Cheap barbecues | The best of 2022

Cheap barbecues | The best of 2022

In the spring season (as in the summer), barbecues are an excellent opportunity to spend some time with the people you love, to socialize and have fun. So are you looking for one or more cheap barbecues to organize barbecues with friends and relatives? This is definitely the right place to find excellent products at relatively low prices.

Read also: Barbecue for dummies: cooking between gas, electric, charcoal and smoking We have selected for you all the best economic models, so to allow you to organize dinners of the highest level. Clearly, in this guide you will find combustion or electric barbecues, but if you are interested in obtaining useful advice, we suggest you read our wiki to get a general smattering of structure, accessories and so on, and then make your purchase. .

The best cheap barbecues

Activia - Foldable Picnic BBQ SunJas Blinky BBQ 7879040 BBQ Uten Dancook 106 421

Activia - Foldable Picnic BBQ

With its shape certainly extravagant and beyond any industry standard, Activia's barbecue is one of the best recommended products to buy. First of all, the entire metal structure has a folding mechanism, which makes it possible to simplify transport and, above all, installation on the ground or on raised surfaces as much as possible. Furthermore, the grill has considerable dimensions, i.e. 44 x 28.5 cm, while the barbecue is 46.5 x 29 x 32 cm. Finally, its recommended price is 21.99 euros!


BBQ SunJas

Another well-made product is the BBQ developed by SunJas, a product powered by charcoal able to satisfy the needs of 5-9 people. This item is naturally made of rustproof stainless steel, in order to ensure an optimal seal over time in any situation. Of course, the grille boasts an easy installation system and has been designed to maximize performance thanks to some vents that facilitate the flow of air. In short, an intriguing barbecue not only from a price point of view but also functional!


Blinky 7879040

Let's definitively move on to traditional they can be towed thanks to two wheels. The recommended model is the one made by Blinky, and it is a barbecue equipped with a 48.3 x 29 cm hob and equipped with two wooden worktops and a support frame with four legs. As if that weren't enough, the design of this product allows you to easily maintain the air cycle while cooking food. As far as the selling price is concerned, this Blinky barbecue is available for around 50 euros, and it seems like a shadow of a doubt a good tool to create the right atmosphere with friends and family.


Uten BBQ

With an all stainless steel shell, the affordable Uten BBQ is one of the best purchases you could possibly make. The model in question allows you to grill meat for up to ten people, thus guaranteeing lots of outdoor fun in the garden, at a picnic, at the campsite and even during the holidays. Easy to assemble and disassemble, this barbecue does not require any tools, thanks to comfortable folding and removable feet that allow you to minimize the size of the grill. Its selling price, if you are interested, is around 50 euros!


Dancook 106 421

Compact, resistant and light. These are the peculiarities of the Dancook 106 421 economic grid. It is a solution that measures 32 x 56 x 79 centimeters for a weight of 8 kilograms. It has a grill made of chromed steel, perfect for supporting large and heavy pieces of meat and poultry, especially in those situations where you are grilling for many people. Moreover, thanks to its four cooking levels, it allows you to choose the intensity of the heat quickly and easily.


How to choose the best cheap barbecues

How did we choose the barbecues featured in this guide? First of all, we classified all the products by their price, and then we selected those that guaranteed a good seal over time and that were also made with excellent materials, resistant to any corrosive agent (such as rust and oxygen). Basically, the characteristics to look for are:

Cooking surface Structure and portability Secondary functions Materials

Cooking surface

Let's start, very first, by talking about the cooking surface, since it represents one of the most important aspects not to be overlooked before buying a barbecue, whatever it is (electric, charcoal or gas). Clearly, it allows you to cook a large number of dishes at the same time, without necessarily having to carry out additional cooking cycles to let your guests eat. Therefore, the greater the size, the greater the ability of a barbecue to cook dishes, and this factor expressly depends on the target you want to buy.

Structure and portability

The structure is a very variable aspect, since it depends on the type of combustion or on the number of grids. There are, of course, some models that have different structures to support kitchen utensils, while others do not. Alternatively, there are also barbecues that have a secondary stove, which allows you to cook side dishes to be served together with the primary course. For this reason, our advice is to evaluate your needs, the number of dishes to be served in a barbecue and consequently evaluate the purchase of a specific model.

Also consider that the greater presence of structures does not compromise the conservation of the barbecue, in fact there are reclining products that can be closed in on themselves to be easily stored in the cellar or in a closed place, without creating too much space.

Functions secondary

A barbecue does not have many additional functions, but only secondary accessories to improve the cooking of dishes, as in the case of lights that signal when cooking has reached the right point, or a knob for adjusting the temperature ( in the case of models with gas combustion).


Before making the purchase, it is necessary to evaluate the material of a barbecue, in addition to all the points just indicated. Buying a resistant model is very important, so we recommend those characterized by a structure completely made of stainless steel, in order to reduce all those problems due to rust, dust and water. The grills, on the other hand, can be made of steel or cast iron, but it is necessary to evaluate their resistance to heat and that they support the weight of the meat very well during cooking.

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