Soundbar to play | The best of 2022

Soundbar to play | The best of 2022

All the senses help in videogame immersion: for this very reason, the audio sector should not be underestimated. An audio quality above the simple TV speakers (or worse still, those integrated into mid-range monitors), in fact, helps to immerse yourself in what is displayed on the screen. It is undeniable how different the games that can benefit from a better audio rendering are, starting from multiplayer, where a better understanding of what happens also at the sound level is a must to hope to emerge winners, up to the solo adventures, where the sound design is often a preponderant component of the whole experience.

But not everyone likes to use headphones, however comfortable they may be, or has the space available to install a home theater system. In this case, there are products capable of taking up little space, but offering a decidedly excellent audio quality: we are talking about soundbars. So here are the best soundbars to play around the web, and also how to choose the one that best suits your needs!

Before going down the list of the best soundbars to play, you have already given a look at what are the best gaming TVs and the best gaming chairs on the market?

Soundbar to play, the best

Trust Gaming GXT 618 Asto | Samsung HW-T420 / ZF Economy Band | Sony HT-ZF9 Mid Range | High-end LG UltraGear GP9 | Gaming Bose TV Speaker | Compact Creative Stage | Quality / Price

Trust Gaming GXT 618 Asto | Economic Range

Excellent for those who want to spend very little and save space in their workstation. Trust Gaming GXT 618 Asto, is a very small soundbar in size, equal to 7.5 x 47 x 7.5 cm. Thanks to the USB power supply, you will not need to connect it to an electrical outlet. In addition, it has two 3.5 jack inputs for headphones and microphone. From an audio point of view, however, it delivers a power equal to 12W: we therefore recommend it to those who mainly want to make up for the lack of speakers on their gaming monitor (not recommended for those who expect full-bodied audio). Impossible not to include it among the best soundbars to play, thanks to its features.

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Samsung HW-T420 / ZF | Mid-Range

In the mid-price range of the best soundbars for gaming, we find Samsung HW-T420 / ZF, a soundbar with more than excellent features considering the market price. In fact, the soundbar is accompanied by an additional wireless subwoofer that creates, together with the speakers of the bar, a 2.1 configuration. The power output is also excellent, which can reach up to 320 W depending on the model. In addition, it has a 'Game Mode' that will allow you to get even greater fidelity when you start your games. Another gem? Samsung's proprietary remote control inside the package, with which you can control your devices. There are two inputs: optical and HDMI, but you can connect the soundbar and subwoofer to your devices via Bluetooth. The dimensions of the bar are 7 x 86 x 5 cm.

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Sony HT-ZF9 | High End

At the high end of gaming soundbars, we find Sony HT-ZF9. The proposal of the Japanese company is suitable for those who want the most from game audio, with a peak power of 400W! Thanks to Sony's Vertical Surround Engine surround technology, you can take advantage of Dolby Atmos and DTS: X via the soundbar and the included subwoofer. The three front speakers reproduce 'vertical' sound, creating 7.1.2 channel virtual surround sound. Digital Signal Processing will also upscale the 7.1.2 surround sound. Another gem is represented by the Wi-Fi connection (also via LAN) which will allow you to take advantage of Chromecast, Spotify (already included) and other streaming apps. You can connect the soundbar, which measures 1m x 6.5cm x 10cm, to your devices via Bluettoth, optical and HDMI input. A truly complete model which, by virtue of its excellent quality / price ratio, is often sold out. We therefore recommend that you keep an eye on the Amazon product page frequently if you are interested in purchasing.

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LG UltraGear GP9 | Gaming

Best Budget Soundbars Are you looking for a soundbar to play games and just want the best for that purpose? To do for you is then the LG UltraGear GP9, soundbar as valid in terms of quality as it is attractive in terms of design. Virtual 7.1 channel 3D Gaming Surround audio, the ability to use voice chat without headphones thanks to an echo cancellation system and a technology to transform any type of headset, including earphones, into a 7.1 system: the LG UltraGear GP9 is in short, a soundbar very valid to say the least. All this is completed by the inevitable RGB lighting with 16.7 million colors and the possibility of using the product as a portable speaker thanks to the integrated battery: what more could you want?

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Bose TV Speaker | Compact

Compactness and performance: the proposal can only be from Bose. This proposal is for those who do not want to invade their space too much, but without sacrificing performance. Measuring 59.4 x 5.6 x 10.2 cm, Bose TV Speaker is slim for any location, yet delivers top-of-the-line performance thanks to two angled full-range drivers, implementing soundbar audio enhancement for a realistic and fulfilling listening experience. You can connect the Bose soundbar to your devices via optical or HDMI cable, as well as Bluetooth. Also inside the package you will find a handy remote control to control your device in comfort.

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Creative Stage | Quality / Price

Do you want to spend little, but at the same time want full-bodied audio? Among the best soundbars to play, Creative Stage is the one for you! The bar is equipped with 2.1-channel speakers, with a peak power of 160W and, last but not least, integrates two mid-range drivers excellent for dialogue and for more realistic sounds. Combined with the dedicated long-distance subwoofer (included in the package), Creative Stage offers bass that is perfect for gaming or for watching movies and TV series, but a little too intrusive for listening to music. The connection plan to your devices is: optical input, HDMI (ARC) and Bluetooth.

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How to choose the best soundbar to play

Choosing the soundbar that best suits your needs is certainly not an easy task and there are several aspects to take into great consideration. Audio quality, footprint, power, dimensions and much more: these are the aspects to choose your perfect gaming soundbar.


As for the connections, you will have to make sure , first of all, that the soundbar is supported by your device. That is, from the manufacturer's website, make sure that maybe a bar with a Bluetooth connection is supported by your console or your screen. On the other hand, check if your devices have an optical input, or multiple HDMI outputs, so that you can connect the bar.


As for the power Instead, it's something extremely personal: do you want full-bodied audio, or do you need a device to make up for the lack of speakers on your monitor? For the former, we recommend the purchase of soundbars above 150W (even a lot if you have a station in the living room), while for the latter, a soundbar under 20W is also fine, and can easily be purchased under € 50. In short, a lot depends on the room where you will place the soundbar and on what you are trying to achieve at the sound level.


It may seem trivial, but it is right to remember as one of the main aspects to keep in mind. consideration when you find yourself having to choose a gaming soundbar is that of size. These products are in fact often and willingly characterized by overall generous dimensions and it is therefore mandatory to take the measures carefully before throwing yourself into a purchase. If the space at your disposal is particularly limited, for example, the Bose TV Speaker could be the best choice for your needs.

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