Coffee pod machines | The best of 2022

Coffee pod machines | The best of 2022

Coffee, as we know, is one of the most popular drinks in our country, so much so that we Italians love to drink it at any time, hot or cold, as long as it is good, well made and meets our taste needs since, today as today, even a common (but not trivial) drink is subject to careful examination and some principles of tasting.

In short, over time the nuances of coffee have become many, also thanks to the arrival of the now famous "aluminum capsules", which not only contributed to the spread of coffee as a "glamorous drink" in many countries, but also helped spread the idea that there is no single taste of coffee, flat and banal, but that there are multiple nuances of aromas and flavors.

Read also: Capsule coffee machines | The best of 2022 In this sense, an applause goes to Nespresso, both in terms of innovation and marketing, so much so that the brand is currently the most popular in the cultural panorama of coffee, and it spends every year on research and innovation, even if the borders don't stop there. There is, in fact, an alternative to aluminum, and it is the simpler paper or, to be precise, cellulose, which is the preferred wrapping of the famous “coffee pods”, the undisputed protagonists of this new list of recommended products.

But why should pods be preferred to capsules?

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