The elections wipe out the galaxy of no-vax and conspiracy-minded micro parties

The elections wipe out the galaxy of no-vax and conspiracy-minded micro parties

They had vowed to enter Parliament to punish treason. What, according to them, Lega, Fratelli d'Italia and above all the 5-star Movement would have fooled them, for some time, refusing to give vent and representation to Italy that wants to get out of everything, which rejects supranational and health constraints and left of the politically correct. They were convinced that those most intolerant of the restrictions from Covid-19 would not forget and would help them to embody a #vendettapolitica, as the hashtag they used says, or at least a nice spite against the "system". But the electoral adventure of the no-vax, no-green pass, pro-Putin micro-parties, if you prefer, “rossobruni” by their very definition, was greeted by the Italians with a resounding raspberry.

From the cartoonist "Marione" Improta who gets banned for the umpteenth time by Twitter, to the immunosuppressed candidate forced to retire from the campaign because she was seen in a meeting with a mask, to the former actress Gina Lollobrigida presented as " putiniana di ferro ”by a party that had the thought Diego Fusaro in its statute, these were also the elections of a demographic segment that was not very large, but fervent and hyper-active on social networks, which was a victim of its own obsessions. Who has decided to assemble everything and the opposite of everything, making the sum of the stereotypes that journalism has sewn on him and claiming them, hoping that the sum of the extremes would produce a disruptive result.

Challenges in the colleges: the winners and (above all) the losers of the elections Gallery 20 Images by Daniele Polidoro| signed by the duo Mario Adinolfi and Simone Di Stefano (ex Casapound). With the first we talk about a former candidate of the Democratic Party and liberal blogger who about fifteen years ago defended homosexual couples in Il Cannocchiale, a professional poker player who reinvented himself a reactionary Catholic who blames the socialists and radicals for the divorce. "Precisely because divorce existed, I superficially treated the institution of marriage ... Our parents never married the wrong one ... I prefer my parents' Italy", he explained, to justify the embrace with the former leader of CasaPound.

Hence the creation of a platform that referred to the extreme continental right, to the German Alternative für Deutschland or to Vox, in Spain, "against the imposition of single thought and gender ideology" in schools . It went very badly: 50 thousand votes and a little more, 0.06% in the House and 0.15% in the Senate, far below the threshold set at 3% for entering Parliament.

Another glaring failure is that of the Vita party, a list that contains the most extreme part of the anti-vaccination movement, which opposes not only the anti-Covid "serum" (so called to signal dissent), but to any State intervention in public care and education. Hence the choice, for many party leaders (including ex-M5S Sara Cunial and Davide Barillari) to escape Facebook censorship by moving to Sfero, a small blogging platform "Totally Italian." Stefano Montanari, a scholar of nanoparticles and chemtrails is also there ("When you get vaccinated know that you are very likely to get vaccinated with a piece of a child that was killed for you", he explained). do: 0.8% of the votes.

It is a pity that Italy is not South Tyrol, then, since there Vita has registered a moderate success. understand, the list also promoted by Enrico Montesano reached 6%, while in Bressanone it was close to 9%. If the rest of Italy has not moved on the vaccine monothematic, in the wealthy extremities of Italy there has a certain following the most paranoid interpretation of the conferences on the Great Reset of Davos: the pandemic would have been invented to attack the proprietary and civil rights of the good hardworking people.

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Bad went well to Italy Sovereign and Popular, perhaps the most difficult party to explain to those who do not follow politics , a "multicolored superpopulist thing" that has collected only one sign the Communist Party of Marco Rizzo, Ancora Italia, the "constitutional" (and conservative) sovereignists of Reconquering Italy, Civil Action of Ingroia and the Socialist's No Draghi Committee Igor Camilli, and another dozen songs. Perhaps the party closest to some idea of ​​primitive socialism of the whole bunch here under consideration, but full of glaring contradictions, according to Fusaro himself: well that Sovereign Italy as reference points Assad's Syria and Putin's Russia, but too many pro-Trump exponents, the admirers of Cardinal Carlo Viganò (with extreme positions on Covid-19) and those who treat vaccines as rat poison, denounced the philosopher, who raised his heels and left. br>
In truth, among the organic intellectuals there were also thinkers Alexander Dugin, Costanzo Preve, Andrea Zhok of the State of Milan, Claudio Messora alias Byoblu, the 86-year-old reporter Fulvio Grimaldi, the former Lega Francesca Donato, more varied neo-fascists converted to the anti-globalist cause such as those of the Terra dei Padri social center, which between a commemoration of Sergio Ramelli and a praise of Vladimir Putin's sensitivity, helped the sovereign post-communists to collect signatures.

How to keep this together? With the constant presence of the experienced Rizzo in the programs of Rete4 and in the trends on social networks (not least for having uncorked a bottle of virtual champagne on the death of Gorbachev). Acting as militias, right-wing users who for years have promised loyalty to the Communist leader and who circulate, with derision, the photos of candidates with the "muzzle" on their faces (and therefore "unreliable"). It seemed like an advantage, but instead it did not help to avoid the defeat: 1.1% of the votes, just 0.3% more than Rizzo usually got running alone. Online activism, however desperate and passionate, does not translate into votes.

The next mass of reaction

In the aftermath of the defeat, there remains a question among many anti-system militants, left alone in front of a PC and without intermediate bodies: if an alliance even wider would have yielded better fruit. Difficult to say: of course, the harassment of this area - the intrusion of Brussels in Italian events, the world cancel culture, Big Pharma, gender - are probably more widespread than the parties that had translated them into crusades. But the main problem of this galaxy is precisely the exaltation which feeds the political commitment of its interpreters. From this arises a childish and uncompromising extremism of some positions, which would have made a possible unitary front even more bizarre. A sort of 5 Star 3.0 Movement.

If there was little doubt that most of these newborn parties would not make it, 1.9% of no-euros, no-vaccines , no-all of Italexit by Gianluigi Paragone is perhaps the data that has kept the "right side" of the ranking of this metaphorical championship more in the balance. With an abstention of almost 40%, less than a million votes could have been enough to send a party to Montecitorio that, using the discourse on "freedom of choice" in an instrumental way, the phrases of virologist Luc Montagnie r in praise of non vaccinated, the hashtag # ionondimentico (referring to the policies of the so-called "covidiots") and the references to a mythologized constitution to defend, had in fact become the main vehicle for the radical and neo-fascist right in Parliament.

Exaggerations? No, to say it are countless biographical data and testimonies from the same party, some collected by the Fanpage site in an investigation published in recent days. Since its inception, Italexit has become the container of the “black” galaxy, which counted on using the “brand” of the former television tribune Gianluigi Paragone to make its way into the institutions. From the former national leaders and CasaPound candidates, such as Carlotta Chiaraluce to Marco Mori, to the contiguous ones in Forza Nuova such as the suspended oncologist Vanni Frajese, to the former Northern League player William De Vecchis, there are countless figures who worked to weave this plot. "We were told that 70% of the names in Lazio had a history within CasaPound ... we understood that it was not a matter of individual cases, but of a political agreement with an organized entity", to say it, in an interview at Fanpage, it's Pino Cabras, a former 5-star who had tried to ally with Italexit, who also ended up outside Parliament today.

No Puzzer in Parliament, no Deputy Commissioner Schilirò, no Doctor Stramezzi, therefore. Also get out of the center-right which, promising to abolish green passes and vaccination obligations forever, has partially dried up the area of ​​dissent. In fact, considering the inclusion of the flat tax and regional autonomy in the program, it could be said that Italexit wanted to position itself as a competitor of Salvini and Meloni, except for a campaign made entirely on myocarditis and "suspicious deaths" due to vaccine, and that he has lost in an Italy that has now accepted a minimum level of restrictions and is thinking of something else.

The truth is that Italexit was, and still is, a model that goes far beyond, in its extreme national-populism: a much more radicalized version of the mainstream right on cultural and social issues, including the immigration and fixes it on the "freemasonry" of political opponents, but with that sprinkle of protectionism in the economy and romanticism on the boom years that served to attract even the most alienated left and erode votes for the center-right.

Once in parliament it could, perhaps, have represented a pole of aggregation for all the disappointed of the right-wing government, in the event of the taming of the hypothetical Meloni government, and the fact that it has not exceeded the fateful threshold is the most important result of this little slice of politics in the last elections.

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