Flight delayed or canceled? The platforms to ask for a refund

Flight delayed or canceled? The platforms to ask for a refund

If you are entitled to a refund when your flight is canceled, delayed or overbooked, you owe it to the European Union. Although it entered into force 14 years ago, regulation 261 of 2004 has made more effective the measures to protect air passengers.

The regulation applies to passengers departing from an EU member state or to an EU country from a third country with a European company. It provides that for the delay, i.e. arrival time equal to or greater than three hours compared to those scheduled, compensation (250 euros for distances up to 1,500 kilometers, 400 for those between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers and for intra-European flights of over 1,500, 600 for routes over 3,500 kilometers). If the delay or cancellation was caused by an extraordinary circumstance, such as a strike, adverse weather conditions or other causes not attributable to the carrier, you are not entitled to request any compensation. Although on this point many companies march there. In any case, in cases of long delay, the passenger is entitled to assistance such as meals and drinks, any overnight stay in a hotel including transfer costs.

In case of overbooking, the passenger is entitled to assistance and transfer to the first possible flight or at a later date (but losing assistance). Without forgetting of course the compensation, equal to the previous one or reduced by 50%, if the alternative flight provides for an arrival with a delay of less than two hours for distances within 1,500 kilometers, less than 3 hours for the second bracket or less than four for the 'last.

Same thing in case of a canceled flight. Also in this case the compensation is not due if the cancellation of the flight was caused by the usual exceptional circumstances. No refunds even if the passenger has been informed of the flight cancellation at least 14 days in advance or if the changes, communicated within 7 days, involve postponements of two hours for departure and four for arrival. Ditto for more limited timetable changes, even if communicated less than a week later. Finally, there is also compensation for moving to a lower class.

But how do you assert your rights and collect your refunds? You need to contact the airlines directly. For this reason, in recent years numerous platforms have exploded that promise to take care of the whole process in place of the unfortunate traveler. Earning from time to time on reimbursement percentages or legal fees. The departure mechanism is practically the same for all (the article was answered by all those active in Italy, except for Assopasseggeri, Flightright and Soccorsoalvolo): the flight number, boarding pass and other evidence are provided via an online form with the description of the facts and assistance received (or not), personal data, those for accreditation.

AirHelp Characteristics It focuses on the technologies proposed to speed up the procedures. Lara, for example, is an artificial intelligence designed to prepare the judicial operations of appeals as quickly as possible. "AirHelp's investment in artificial intelligence tools helps the company reduce administrative delays due to lengthy and complex procedures," explains CEO, Henrik Zillmer.

How it makes money Eligibility checking services refund requests, receipt scanners and air passenger rights training services are free. Fixed compensation is usually around 25% of expected compensation.

Claims Success Rate Since its launch in 2013, AirHelp claims to have helped more than five million people process claims compensation of airlines for a value of € 300 million in total reimbursement.

Flight-in-delay.it Characteristics Flight-in-delay has specialized systems that allow information on flights and weather conditions : the process of validating requests is reduced to a few minutes.

How you earn The company policy is “no winnings, no costs”. Only in the event of a successful claim, or when the airline decides to pay the compensation, Flight-in- delay.it retains 25% of the sum from the customer, which also includes legal fees. In case of failure, however, the services are free.

The success rate of refund requests The success rate is 98% in cases that are brought to court. "Only 15% of European travelers are aware of their passenger rights. This means that the market for complaints for flight delays and cancellations has great potential and therefore competition is increasing day by day", comments the staff. of the platform.

Sosvolo.com Characteristics The taking charge and management of the case are immediate, even if the site is keen to specify that the timing necessary for the conclusion depends largely on the behavior of the company. "More and more often, airlines ignore the requests that are made in the first instance by individual passengers," the company observed.

How it earns No percentage. The compensation is in the legal costs that the companies are required to pay to the team in case of success of the procedure and is separate from the compensation obtained. In case of failure, on the other hand, everything is free.

The success rate of reimbursement requests A selection is made of the requests received, accepting only those that the staff deems founded on the basis of some preventive checks. The declared success rate is close to 90%.

Risarcimentovolo.it Characteristics The practice can be entrusted with three simple clicks, including the photo of the essential documents and the online signature of the agreement, both from the mobile phone with the finger that from the pc fixed with the mouse. Unlike its competitors, it deals with the practices of non-European companies, also applying the Montreal Convention which also allows action to be taken for cases of intercontinental travel operated by non-European companies, departing from a non-European country (example: New York-Rome with American Airlines) ,

How it earns If the platform wins, it retains a percentage ranging from 25% (out-of-court closure) to 45% (notification of subpoena). In the event of a negative outcome, all costs incurred remain the responsibility of the site.

The success rate of refund requests Between 98 and 99% of declared success.

Rimborsoalvolo.it Features Undoubtedly the app with which to make the request directly at the airport, speeding up the times. Within five days of the request, a notice of formal notice is drawn up and sent to the defaulting company and, if the refund is denied, a summons.

How to earn The assistance is free, with no percentage on any sum received . Rimborsoalvolo.it competes directly with airlines. In cases of failure, on the other hand, the portal itself bears the costs.

The success rate of reimbursement requests is "Over 90%" declared by the platform, both if the practice is resolved with a transaction, and if it is defined with judgment.

SkyGenius Characteristics "We carry out an in-depth analysis of each flight through an advanced methodology that we have refined over time which is handled personally by our expert analysts", explains CEO Matthew Striatti. And he adds: "We do not reject any flight in an automated manner. We use external appraisers where necessary to prove the compensation of the flights".

How it earns SkyGenius retains 25% + VAT to cover the costs of managing the practice , only in case of success and also in case you have to go to court.

The success rate of refund requests "We carry out an in-depth analysis that includes all flight data, weather, and all the extraordinary circumstances that may have impacted a flight and we do not limit ourselves to requesting only legal compensation ", explains the founder.

Noproblemflights.it Characteristics" We have been working in the transport and tourism sector for many years and we know the right channels towards which to direct requests in order to obtain feedback from the airlines with which we have consolidated a relationship of trust "explains co-founder Alberto De Giosa. On the site there is the Verify your compensation function, which eliminates all requests that cannot obtain financial compensation.

How it earns Noproblemflights retains 25%, VAT included, of the compensation obtained only in case of outcome positive of the request. The percentage does not change even if the company is sued.

The success rate of refund requests The co-founder talks about "rate is very high, also thanks to our application that filters requests from the source who do not have the conditions for obtaining community compensation (which is added to the reimbursement of the ticket for unused sections) ".

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