Elden Ring, Ranni cosplay from Lada Lyumos is a sight

Elden Ring, Ranni cosplay from Lada Lyumos is a sight

Elden Ring

The character of Ranni is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious and fascinating of Elden Ring, and that is why Lada Lyumos wanted to dedicate her latest cosplay to this figure. The result? A show.

Able to total sales of 16.6 million copies, Elden Ring has undoubtedly contributed to clearing the soulslike sub-genre among the general public, also thanks to the undoubted appeal of the collaboration with the writer George R.R. Martin.

The quality of the game world and its characters, such as the witch Ranni, have made the difference and determined the success of the FromSoftware title, which has inevitably also inspired the cosplayer scene.

The interpretation of Lada Lyumos can count on an amazing costume and makeup, further enhanced by a great post-processing job that gives the shot a very particular atmosphere.

Other models who have tried their hand with the character of Ranni are the very famous Jessica Nigri and the surprising Win_winry.

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Elden Ring: How To Complete Yura's Questline

Elden Ring is home to thousands of NPCs, some more important than others, and some with quests both long and short. But while completing an NPC's questline, you will likely miss hidden rewards along the way. With extremely challenging foes around every corner, this isn't your fault, you were probably fighting for your life.

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Yura is an NPC in the Lands Between whom fits in a couple of these categories. Yura's Quest line is relatively short, but it involves a bunch of easily missed rewards that are nice to have in your inventory on your journey to becoming Elden Lord.


In order to first find Yura, head over to Limgrave. You will want to find the First Step Sight of Grace and make your way SouthEast. If you speak with Yura at this underpass, he'll provide a warning about the dragon at the Smoldering Church slightly North of your current location.

The next step is optional but well worth it. Head north and approach the worshipers near a large pyre around the Smoldering Church. As you approach them, the Flying Dragon Agheel will swoop in and begin a battle sequence. Once you manage to defeat Agheel, walk back to Yura and share the news that you beat the dragon. In return, he'll give you information about the Church of Dragon Communion off the West Coast of Limgrave.

If Yura was not at this location to begin with, that means that you already defeated Agheel the Dragon, and he has moved on past this point.

Getting Invaded

For the first official step in Yura's questline, you will need to be invaded by the bloody finger Nerijus. To do so, head over to Murkwater cave in northern Limgrave. As you approach the cave, the Bloody Finger Nerijus will begin to invade. As a word of caution, if you are a low level, this can be a pretty rough fight.

After some time, Yura will be summoned in to aid you in your battle to defeat the Blood Finger Nerijus. Once you manage to defeat him, you will be rewarded with the arcane-based dagger, Reduvia.

Interact With Yura (Optional)

After the scuffle with the bloody finger, you can find Yura at one of two locations for an optional interaction. If you defeat the dragon, then he will be found under a new ruins' underpass north of Murkwater Cave. When interacted with, he will tell you all about his relentless mission to hunt down the bloody finger invaders.

If you had not defeated the dragon, Yura could be found back at his original location, as noted in the first step.

The Main Academy Gate And More Dragons

Yura's following location is near the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace in Liurnia. But, in order to reach that location, you'll need a Glintstone Key. Luckily for you, there is one a short distance West of Raya Lucaria Academy. There's only one problem; it's guarded by a Glintstone Dragon who is exponentially more challenging than the dragon you may or may not have fought before.

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Depending on your level, fighting the dragon can be extremely fun and challenging, or it could be harrowing and irritating. But you don't necessarily have to fight the dragon. If you are not a high enough level yet, it is advised that you hop on Torrent, run behind the dragon, snatch up the Glintstone Key behind it, and nobly run away.

Travel northwest from the Academy gate town site of grace until you reach the South Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace. Once you've arrived, approach the South gate, and use the Glintstone Key you collected from behind the dragon. This will immediately transport you to the Main Academy Gate, and make sure you rest at this Site of Grace.

The Bloody Finger Raven Mount Assassin

Upon resting at the Site of Grace, ride northward past the magic seal until you stumble upon a red summoning sign that you will need to activate to assist Yura in defeating the Bloody Finger Raven Mount Assassin.

The Raven Mount Assassin is another formidable opponent, but the assistance of Yura makes the battle much easier. When you defeat the bloody finger, you will be rewarded with the Raptor of the Mists Ash of War.

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In the midst of your victory, you will return to your world and find Yura standing nearby. Make sure to speak with him and exhaust his dialogue to get a Smithing Stone 5 as a token of his gratitude.

Yura's Next Location

After your battle with the bloody finger Raven mount assassin, Yura will relocate to a new location in the Altus plateau. To reach this area of the map, you will need to use the Grand Lift of Dectus, which requires the two halves of the Dectus Medallion. The first half can be found guarded at Fort Haight in Southeast Limgrave, while the other half can be found in Caelid at Fort Faroth.

Once complete, bring the medallion to the Grand Lift of Dectus in order to utilize the lift and discover the Altus Plateau. Once you have reached the Plateau, follow the road northward until you reach the Second Church of Marika. You will find Yura at the church, interact with him to obtain his Nagakiba, and this will also trigger an invasion by the Bloody Finger Eleonora. Defeating her will reward you with Eleonora's pull blade in addition to the Purifying Crystal Tear that can be mixed in your Wondrous Physic Flask.

Reaching The Mountaintops Of The Giants

The final location where you can find Yura is at the Zamor Ruins on the mountaintops of the giants. If you don't have the Mountaintops of the Giants unlocked just yet, you'll have to take a few steps to get there. But be warned, once you enter the Mountaintops of the Giants, it will cause any remaining steps from Yura's questline to be skipped.

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First, you only need to gather 2 of the Great Runes. Some of the 'easier' options to collect these runes are defeating Godrick the Grafted and Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. Once you have obtained 2 of the great runes, you will want to make your way to the northern side of the capital, where there is a miniboss blocking your way. Defeat this boss and proceed into the Leyndell Royal Capital. Fight your way through the Royal Capital (easier said than done) until you reach the Elden Throne, where you will have to fight the Omen King.

Once you have felled the Omen King, Melina will appear and present you with the Rolled Medallion. Now you can finally make your way to the Mountaintops of the Giants! Proceed to the Grand Lift of World and use the medallion to gain access.

Zamor Ruins And The Last Step

To reiterate, entering the Mountaintops of the Giants will cause any remaining steps from Yura's questline to be skipped. When you arrive at Zamor ruins, you'll find Yura's body seemingly alive and well. In reality, it is just the body of Yura possessed by Shabriri, the will of the Three Fingers of Frenzied Flame.

If you want to see the quest all the way through, do as Shabriri says and travel to the forsaken depths of Vlaindel and inherit the frenzied flame. If you do as he says, he will vanish and leave the Ronin's Armor Set (Yura's Armor) behind. This will also present you with the frenzied flame alternative ending when you defeat the final boss. Alternatively, you can kill Yura's possessed body on the spot rather than doing what he says, and you will receive the armor set all the same. If you had killed him at any point before, you would have only received the Nagakiba.

Additional Notes

If you had missed some of the earlier steps in this questline upon meeting Shabriri in the Mountaintops, you can still retrieve some items you may have missed. You can still trigger the Bloody Finger Eleonora invasion at the Second Church of Marika, allowing you to receive her items.

You can also obtain Yura's Nagakiba at the last spot you spoke with him before entering the Mountaintops. If you're not sure where that is for whatever reason, there are three potential areas where it would be. Check the two underpass locations from the first couple of steps in Limgrave, and if it's not there, it should be at the location at Raya Lucaria's Academy.

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