Shoe racks | The best of 2023

Shoe racks | The best of 2023

In our homes, more often than not, we tend to insert numerous objects that can prove useful in daily life and, at the same time, function as a piece of furniture. In this regard, one of the objects that plays an important role is undoubtedly the shoe rack, since it is able to keep your wardrobe in order and, often, complete the furniture in an elegant and intelligent way. In fact, without a place dedicated to them, shoes could get ruined faster, as well as making the room untidy.

Read also: Sneakers | The best of 2022 As you know, there are so many types of shoe racks on the market to the point that choosing the one that best suits your needs could prove to be more difficult than expected, and that's why we have created a dedicated article in which we will report those that are, in our judgement, the shoe racks that will be able to integrate better with the rest of your furniture. In doing so, we have decided to also include various solutions suitable for being placed in the garage or in small closets in the list.

As always, in the second part of the article, we will illustrate the factors that will determine the choice of a shoe rack , so we wish you a good reading and, possibly, a good shopping.

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The best shoe racks

Albatros | Songmics horizontal open shoe rack | Songmics vertical open shoe rack | Meerveil modular open shoe rack | Habit Design modular closed shoe rack | Closed shoe rack Milani Home | Closed tower shoe rack

Albatross | Horizontal open shoe rack

If you are looking for a compact, not too expensive and perfect shoe rack to place anywhere, this one will surely be for you. With a minimal but robust design, with a seat cushion in the upper part, this model boasts a structure with small but many shelves, on which it will be possible to place up to 14 pairs of shoes. Each shelf can be positioned at different heights, so you can make room for even the largest footwear, such as boots and boots. The upper padded cushion which, as anticipated, also allows you to sit, ensures that this wooden shoe rack has that touch of style capable of enticing many people to purchase this model rather than another.


Songmics | Vertical open shoe rack

If you need a large capacity shoe rack with a vertical structure, this is the model we suggest you consider. Made with a thickened iron structure and high quality connectors that further improve stability, it boasts 10 shelves that will allow you to comfortably place 40, if not more, pairs of shoes. Assembly is very simple, since all you need to do is fix the pipes in their respective connectors. Although the open typology may seem less suitable for those who are attentive to design, this model fits well almost everywhere, from the entrance to the bedroom.


Songmics | Modular open shoe rack

If you prefer an open shoe rack while giving a certain importance to the design, then this specific Songmics model will almost certainly satisfy you. It is in fact a modular solution, i.e. you will have the possibility of combining only the necessary compartments and, at the same time, positioning them in order to obtain the shape that best suits your furniture. As for the capacity, there are 15 compartments in the shape of a cabinet, inside which it will also be possible to put various objects.


Meerveil | Modular closed shoe rack

If you are sure to place the shoe rack in a point where it will be visible at every step, our advice is to focus on a closed model. Among these, one of those that will adapt best to any environment is the Meerveil solution which, in addition to being elegant and having a modular structure, will allow you to store a good quantity of shoes, given that it boasts 12 compartments. Being modular, you can choose yourself how many and how to position the compartments, thus improving the piece of furniture. The particularity of this model also lies in the materials, which are anti-deforming and transparent, so that you can easily check where a specific pair of shoes is.


Habit Design | Closed shoe rack wardrobe

If you prefer a shoe rack similar to a wardrobe, and therefore with a large capacity, the Habit Design solution is the one for you! 108 cm high and 55 cm wide, with a depth of 36 cm, this model with two doors is made up of 6 shelves, which you can pull out to make more space for any tall boots. With a clean and minimal design, it is perfect for both bedrooms and corridors, even more so if you buy the white version, a color that goes well with any type of furniture.


Milani Home | Closed tower shoe rack

If you are looking for a decidedly luxurious solution, we can only advise you to focus on the model made by Milani Home, whose double-depth flap doors will ensure that your home furnishings acquire an even more elegant and pleasing to the eye. There are 4 shelves, therefore you will have space to store a good number of shoes, even if it is probably not suitable for larger shoes, precisely because of the structure with overturned doors, designed above all to guarantee an elegant and refined aesthetic.


How to choose the shoe rack

And here we are at the final part of this article which, we are sure, will come in very handy when you go buying a new shoe rack. Now that you know which models are most likely to fit into your home environment, as well as which ones boast large compartments, it's time to find out the factors that will determine your choice, although some of them you have already had the opportunity to find out about. inside the product descriptions. However, in this part we will try to summarize them clearly so that, in the future, you can evaluate for yourself whether a specific shoe rack is right for you or not.

What types of shoe racks exist?

As with most products, the first factor to take into consideration is the type. In fact, there are open and closed shoe racks on the market, each designed to be positioned in very specific places in the house.

Open shoe racks: this type of shoe racks have the characteristic of not having closing doors, an aspect that makes them preferable to be placed in the garage or in small closets. However, although the design of these shoe racks leaves something to be desired, some models manage to convince, even fitting in the entrance hall, hallway or bedroom. Furthermore, they have the advantage of being very simple to assemble since, in the vast majority of cases, it will only be necessary to join the pipes in their respective connectors. Closed shoe racks: this type of shoe rack is easily recognizable by the presence of one or more closing doors and, as you can imagine, they are recommended for those who want to place them in environments without affecting their elegance. Furthermore, unlike the previous models, the closed shoe racks can be modular, allowing you to customize them and make them occupy only the space you need. A disadvantage of this type is the assembly, which could take a little more time. In any case, modern shoe racks, especially if they are modular, are designed in such a way as to minimize the time needed to put them up.

How spacious should a shoe rack be?

The second and last determining factor in choosing a shoe rack is capacity, understood as the maximum number of shoes supported by the structure. In this regard, the best advice we can give you is to count how many shoes you have in your wardrobe and consider a model with a larger capacity, so that there is enough space for any new pairs of shoes. At the same time, we advise against evaluating high-capacity shoe racks if you have a few pairs of shoes, since you will take up useless space, unless you rely on a modular solution.

In addition to the size of shoes you owns, you should also evaluate how much space you have available where you intend to place the shoe rack. In fact, in small spaces, it will be difficult to position a model designed to contain a large number of shoes, even if the various types of shoe racks could come to your aid. As you may have noticed, in fact, not all of them have the same shape, so you could evaluate a model with a vertical structure if you have little lateral space. If, on the other hand, you have height problems or you intend to place the shoe rack in a closet, then it is likely that a model with a horizontal structure will be right for you.

What materials are the shoe racks made of?

Shoe racks can be made with a metal, wooden or plastic frame. The frame allows the shoe rack to support the shelves or cubes which, in turn, can be made of wood, plastic, metal or various fabrics. Plastic models are light and easy to move, but for obvious reasons they are less robust and less aesthetically pleasing than wood and metal. Wood, such as bamboo for example, tends to always offer a natural look, prompting people to buy shoe racks equipped with this material. Even in this case, however, there is a price to pay. In fact, wet shoes damage wooden shoe racks more easily, which is why you should only put your shoes in the shoe rack when you are sure that they are completely dry. Metal, on the other hand, despite having an industrial look, should be evaluated if you usually don't pay attention to how and where you leave your wet shoes, since it is more resistant than wood. However, this tends to suffer from rust and corrosion, so make sure it has a powder coating in order to prevent the typical and annoying natural process.

Shoes can lead to unpleasant odors if left too long in a shoe rack . To limit this problem, you could consider a shoe rack featuring a mesh or slatted design, ideal for allowing air to pass inside the shoe rack and ensuring the shoes do not emit unpleasant odors.

The importance of design

Being a cabinet that is normally positioned at a glance, it is important to give a certain importance to the style, imagining whether or not the model you are about to buy fits the style of your furniture. Usually, closed shoe racks behave better in this sense, as they are more refined and characterized by glossy or opaque materials. The ideal would be to opt for a model with mirrored doors, even if they tend to cost much more on average than the others. On the other hand, the design takes on less importance if the shoe rack is placed in areas that are not visible to anyone who enters the house or if you are sure of installing it in the garage, where it is wiser to prefer practicality rather than style.

What can be placed in the shoe racks?

Although the shoe racks are objects designed to keep shoes in order, their large and flat structure also allows them to be used to store essential products for the care of your body, various baskets and products non-perishable foods. Furthermore, the higher sides of the frame can be used to hang bags or scarves, making shoe racks very versatile objects.

How to clean shoe racks

Cleaning a shoe rack is child's play, since a few operations are enough to make it look like new. If you want to get the best result, follow these simple steps:

Remove all shoes and all kinds of products from the shoe rack; Clean the frame and shelves with a damp rag, using a soap or a dedicated furniture cleaner; Let the various compartments dry before putting the shoes back in their place.

How to optimize space in shoe racks

Shoe racks are designed to support a certain number of shoes, which obviously varies according to the model. However, open shoe racks could offer the possibility of optimizing space, thanks to any shelves that can be adapted to various heights. This feature is especially useful for those who have shoes of different sizes, perhaps with very high heels. The adaptable shelves, in fact, allow you to increase the height of one or more compartments, giving the right space to larger shoes and without sacrificing too much space dedicated to compact shoes such as sneakers. A good way to optimize everything is to take advantage of the upper shelves of your wardrobe, an excellent place to store items that are not suitable for the current season or items that you wear sporadically.

How to store shoes< /h2> Although shoe racks are used to keep shoes in order, further precautions are needed to store them correctly. You should first make sure you store your shoes out of direct sunlight, as well as in a well-ventilated and obviously clean spot in the house. This will undoubtedly help prevent your shoes from getting damaged in a short time or from collecting a lot of dust.

If you are going on a trip and need to pack several pairs of shoes inside your suitcase, make sure you wrap them in tissue paper, canceling thus the risk of scratching them. If you usually wear a certain pair of shoes, you should store them in a point that is easily accessible, for example near an entrance, in order to avoid carrying any dirt throughout the house.

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