Angelini invests 300 million in biotech startups

Angelini invests 300 million in biotech startups

Startups developing innovative solutions in areas such as biotechnology, life sciences and digital health care have a new player to look to in the venture capital sector, which has 300 million euros in capital.

This is Angelini Ventures: the company based in Rome will invest, as announced, in Europe, North America and Israel, with particular attention to brain health (central nervous system but also mental health, ed) and to those market segments affecting women, children and elderly people.

Angelini Industries officially presented on October 19th the international venture capital company destined to invest in innovative companies at work to have a positive impact on the lives of millions of people around the world and to innovate existing healthcare models.

The expert in investments in the pharmaceutical sector Paolo Di Giorgio, behind u a long experience that has already seen him at work for the Italian multi-business group (in Angelini Pharma, where he held the position of head of external innovation R & D). As explained by Di Giorgio, the venture capital company "represents a fundamental milestone in Angelini Industries' innovation path in the healthcare sector. We are building a solid infrastructure to develop and invest in new ideas, collaborations and technologies. Through Angelini Ventures entrepreneurs will collaborate with subject matter experts who deeply understand the challenges of the healthcare sector and the evolving needs of patients and consumers ”.

The young venture capital company has already planned international investments for 60 million euros and its current portfolio includes Argobio, a "startup studio" in the biotech sector based in Paris, Angelini Lumira Biosciences Fund, a North American fund that invests in start-ups and Pretzel Therapeutics, a Boston-based company that develops mitochondrial therapies.

The launch of Angelini Ventures, and its focus on innovation, represent a new chapter in the long history of the multinational group which, starting from Ancona in 1919, currently operates in twenty-one countries and employs over 5,000 employees. For the group it is a first time in this business segment, an area, that of venture capital that invests in biotech and health, where there is no shortage of important and very successful players on a global scale.

Also in from this perspective, the contribution of the founding team will be decisive, which includes personalities with international experience, but also the advisory board of managers who will guide Angelini Ventures' strategy and which includes sector experts. As also indicated by the CEO of Angelini Industries, Sergio Marullo di Condojanni, the mission of "will be to invest internationally in ideas, opportunities and projects with high potential, which use technology to transform the future of the global healthcare ecosystem" .

To guide its investments, the group will also be able to count on a privileged position in observing the needs of consumers, operating not only in the pharma sector but in various others: the needs to be intercepted are not only those, although fundamental, linked to the treatment of pathologies but also all those based on health services that influence lifestyles and practices of life, as underlined by Marullo di Condojanni in an interview with Class Cnbc.

Create, supporting and investing in startups is Angelini Ventures' primary objective but, in addition to financial returns, Angelini Industries also looks to strategic returns as Ventures aims to represent to deliver a new industrial and business development pillar, according to the manager. Investments in Europe, North America and Israel underline international ambitions but the company is in the capital and also aims to make the most of those Italian initiatives that risk not reaching the market despite having a strong academic and laboratory base.

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