Marvel Comics announces three new types of Predators

Marvel Comics announces three new types of Predators

The future series of the House of Ideas dedicated to the deadliest of alien hunters promises to offer fans of the Yautja a welcome surprise: the new Marvel series of Predator will feature three different types of Yautja. After the return of the alien hunters in a first story arc, released this summer, created by Ed Brisson and Kev Walker, Marvel Comics has decided to confirm Brisson as the author of a new story, which will be drawn by Netho Diaz, going to tell the sequel to the previous adventure.

For the new comic series dedicated to the Yautja, Marvel Comics announces three new types of Predator

Predator #1 will therefore collect the legacy of the return of the Yautja in the comics , showing how Theta Berwick, a wild Yautja hunter on a mission of vengeance after the death of her family, will continue her crusade, an occasion that will lead her to cross the path of other creatures who have unfinished business with the Yautja.

Marvel Comics' presentation leaves no doubt as to the tenor of the future Predator-based adventure :

On a planet far from Earth, eight strangers will find themselves involved in a deadly game. BUT this time, the Predators won't be the only hunters. Someone has put the Yautja in the right place, and they have waited a long time to be able to take on this hunt. Get ready for a brutal hunt, a carnage-filled adventure that will rewrite everything you think you know about Predators.

Brisson further raised the expectations for this new Predator series, which will be released on the American market next March, with a cover by our Giuseppe Camuncoli :

As a longtime fan of the Predators, ever since I saw the first movie at a drive-in as a kid, writing the comics has been a big dream of mine. I was thrilled by the reaction from fans and how I was able to put Theta into theirs of the Predator, a ruthless hunter we haven't seen since Dutch took down the Jungle Hunter in 1987. My only problem with our first series is that it ended way too soon! I felt the desire…no, the need to write something else set in this universe. Fortunately, we are returning, with the incredible Netho Diaz to the drawings, to tell a story that connects to the continuity of the films, also exploring new territories. We have a new cast, new Predators, and a lot of surprises to come. If you've read and enjoyed our first series, you definitely won't want to miss the second!

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