Tesla Superchargers: how they work, where they are and how much they cost

Tesla Superchargers: how they work, where they are and how much they cost

Tesla Superchargers

Tesla Superchargers are a point of reference for millions of motorists who have chosen one of the American company's electric cars to switch to zero-emission mobility. These are charging stations scattered in the territories where Tesla is present and increasingly widespread in Italy. Thanks to Tesla's Superchargers, it is possible to benefit from a particularly short battery recharge time and also from an advantageous price.

The Supercharger network represents an important point of reference for the Tesla offer and is, certainly, a factor to consider when evaluating the purchase of an electric car made by the American company. In the latter, with zero-emission cars increasingly widespread, Tesla Superchargers in Italy have multiplied, guaranteeing motorists who have chosen to switch to a Model 3, a Model Y or another model in the manufacturer's range the possibility of being able to count on a capillary infrastructure.

Let's see, therefore, everything there is to know about Tesla Superchargers, considering the functioning of the charging system, the diffusion of the stations and what they are costs and charging time.

What are Tesla Superchargers

Let's start with the basics. Tesla Superchargers are charging stations for electric cars made by the American company. It is a point of reference for all Tesla customers who have the possibility of being able to count on an increasingly widespread network infrastructure in all the markets in which the company is active. Even in Italy it is possible to find several Superchargers, scattered throughout the country.

With over 30,000 active Superchargers and many more on the way, Tesla can currently count on the largest fast charging network in the world. It is easy for customers to identify a battery recharging station with a column to connect their electric car to for a short stop necessary to increase the operating range.

Through Superchargers it is possible to take advantage of a high-speed recharge, to minimize downtime and maximize battery charge. Depending on the chosen charging station and the model to be recharged, using a Supercharger it is possible to obtain up to 275 kilometers of autonomy in just 15 minutes of rest.

The maximum charging speed is currently set at 250 kW, limit that can be reached by the latest generation Tesla Superchargers (called V3). The first generation of charging stations stops at 60 kW while the second reaches 150 kW. In any case, Tesla models are able to recharge in a short time, quickly reaching the charge necessary to meet the travel needs of users.

How does Tesla Supercharger charging work

For Tesla's electric cars it is very easy to use a Supercharger to recharge. The operation is quick and there are no real obstacles. First, you need to download the Tesla app and complete the setup. The app is available both for Android smartphones, via the Google Play Store, and for iPhones, via the Apple AppStore.

Directly from the app (or from the appropriate section of the Tesa website) it is possible to identify the Supercharger closest to your position or the charging stations along your route, in order to plan any stops during the journey in advance. When it is necessary to recharge the battery, simply go to the Tesla Supercharger and park in one of the special recharging areas.

At this point it is possible to connect the recharging station to the own Tesla. A confirmation LED will light up to confirm that the charging phase has started. The entire procedure can be monitored directly from the display of your Tesla or remotely, via the Tesla app. The recharging system works in a really smart way.

Based on the route established by the user, the car is able to establish the charge level to reach in order to reach the next Supercharger . To reduce congestion at charging stations, the charge level can also be automatically adjusted to 80%. In any case, the user has the possibility, via the display of his Tesla or the app, to manually set the desired charge level. In case of need, therefore, it is possible to "fill up" at a Supercharger without any problem.

Furthermore, in most cases, charging an electric car at a Tesla Supercharger is available 24 hours a day. day . Some charging stations may have limited opening hours, for example if they are installed in areas which are closed to the public at certain times of the day. The user can check, at any time, that the Supercharger is open via the app or the on-board touchscreen.

How much does charging a Tesla Supercharger cost and how to pay

A Unlike the traditional refueling, recharging a Tesla at the Supercharger follows a different payment system. It is not necessary to pay, in cash or by card, to an employee or to a POS. In fact, to pay for the top-up, simply set up a payment method for your Tesla account, which can be accessed directly from the app.

The top-up amount will then be automatically charged to the payment method chosen by the user. At the end of the recharge, the app will show an estimate of the final cost of the operation. Subsequently, the recharge invoice will be accessible in the Recharge section of the Tesla Account. In this, the entire "refueling" payment procedure is automated, eliminating any element capable of slowing down the charging system.

The price of charging at a Tesla Supercharger, however varies based on various factors. The user has the possibility to check the actual cost (€/kWh) of the recharge before recharging. In some cases, Tesla's charging stations have different rates based on the time of day (with a distinction between "peak" hours, i.e. 4-8 p.m., and "off-peak" hours, i.e. 8-4 p.m.). In Italy it is possible to recharge with a price of around 0.73-0.81 euro/kWh; however, it is possible to activate the subscription of 12.99 euros per month or pay a reduced recharge rate of 0.6-0.67 euros/kWh.

Again, all the details are clearly accessible to the user before recharging. It should also be noted that an occupancy fee will be charged if the Tesla remains stalled at the Supercharger charging area even after the charging procedure has been completed. In Italy, the rate varies from 0.50 to 1 euro per minute.

Where to recharge a Tesla

The diffusion of Tesla Superchargers in Italy is constantly growing. In fact, during the second quarter of 2022, the Tesla charging station network exceeded 50 dedicated charging areas scattered throughout the country. Overall, there are over 500 charging points available to users who have purchased and use a Tesla.

Getting around Italy using the company's charging stations is therefore very simple. Tesla Superchargers are present in cities with a high population density such as Milan and Rome. The network is constantly expanding and strengthening, becoming more and more widespread. To date, it is possible to recharge from a Tesla Supercharger in almost all Italian regions, from North to South and also in Sardinia and Sicily.

The Tesla Supercharger network is, in any case, in continuous expansion, with the goal of fully covering the national territory, with a particular focus on those areas where the demand for recharging points is greater due to the greater diffusion of electric cars and the impossibility of being able to count on "domestic" recharging solutions .

The project for the new Supercharger by Citylife in Milan falls within this perspective, a new Tesla recharging point in the heart of the city and destined to become a reference point for the many Milanese motorists who have already chosen a electric car and, in particular, a model designed by Tesla.

Numerous Tesla Superchargers can also be found in Europe. Especially in markets where electric cars are widespread (such as Northern Europe) finding a Tesla charging station is really very simple. In any case, to understand where to recharge a Tesla, simply access the app or the Tesla website and check for the nearest Supercharger.

The closest charging station can also be found via the on-board touchscreen. Tesla customers have the option of using any charging station. It is therefore possible to travel with your Tesla outside the Italian borders and recharge the battery at any Supercharger in the country of destination. Teslas can also be recharged at other public or private charging stations.

Are Tesla Superchargers open to all electric vehicles?

Yes, Superchargers Tesla are also open to non-Tesla vehicles albeit with some limitations. The pilot project that provides for the opening of Superchargers to all electric vehicles was launched in Europe in 2022 and arrived in Italy in November of the same year. However, a clarification must be made. Only select Superchargers are currently accessible to all non-Tesla vehicles.

To check the charging points accessible to any electric car or plug-in hybrid car, you can access the Supercharger map on the Tesla website and select only the Superchargers option available for non-Tesla vehicles. Currently, as evidenced by the image below, there are about 20 Superchargers open to all plug-in vehicles on the Italian territory.

As for the cost of charging vehicles non-Tesla there are two options. Customers who activate a subscription costing 12.99 euros per month can access the discounted rate, also reserved for customers who own Tesla vehicles, with a cost of 0.6 euros per kWh from 8pm to 4pm the following day and 0 67 euros per kWh from 4 to 8 pm. Without a season ticket, however, the cost is respectively 0.73 euros per kWh and 0.81 euros per kWh.

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