League of Legends: Wild Rift, the news of patch 3.4 explained

League of Legends: Wild Rift, the news of patch 3.4 explained

League of Legends

A new update for Wild Rift is available and brings with it new champions, a new 1v1 mode and the introduction of new items for supporting characters. Let's analyze together all the news of the patch 3.4 of League of Legends: Wild Rift and their impact on the mobile version of the most played MOBA in the world.

By Riccardo Lichene.

Who are the 4 new heroes coming to the land

Gwen in League of Legends: Wild Rift Gwen, Yone, Vex and Warwick are the new champions that will be made available within League of Legends Wild Rift over the course of the next weeks. These are not brand new characters, but transpositions for the mobile title of characters already available on the PC version. Essential to renew the meta, these new heroes will be released in staggered: Gwen is already available, Yone will be released on 22 September, Vex will be available on 27 October while you can use Warwick only after 4 November. Even if you already know these champions it is always useful to review their skills to understand how they will affect the gameplay of Wild Rift.

Gwen is a champion who gives her best solo. She can deal with an entire lane thanks to her healing power, which she can use on herself, and she has powerful short-range attacks. She is armed with a giant pair of scissors that she can fire very quickly: they do a lot of damage so even the most health characters are not safe against her. Plus she has a skill that creates a zone on the map that makes her immune to attacks from outside: this makes her great for solo dueling against other heroes.

Yone is the brother of another character from the League of Legends universe: Yasuo. His abilities are similar to his brother's with a few key differences. His primary attack, for example, if he hits three times in quick succession generates a tornado that propels him forward and hits his opponents. The more enemies he damages, the greater the shield he will receive thanks to his secondary ability. With his ultimate, however, Yasuo delivers a powerful area attack that knocks enemies into the air and deals a lot of damage.

Vex is a ranged mage perfect for the mid lane. She is not being played much at present because her abilities are not among the strongest available. Her ultimate lei is also tied to a precise shot to be made from a distance to have the ability to teleport close to enemies and deal damage. Warwick is a character for those who love close combat. His claws are sharp and his movement speed is boosted if he's chasing an opponent with low life. He is a very mobile hero with a lot of life, ideal for sustaining prolonged fights and finishing off survivors who try to escape.

How the new 1v1 mode works

Yone in League of Legends : Wild Rift The new game mode is nothing more than a one-on-one duel with a random starting champion that the game selects from those in the free spin and those you already own. To win, you must kill the enemy champion 2 times before the shrinking circle appears, or kill the enemy champion 1 time after the shrinking circle appears, or destroy an enemy tower.

The shrinking circle just mentioned works in a similar way to that of battle royale: it is generated at the 8th minute of the game with an initial radius that covers the whole map. After 30 seconds from its appearance it begins to shrink to stop a minute and a half later with a final diameter of 10 meters. Whoever is outside the circle suffers continuous damage and, from the moment it appears, the subsequent death of a champion will decree the victory of the opponent. The map consists of a single lane, the middle one.

New items for support characters

League of Legends: Wild Rift A series of new items made its debut on Wild Rift with patch 3.4 with the aim of making support characters better contribute to the collection of gold in the laning phase. Fundamental to staying alive in the most excited moments, the support characters have always been sparing in their collection of gold, especially in the phases of cleaning the lanes from the opposing minions. Now with the Spectral Scythe and the Relic Shield (and related transformations) in addition to the benefits in combat, the supports that will equip them will be able to collect much more gold for their team. The third evolution of the Relic Shield, for example, has a passive ability that gives the user 2 gold every 3 seconds. Many other items have been added to the Wild Rift arsenal, all from the PC version of League of Legends, find the full list at this link.

Hero changes and Yuumi's rework

League of Legends: Wild Rift, Yuumi "Yuumi has been in an awkward position since her arrival - the developers write in patch 3.4 notes - It's frustrating for many players to face and isn't very good at winning games. In addition, she requires continuous mechanical engagement and disengagement skills that are unrelated to her players, so in this version we will try to take a different approach with her. " Yuumi is now no longer tied to her passive than her to heal herself, this means that she will have less power, especially out of combat. He will be able to count on more frequent attacks at the beginning of the game, but he will not be able to use his shield to mitigate enemy assaults as much as before.

"The goal of these changes - the developers continue - is to make Yuumi less frustrating from face and allow those who want to use it to enhance their chosen ally more comfortably without always feeling the need to hit their opponents to make the most of their passive ". Other noteworthy balance changes are Akali's health increase (from 570 to 600), Jhin's immobilization duration reduction, nerf to damage done by Kayle's abilities, Samira's base health and Yasuo's level attack damage buff. Find all other changes to hero stats here.

How Wild Rift's new champion score works

League of Legends: Wild Rift Another major change coming with patch 3.4 is a complete makeover of the champion scoring system. Previously, it was only possible to gain Mastery for champions you played with, but now you can also earn Mastery for each role you play. There are five levels available, each with a different color icon. The score will be shown on your profile page where you will also see your top three champions for each role. Plus you can share your role score with your fellow lobbyists.

Like every new season, finally, a new battle pass is available with cosmetic rewards and a number of quality-of-life improvements as a simplification of the signal system and a remake of the configuration one to change objects on the fly without wasting time.

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