

Aprilia eSR 2 Gallery 9 Pictures of Dario d'Elia

Look at the gallery

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