PIOVE., the preview video of the new single Futuro HD

PIOVE., the preview video of the new single Futuro HD


“Future HD” , written by PIOVE. and produced by PIOVE. together with okgiorgio (Isis), it is the third single, after  "Fuoco" and  "Sabba" , which anticipates PIOVE's first album. “MIRACLE” .

Each piece of the album embodies, as in the episodes of a TV series, reflections of RAINING. on various topics. Specifically, "Futuro HD" is the episode that deals with the theme of Transhumanism, the transition from man to a mechanical and digital identity-entity, a concept widely explored by sci-fi literature and which has come back into vogue in the last period, since we were able to experience firsthand the attraction, and at the same time the fear, of the role that information technology has taken on our daily lives, as happened for example with remote activities and with the introduction to the Metaverse.

The piece is a grotesque Post-internet, Post-TikTok provocation that takes the real world and discards it in the computer trash. A manipulation of Kawaii suggestions that crumble in a digital explosion.

A robotic voice follows this story, with a frivolous beginning that leads to a sound "gash", symbol of the passage from man to machine.

This track is the most important of the disc and anticipates its meanings by creating a  fil-rouge that runs through the whole project. Human alienation and Transhumanism are the key points of the album which through Hyperpop and Digital Art tells us about the future to come.

"There is no longer any need to leave the house since the network offers a model of perfection heavenly. You can be whoever you want, when you want, with the body you want. On the other hand, reality is difficult to face lately. It would take a miracle to save us."

IT'S RAINING. it moves between the real world and the digital world, between different sound dimensions and visual planets and it is Angelo Guttadauro, photographer and visual artist, who animates the artist's project and his performances with a series of 3D video contents.

Also the  video of  "Futuro HD" , which will be released  on Friday 16 December , is part of these contents, created between Blender and Premiere. The aesthetic is inspired by genres such as Anime, Sci-fi and Fantasy. The goal is to build a visual universe on a par with the sound one. It is not a simple generative visual where typically there are a series of repeating patterns, but the stimulus comes from the idea of ​​following the narration of the song. And so the video also tells of the encounter between two entities, one human and the other digital, suspended in a metaphysical space, which will merge to the point where the human entity will transcend itself in favor of a post-human form, immortal and apparently free from pain.

IT RAINS. it is a project with a strong audiovisual matrix. The visual imagery is created together with Guttadauro and includes photos, vfx, artwork, video clips and 3D visuals.

The artist will create a visual for almost every next song and all will have in common color palettes, settings, and will always have the same character, a mannequin, which is the 3D avatar of PIOVE., also present on the artwork of the previous releases.

These visuals are the result of a mechanism of reciprocal suggestion, they start from an imaginary that it RAINS. has in mind and for which he has developed 3D sketches, from visions to which Guttadauro gives life making them his own, from the choice of settings and symbols to 3D modeling, up to post-production

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