Portable air conditioners | The best of 2022

Portable air conditioners | The best of 2022

We are in the middle of August, which means sea, sun, holidays but also scorching heat, humidity and above all humidity! But rest assured, do not panic, we will help you to overcome this difficult moment, in fact we have decided to make a selection of the best portable air conditioners available on the market, in order to keep your homes cool in the coming summer days. br>
Read also: Air conditioners | The best of 2022 We took the liberty of talking about portable air conditioners because they are practical solutions that can give comfort to any room, some even in winter, and with their small size they are always a concentrate of cutting-edge technology, sometimes becoming a real piece of furniture in the house. Not to mention the fact that they are offered at more advantageous prices than fixed systems, in fact our proposals move in a price range that varies between € 299 and € 999 and do not require any work to be installed in your homes.

Just like refrigerators, portable air conditioners also need a gas in them for them to function properly, so don't worry, because this is a component that is part of the normal description of these machines, just as with regards to the btu or the British Thermal Unit, the unit of measurement used to express thermal power. Now make yourself comfortable, perhaps in a cool place, ready to read our selection of the best portable air conditioners, so as to bring refreshment to the impending days of summer heat that await us, good reading and good shopping!

The best air conditioners

De'Longhi Pinguino Pac El 92 Whirlpool PACW212HP Suntec Impuls 2.6 Eco Argo Relax Style Electrolux ChillFlex Pro 11

De'Longhi Pinguino Pac El 92 Silent

We want to start this selection of products with the De'Longhi Penguin Pac El 92 Silent portable air conditioner, a portable device that in addition to having an attractive design, has all the credentials to be considered one of the best products in its category. This air conditioner is characterized by the combination of high technology and low consumption in fact it deserves the energy efficiency class A + with a maximum power of 10,000 btu / h, all obtained from the use of a natural and harmless refrigerant gas, the R290 propane. . The Pinguino El 92 is characterized by an LED display that provides all information in real time, and also features ventilation only, dehumidification and timer conditioning functions to create the optimal comfort conditions we need.


Whirlpool PACW212HP

If you are looking for a machine that is smart enough to calculate the room temperature in real time, the Whirlpool Pacw212hp is what you are looking for! In fact, thanks to the Around U technology, the temperature sensor incorporated in the remote control detects the temperature of the surrounding environment so as to guarantee a uniform and comfortable climate, while through the 6th sense comfort zone, a series of internal and external sensors to the air conditioner, set quickly the correct level of temperature, humidity and speed of the air flow. This Whirlpool air conditioner is a valid alternative also for the winter, in fact thanks to its heating function it will be possible to enjoy the warm temperatures and through its HEPA filter it guarantees the removal of 99.9% of the bacteria from the air in just 24 hours. you can breathe.


Suntec Impuls 2.6 Eco

With the Suntec Impuls 2.6 Eco you will have the three main functions of a portable air conditioner such as cooling, dehumidification mode and ventilation, the ideal solution for small rooms. Furthermore, thanks to the use of R290 refrigerant gas, the environmental impact is eliminated because no harmful or harmful substances are released. It is possible to adjust the temperature in the range between 16 and 31 ° C through a practical LED display and functions such as the timer or the Silent Low Mode can also be set from the remote control. The package includes the flexible hose for external drainage and also a convenient window adapter, a dust filter and wheels, so as to make it very easy to move the Suntec Impuls through the house.


Argo Relax Style

The Argo Relax Style is the ideal solution for those looking for an effective and compact air conditioner, in fact despite its small size (30 x 36 x 81 cm) it is a device full of features and with its hybrid design between glossy and opaque parts, it makes it easy to integrate into any environment. The front flaps of the Argo Relax Style are motorized, and can be set in a fixed position or with automatic vertical oscillation, while on the back there are easily removable dust filters for cleaning and double drainage for condensation in the dehumidification and air conditioning modes. The package also includes the flexible tube, the kit for fixed glass installation, the window adapter and a digital remote control to switch on, off and set the various operating modes.


Electrolux ChillFlex Pro 11

The first peculiarity that you notice looking at the Electrolux ChillFlexPro11 is undoubtedly the innovative design with essential lines that adapt to modern furnishings. Thanks to the Self Evaporative System, the condensate is collected and reused to cool the evaporator, so as to obtain an improved energy efficiency in cooling, while with the self-diagnosis and filter check system, the air conditioner allows you to easily recognize any anomalies and always maintain a excellent air quality. The Electrolux is also equipped with an antibacterial filter that allows you to filter the air from pathogens, to always guarantee fresh and clean air in all environments.


How to choose the perfect portable air conditioner

After having seen together what we believe to be the best portable air conditioner models, we also want to tell you what are the factors to consider before proceeding with the purchase, and find therefore the one most able to satisfy your needs. The parterre of portable air conditioners on the market is really vast, so we strongly advise you to choose the product with the utmost attention, dedicating time not only to the decision of a sensible budget but also in the search for features and functionalities that satisfy you. full.

Specific type, size, power, additional features and much more are just a taste of all the information that you will have to carefully evaluate during the purchase phase. This is not only to avoid buying a poor air conditioner, which ends up not cooling enough or does not last long, but also because you will be able to take home an article tailored for you.

How it works Tubo o tank Environment Size Timer Power Noise Heating

How it works, pros and cons

The center of this device is the compressor which cools the refrigerant charge which is then circulated in a large coil. A fan sucks in the warm air from the room and forces it to pass through the cold coil, obtaining a double effect: the air is reintroduced into the cooler room and part of the humidity, which condenses upon contact with the cold metal of the serpentine, is canceled. The hot air resulting from the operation of the compressor is conveyed out of the house through the exhaust pipe. The main advantage of a portable air conditioner is the ability to move it where it is needed most: in the living room during the day, in the bedroom at night. On the other hand, this very characteristic can be considered a limit: a portable air conditioner alone cannot cool the whole house.

Pipe or tank

As you have understood, most some air conditioners need a hose to expel hot air during operations. This step, in some devices, can also take place without the use of your classic soft that discharges to the outside, which is why, in some models it is possible to find a practical tank that accumulates the condensate and then be emptied. Obviously the maintenance and the time spent in the two types of products is very different, so make sure you choose well.


Portable air conditioners are perfect for cooling in small / medium areas of a home, with few exceptions able to compensate for the presence of a fixed device. For this reason, in fact, the volume of the room to be refreshed is very important, because at this point it is recommended to move to a fixed solution, if the area is beyond the capacity of a portable device.


As the word itself says, portable air conditioners are called such due to their generally small size, which therefore allows them to be positioned in various rooms of the home using wheels or handles. If, on the other hand, the device is too large and bulky, the movement becomes challenging and would be the key feature of these models. The dimensions of the air conditioner must always be related to the space available to you: for this reason, we recommend that you always check the dimensions of both the room you want to refresh, and the closet or corner where you want to store it when you don't need it. On the market you can find different models of portable air conditioners: most of them have a parallelepiped shape developed vertically, whose proportions should ensure stability and the smallest possible footprint.


The timer allows you to tune your portable device to the clock and then turn it on or off during certain times. A feature like this is essential because you may also find yourself needing an air conditioner at times when no one is at home or during the night, to keep the environment as cool and dehumidified as possible.


We have already reported that the drop in ambient temperature caused by portable air conditioners is expressed in BTU, and therefore it is good to always keep in mind the ratio between the right volumes of the rooms and therefore the necessary power. In fact, remember that up to 25 square meters you will need a device of at least 9,000 BTUs, while those capable of generating 12,000 BTUs are recommended as well. For spaces over 60 square meters, an 18,000 BTU air conditioner is recommended.


The operation of the air conditioners is. very complex, and sometimes it happens to be in the presence of noisy devices and that, during the day in a room full of people, does not present any problem, but once activated in the evening, they cannot even allow you to activate them while you sleep. It is in fact a good habit to check what the noise works of a device are, so that you can use it at night without problems.


We conclude our review of key points for selecting a portable air conditioner reminding you that some devices are able to reverse their operation, and therefore the winter can throw hot air into the environment. Also in this feature the pipe or the exhaust to the outside is required, but it is an essential feature for devices, especially if placed in second homes, and which could be used to better amortize the investment made with the purchase. br>


Portable air conditioners consume a lot of electricity and this is already well known to all. For this reason, it is more than essential to consider purchasing a product that costs slightly more but tends to consume less energy, guaranteeing you huge savings in the long run. To find out this information, just keep in mind the energy class of the portable air conditioner you want to buy. Below is a short list that includes all 10 levels:

Class A4: less than or equal to 0.40 EPgl Class A3: greater than 0.40 EPgl and less than or equal to 0.60 EPgl Class A2 : greater than 0.60 EPgl and less than or equal to 0.80 EPgl Class A1: greater than 0.80 EPgl and less than or equal to 1.00 EPgl Class B: greater than 1.00 EPgl and less than or equal to 1, 20 EPgl Class C: greater than 1.20 EPgl and less than or equal to 1.50 EPgl Class D: greater than 1.50 EPgl and less than or equal to 2.00 EPgl Class E: greater than 2.00 EPgl and less than or equal to 2.60 EPgl Class F: greater than 2.60 EPgl and less than or equal to 3.50 EPgl Class G: greater than 3.50 EPgl Obviously, the closer the energy class is to A4 the better, since it is of the most efficient categories and which consequently will make you save a lot on your bill compared to classes ranging from C to G.

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