The most important news of the week from 3 to 9 October 2022

The most important news of the week from 3 to 9 October 2022

Among the most important news of the week that is about to end undoubtedly stands out the announcement of the sequel to Cyberpunk 2077, which took place in a very lucky period for the action RPG of CD Projekt RED, relaunched in a big way thanks to the success of the animated series Edgerunners and capable of totaling sales of over 20 million copies to date.

Also from the Polish studio, confirmation has come that The Witcher will be the protagonist of a new trilogy, as well as two other games made by third party, while we have witnessed to a successful launch for Overwatch 2, net of some problems due to server overcrowding, and to a further step forward for the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft with the approval of the Brazilian antitrust.

Cyberpunk 2077 sequel officially confirmed

Cyberpunk 2077, V Codenamed Project Orion, Cyberpunk 2077 sequel officially confirmed by C D Projekt RED, which has every intention of demonstrating the true potential of this franchise, for one reason or another expressed so far only partially. In fact, we all know the history of the game and we know what were the limitations, above all technical, that have spoiled the experience on PC and console.

However, and this is now an established fact, too, for some weeks Cyberpunk 2077 has been experiencing a substantial relaunch, a new youth linked in particular to the success of the animated series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, which has brought a lot of people back to the streets of Night City and has allowed the title to take one last step towards the milestone of 20 million copies sold.

It will clearly take a long time, a few years, before the new chapter sees the light: the development team of Cyberpunk 2077 will move to Boston to start work, but only after the publication of the awaited Phantom expansion Liberty, arriving during 2023.

In short, there is no need to wait for the game with bated breath, but at least there is the awareness that the Polish studio will hardly make the same mistakes as in the past.

Overwatch 2 available, servers stormed

Overwatch 2, Tracer Overwatch 2 is available since last Tuesday on PC and consoles: a long-awaited debut for Blizzard's hero shooter, which begins its path in a version that is undoubtedly incomplete compared to the premises (the single player campaign will arrive only in 2023), but which users seem to be particularly appreciating.

The stormed servers and access problems testify to this. : inconveniences hardly avoided skillful when there is a mass mobilization, although it seems that in this case a hacker attack contributed to the difficulties. The developers are working to normalize the situation and everyone can join the game, but beyond that the feelings are very positive, as are the first votes of Overwatch 2.

The PS5 jailbreak

PlayStation 5 Although at the moment it is not very usable, calibrated as it is on an obsolete firmware and unable to actually pierce the protection system of the console, the PS5 jailbreak could not help but discuss, as always happens when someone manages to violate the hottest platform of the moment. In the past, moreover, similar episodes have given way to worrying phenomena of piracy.

In this case we imagine that the results of the exploit will be limited to some technical experiments, as the modder Lance McDonald suggests, who may be able to continue their work on Bloodborne to make FromSoftware's title run on PlayStation 5 at increased resolution and frame rates. The rest, as usual, will be seen.

The first trailer of the Super Mario Bros. movie

Super Mario Bros., Mario in the first trailer of the movie Protagonist of a dedicated Nintendo Direct , the first trailer of the Super Mario Bros. movie has finally provided a taste of the important animated project linked to the most famous plumber in the world, which as we know will be voiced in the original version by Chris Pratt, while lending the voice to his nemesis , the evil and powerful Bowser, Jack Black will take care of it.

Early feedback sees Illumination and Jack Black promoted by fans, Chris Pratt rejected: a predictable result, considering that we are all still fond of Mario's historical voice and it is not easy to imagine the character played by someone else, even in light of the promises that the Star-Lord and Owen Grady actor had made about what his performance in the film would be like.

The stolen document with PS5 games and PC unannounced

The rumors related to the remake of Horizon Zero Dawn and the expansion of Horizon Forbidden West had a precise source, in this case a document leak with unannounced PS5 and PC games, which in the end inevitably popped up in net. Inside, various references to already known or at least talked about productions (see the PC version of Returnal), but also to several completely unpublished projects.

Among these, "Ocean" by Hideo Kojima stands out, which could be a code name for Death Stranding 2, a horror game developed by Firesprite, a possible remake of Twisted Metal by Lucid Games, a new game made by the ex of Supermassive Games and at least two experiences based on online multiplayer, including a competitive shooter. br>

A new trilogy and two third party games for The Witcher

The Witcher, an artwork with Geralt and Ciri Among the various announcements made by CD Projekt RED there are also a new trilogy of The Witcher and two third party games dedicated to the same franchise, presented as spin-offs: the first, codenamed Sirius, will be developed by The Molasses Flood, the authors of The Flame in the Wood; while the second, codenamed Canis Majoris, is still completely shrouded in mystery.

There is therefore not only the already confirmed new chapter of The Witcher in the works, but an entire saga that the Polish studio foresees to publish over a period of six years. From when? This is the point: for the moment we are talking about productions that fall within the "long term" of CD Projekt RED and it is not known what the timing of the release will be.

The Brazilian antitrust approves the Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard

Phil Spencer Although not expressing a binding opinion, a role that belongs to the American, European and British entities, the Brazilian antitrust approved the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft and in the to do so expressed positions that many have interpreted as a broadside to Sony.

According to the regulatory commission, in fact, the possible consequences that the Japanese company could suffer as a result of this operation, the subject of the arguments raised so far by the company, but only the market situation and the benefits for consumers. In this sense, the acquisition of Activision Blizzard would not imply inconvenience to users, in fact the opposite is probably true.

The announcement trailer for Need for Speed ​​Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound and its peculiar graphic style It had been talked about for months now and finally we have the official status: Electronic Arts has announced Need for Speed ​​Unbound with a trailer and the release date, set for 2 December exclusively on new generation platforms, therefore PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. The reveal has also confirmed the cartoonish style of this episode, which will be inspired by the world of street art to deliver a visually unprecedented experience.

The formula of the game seems to resume the classic dynamics of the franchise, with legitimate competitions that they take place in the light of the sun but also frantic chases with the police, from which we can escape by quickly finding shelter and taking advantage of any alternative routes, using spectacular controlled drift and the inevitable boost while we continue to upgrade and customize our cars.

To get a triple A game with PlayStation Stars you will need $ 1,750

PlayStation Stars To debut in Italy on 13 October, PlayStation Stars is the new loyalty program wanted by Sony to reward the most loyal users, giving out rewards and points that can also be spent to get free games. How many will it take? According to the first evaluations, to get an AAA game it will take $ 1,750 of purchases.

This is actually an extreme case: the PlayStation Star catalog currently includes only five titles (The Quarry, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice , Hades, Cult of the Lamb and It Takes Two) and the horror adventure from Supermassive Games is the most expensive, as it requires 17,500 points to obtain. The other products involve a lower cost, but it must be considered that the points of the loyalty program can also be obtained by experimenting with various activities as well as with purchases.

Steam Deck available without reservation

Steam Deck Steam Deck is available without reservation: the handheld produced by Valve seems to have successfully disposed of the bulk of the pre-orders and this has allowed the company to put it back on sale without users having to wait for months before receiving it, indeed with timing of a few weeks for delivery, in particular for the models with 256 and 512 GB storage.

This is an important result for the "console" designed by the American company, which seems to have convinced everyone albeit net of some critical issues. In conjunction with the announcement of the possibility of immediate purchase, the presentation of the official dock has also arrived, which not only allows you to recharge the Deck but also provides hub functionality with USB ports and HDMI outputs.

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