God of War Ragnarok, beautiful animated portraits of the characters created by various artists

God of War Ragnarok, beautiful animated portraits of the characters created by various artists

God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok has inspired a number of celebrated artists, to whom Santa Monica Studio has commissioned the creation of some beautiful animated portraits of the characters that we will find in the game, available on PS5 and PS4 starting November 9th.

We have already seen the artwork by Sui Ishida, author of Tokyo Ghoul, dedicated to Thor and the Aesir, but as mentioned there are others that portray Kratos and Atreus, the dwarves, the heroes of Midgard and then again mother and son, that is Freya and Baldur.

"For five weeks, since the 'Family Portraits' series began, we have had the enormous pleasure of showing you the works created by a fantastic group of artists. These portraits illustrate connections key to God of War Ragnarok, "community manager Grace Orlady wrote.

" Now that the series is complete, we've created a gallery where you can see all five works on the God of War Ragnarok website and we have transformed them into dimensions a designed to become desktop wallpapers so that you can take the gallery home, at least on your screen. "

" Drew Merritt's portrait of Kratos and Atreus, the bear and the wolf, reproduces the bond familiar of our heroes. The father / son duo faced many trials together on the journey to the highest peak of all kingdoms to disperse the ashes of Faye (wife of Kratos and mother of Atreus). After the events of God of War (2018), Kratos and Atreus become exactly that close family that Faye hoped they would become. "

" But Atreus in God of War Ragnarök is no longer a child. Training relentlessly under the watchful and protective eye of his father, he has become good at fighting, with the swiftness and cunning of a wolf. Atreus knows that some of the answers to his questions lie beyond his icy Midgard home. "

"The snows of Fimbulwinter herald the arrival of Ragnarök and herald ever more pressing danger for all the inhabitants of the Nine Realms. Now more than ever, Kratos must prepare Atreus to fight and survive, as well as him He has been trained. As protective and cautious as a bear watching its cubs, Kratos is willing to do anything to keep his family safe. "

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"Emma Ríos' portrait of the dwarves allows us to take a look at some new faces, in addition to the now familiar ones of the brothers Brok and Sindri."

"Despite having had some differences in the past, Brok and Sindri have been able to mend not only the professional relationships between them, but also the fraternal bond. Both excellent blacksmiths, many times during their journey have provided Kratos and Atreus with the indispensable upgrades of their equipment. from their quirks, Brok and Sindri's steadfast support has earned them the trust and, dare we say, the friendship of Kratos and his son. "

" Emma's work also makes us give a look at Svartalfheim, the kingdom the dwarves reside in. Famous for their excellent engineering and craftsmanship, the inhabitants of this kingdom are as proud and haughty as they are good at their craft. "

" Dwarves have built vast structures such as mills, mines and forges always managing to masterfully exploit the environment around them to create tools, weapons and armor in all the Nine Realms. "

" We have already shown you Durlin and his small and flexible companion Cena, but we will still wait for another little to introduce you to our new mysterious friend and her cute and wrinkled dog. "

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"The arrival of Ragnarök may have been heralded as the advent of the apocalypse, but that doesn't mean our friends can't enjoy those more or less peaceful moments between battles. "

" Romina Tempest's work portrays a singularly singular scene: a dinner with friends and family. When danger lurks around every corner, it is moments like these, made of laughter and confidences, that become the most precious and extraordinary of all. "

" The father-son relationship is the heart of our story, but Kratos and Atreus have put aside their differences to protect each other. , sometimes the family is the one you choose, and in this case it is made up of 'the blue one', 'dwarf', 'head', 'son' and a war god or maybe two ... "

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"Jae Lee's portrait portrays the goddess Freya holding the lifeless body of her son Baldur in her arms. The events of God of War (2018) presented Freya not only as an ally of Kratos and Atreus , but also as their friend. It was thanks to her help, with her indications and her mastery with the powerful magic Vanir, that father and son were able to carry out their mission. "

" In the end of the last game, Kratos was faced with a choice: kill Baldur and end the cycle of the son killing the parent, or respect Freya's wishes and let Baldur take the life of the woman who saved his son. the pain of the loss of a son, he could not keep aloof while Baldur tried to kill his own mother. "

" Eventually father and son saved Freya's life, at the expense of their friendship with her. Upset from the pain, he cried out for revenge and promised to repay c ot her blood the death of her son. Despite her ex-husband Odin having ripped off her Valkyrie wings and the title of Queen of the Valkyries, Freya's anger and anguish will turn her into a powerful adversary to be reckoned with. "

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"From the kingdom of Asgard, Odin and his family rule the Nine kingdoms. Despite his longing to amass knowledge and power, the death of his son Baldur and the arrival of the Fimbulwinter are a clear sign of the Father of all's inability to avoid the beginning of a prophecy that he has long been trying not to make. come true. And he is not willing to accept such a failure for the second time. "

" The portrait of Sui Ishida depicts Odin in the background, wrapped and protected by the warriors of his family who stand between him and anyone who wants to challenge its cause. "

" Some of these faces we don't know yet, but there are many Aesir that Kratos and Atreus have already faced on their way to Jötunheim. Father and son killed Baldur and also Thor's sons Magni and Modi. Such actions have not only shed the blood of one of the most powerful families of the Nine Kingdoms, but have also eliminated from the board important pawns that served as extensions of the will of the Father of all. "

" But in spite of all these losses, Odin can count on his most powerful pawn: Thor, the most ferocious warrior in all of Asgard. Wielding his legendary weapon, Mjölnir, the thunder god's ignominy is matched only by the brutal power he unleashes at anyone who stands in his family. "

" With Ragnarök looming on the horizon, the Aesir they prepare for war, and the deaths caused by Kratos and Atreus years ago could cost them both dearly. "

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