Must-have video games due out in January 2023

Must-have video games due out in January 2023

The world of video games never stops and with the new year there are already several titles expected and coming out in January 2023. 2022 closed with highly regarded games with Elden Ring winning the top prize at the Game Awards managing to get the better of two other very popular choices such as the recent God of War Ragnarok and the independent Stray ; Nintendo obviously also made headlines, for example with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. But looking to the future, what are the best upcoming games to mark on your calendar right now across platforms? We have already compiled a list of the best must-play video games on PlayStation 5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and of course Windows-based computers.

One Piece Odyssey

Bandai Is There great expectations for the new game dedicated to the Straw Hat crew with this Japanese-style RPG with a rather unique plot that sees Luffy and friends shipwrecked on a mysterious island, in search of lost powers and with numerous enemies to face in a rich open world of details and discoveries. The appointment is for January 13 on Ps4 and Ps5, Xbox Series X and S and PC Windows.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

January 13 will also be the turn of the release of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot on the new generation consoles Ps5 and Xbox Series X / S with an improved and enriched version of the title already released for the last gen consoles, with a fluid frame rate at 60 fps and more immersive effects to better appreciate the 'open world of this action rpg .

Persona 3 and 4

The two titles of the Persona series or Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden are scheduled for January 19 as remastered versions for the modern platforms of gdr titles now also with texts in italian.

Fire Emblem Engage

Another highly anticipated game like Fire Emblem Engage will be released on Nintendo Switch on January 20, starring Alear who is an incarnation of the divine dragon who awakens from a long sleep to fight an evil entity that can only be defeated by uniting all the Emblems or heroes of the saga. A real homage for fans of this series of role-playing games.


On January 24, the game Forspoken will be released on PC Windows and Ps5 with its original storyline that sees young Frey Holland catapulted from New York to the dangerous world of Athia where she will learn to govern magic to survive and fight the dark forces.

Dead Space

The remake of the first title released 14 years ago will debut on January 27 on Ps5, Xbox Series X / S and PC Windows. Dead Space is a sci-fi space survival horror game where you will have to fight alien monsters.


Finally, we close the month with a bang with the particular Inkulinati which is expected on January 31st on Xbox Series X/S and PC Windows as a medieval strategy where you will interact on scrolls designed at the moment.

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