League of Legends, the Atlanta Semifinals in the starting blocks

League of Legends, the Atlanta Semifinals in the starting blocks

League of Legends

This Saturday and Sunday in Atlanta, Georgia, the League of Legends world semifinals will be played, which is the penultimate stage before knowing which team was the best of 2022. As per tradition, this is an export event of gargantuan proportions, one of those occasions to see and show to understand on the fly what are the maximum potential of electronic sports even to the most skeptical.

For the occasion, Riot Games has chosen to book the State Farm Arena, the about 16,000 seats that have been hosting the Atlanta Hawks again for a few weeks. It is, therefore, a space of absolute prestige, which League of Legends fans have filled without batting an eye in order to guarantee an audience worthy of the best sporting events.

The stage of the Worlds 2022 of League of Legends The 4 teams that have emerged from a long and very hard selection phase, which highlighted the excessive power of the championship, will put on a show inside the arena Korean over others. In fact, 3 of the 4 semi-finalists arrive from the LCK. The fourth are the T1s of a Faker, who, years later, is still one of the strongest and most iconic players of the entire circuit. Will it be enough?

The semifinals between T1 and JDG will be played on Saturday starting at 11pm. On Sunday 30, at the same time, the match between DRX and Gen.G. will be played. The finals, on the other hand, are already scheduled for November 6 at 2 am at the Chase Center in San Francisco. The event will open with a performance by Lil Nas X, as well as Jackson Wang, Louis Leibfried, and Edda Hayes. This is the first time that the finals have been played in an itinerant way, a formula that we have already faced at other sports championships such as the European football championships.

T1 vs JDG - Saturday 29 October h23

I T1 in 2022 version This is a definitely balanced series, which will feature some of the best players on the circuit. 369, Zeus and Faker are among the best interpreters of their respective roles and in recent weeks they have begun to regain the shape and compactness that seemed lost at the beginning of the season.

Particularly interesting for the fate of the match will be the challenge in top between Zeus and 369. The T1 player, however, has some really impressive stats on his side that place him in the top three in almost all statistical metrics. If 369 is able to limit it or even overcome it, the Korean team could make the fate of the clash hang on its side.

Also because T1 has a strong point in the bot lane. Gumayusi and Keria have found the synergies that seemed lost after the Mid-Season Invitational, confirming themselves as a duo of absolute depth.

It will, however, be an exciting clash, which forecasts say will end in the fourth or fifth game.

DRX vs Gen.G - Sunday 30 October h23

I Gen.G The Korean derby, on the other hand, seems to have only one favorite: Gen.G. This is the classic story of David against Goliath with on one side a superteam made up of Doran, Chovy and Lehends, on the other the typical underdog that reaches the Semifinals subverting all the predictions starting from the fourth seed. Previously other teams that started so low, namely Royal Never Give Up and Hanwha Life Esports, all stopped in the quarterfinals.

Never give up on DRX, however, despite experience and sheer talent. on the side of the opponents who can count on a very strong and prepared bot lane with Ruler and Deft who are looking for the final consecration. The DRX, in fact, have arrived with full merit in these semi-finals, collecting performances of the highest level, which have shown a solidity of the team in practically any aspect of the game.

The fact that it is an unprecedented match at these levels it could mean that there are surprises, even though all the experts say it will be a one-way final.

Where to see them

All the finals will be broadcast live on the Twitch channel official of Riot Games. As always, it will be one of the best opportunities to see all the potential of esports in action, with very high production levels, as well as exceptional matches.

An event not to be missed, therefore, even if you are not a big fan of League.

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