The most important news of the week from 8 to 14 August 2022

The most important news of the week from 8 to 14 August 2022

Few curiosities and a lot of substance among the most important news of the week that is about to end. In fact, we have witnessed a further chapter in the challenge between Microsoft and Sony in relation to the acquisition of Activision, the new sales figures of Red Dead Redemption 2 and the official release date of Hogwarts Legacy have arrived ... which however is in fact a postponement.

We then returned to talk about Nintendo Switch Pro, of how God of War: Ragnarok frightens developers and publishers (we will explain immediately why, don't worry), of the video of Forspoken transformed into a meme and a couple of important announcements for as many historical franchises: the reveal of Tekken 8 and a new Halo in the Dark.

Does Sony pay to stop games from arriving on Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass, an official artwork The controversy between Sony and Microsoft in front of the antitrust is updated with a new chapter, which in this case sees a counterattack by the Redmond house, according to which Sony pays to prevent games from arrive on Xbox Game Pass. A variation on the theme of commercial agreements behind exclusives, in practice, but in a context of aggressive competition.

It seems that no specific examples have been given, but it is easy to understand which titles are referring to, and in fact it is a strategy that both companies have practically always pursued; only now the thing takes on a different value and inevitably fits into the question relating to the perplexities about the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and how this operation can create a sort of monopoly regime.

You will remember the Sony claims that Xbox Game Pass grows too much, conquering new market shares with each acquisition: a situation that the Japanese house is trying to counter, apparently in any way.

PlayStation's fears have also been confirmed by analyst Michael Pachter, according to which Game Pass will reach 100 million subscribers with Activision games.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the ninth best-selling game ever

Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur Morgan Rockstar Games has updated the performance figures for Red Dead Redemption 2, which has sold more than 45 million copies. This means that it's the ninth best-selling game ever, right behind Pokémon Red / Blue / Green / Yellow, Mario Kart 8 / Deluxe and Super Mario Bros .: the 170 million copies of Grand Theft Auto V are a long way off, but there we are equally faced with a huge success.

This is why the decision of the developers to stop updates to the Red Dead Online platform and even cancel both the next-gen version of Red Dead Redemption 2 and the remaster chat of the first chapter, all because GTA 6 absorbs all of Rockstar Games and therefore there are no resources available for other projects that are not GTA Online.

Hogwarts Legacy has an official release date, however. ..

Hogwarts Legacy, two characters brew a potion Hogwarts Legacy has an official release date, but you might not like it. After spending months repeating that the game would arrive in stores by the end of this year, in fact, the guys at Avalanche Software had to make the difficult decision to postpone the launch of the awaited tie-in dedicated to the Wizarding World, which will make its debut on PC, PlayStation and Xbox (Switch date is not yet known) on February 10, 2023.

It is on the one hand a difficult bite to swallow, on the other hand a choice strategically understandable, given the considerable "traffic" this fall (also at Warner Bros., given the release of Gotham Knigths on October 25th) and the presence of really important and fearsome productions, which could catalyze the attention of users and leave little room for everyone else. Yes, we're talking about God of War Ragnarok, but we'll get to that shortly.

Nintendo Switch Pro is real

Nintendo Switch, the OLED model The speech now seemed archived in the face of evidence of other models launched on the market, see precisely Nintendo Switch OLED, but according to a well-known leaker Nintendo Switch Pro is real and will make its debut during the first quarter of 2023: these are the information that continues to come from its sources, and it is not can certainly say that the time is not ripe for a hardware upgrade, which indeed many users would appreciate.

Dov Gray, the collective formerly known as the camgirl Tiffany Threadmore, who over the years has shared several leaks which later turned out to be founded , added that the technical specifications of the console "will be revealed by a publication not related to the world of video games at least a month in advance of the official announcement", which many think could reach seven mbre.

Call of Duty will not be Xbox exclusive because it would cost too much

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the protagonists at sea Another round, another update relating to the discussion between Microsoft and Sony in about the acquisition of Activision and the fears that this operation precludes the publication of the next Call of Duty on the PlayStation platforms. Well, the last argument seems pretty clear: Call of Duty will not be Xbox exclusive because it would cost too much.

We know that Call of Duty downloads and units sold are in the billions and not millions, and that the The franchise is in fact unrivaled in the field of first person shooters. Precisely for this reason, deciding to make it available only on Xbox, including it in the Game Pass subscription from day one, would result in a loss of cosmic proportions for Microsoft.

God of War Ragnarok is scary to developers and publishers

God of War Ragnarok, Kratos and Atreus Let's go back to the discussion above: if Hogwarts Legacy and several other titles have been postponed to 2023 (see also Forspoken, which we will talk about shortly) it is also because developers and publishers are afraid of God of War Ragnarok and the sales it could total at launch, necessarily taking away space for all the other productions coming this fall.

Clearly this is not a matter linked only to the genre membership: if the budget available to users is limited, they will have to choose what to buy next November and it is almost obvious that PS5 and PS4 owners will get their hands on Kra's new adventure tos and Atreus, also and above all considering the extraordinary quality of the previous chapter.

Forspoken, the last video has become a meme

Forspoken, the protagonist in front of a dragon The definition of "cringe" can count on a new concrete example: the latest video of Forspoken, which has become a meme as it is considered embarrassing by users. Only a few days have passed and we have already seen it reinterpreted in all the sauces on social media: "Let me get this straight", begins the voice of Ella Balinska, and then summarizes the narrative elements of the game.

Well , a lot of people have enjoyed using the same form to describe everything from games to various other productions, thus mocking the tone of the trailer, which was deemed out of place. However, this is not the first own goal scored by the communications department that is promoting Forspoken, in the hope that at least the game will not disappoint.

Sonic 3: the film, here is the release date

Sonic: the film, the character in the first episode of the saga The announcement arrived last February, but now Sonic 3: the film has a release date set for December 20, 2024. An important confirmation for the film saga dedicated to SEGA's sprinter hedgehog, which has so far been a success well above expectations and therefore will return with a new chapter in which Tails and Knuckles will obviously also find a place.

More Details, for the moment, are unknown: we know that Jim Carrey wanted to take a long break from acting and that there will not be a recasting of Doctor Robotnik, which means that if the actor refuses to return in Sonic 3: the film will see probably another villain in action. The hope is that Carrey will think about it again ...

Tekken 8 announced with a teaser trailer

Kazuya Mishima in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Over the years, the EVO has become a huge event relevance for fighting game fans, as well as the perfect stage to announce new games belonging to this genre. It is therefore not surprising that Bandai Namco took advantage of this year's edition to announce Tekken 8 with a teaser trailer.

In reality, there are still no certainties about the project: the video only shows the final sequence of the first Tekken in which Kazuya threw his father Heihachi from a ravine, thereby replacing the character's smiling face with his current version and a warning: "get ready!" In short, we will have to wait a little longer to understand something.

Alone in the Dark, between leak and official trailer

Alone in the Dark, Edward Carnby points the gun at a zombie Friday night we attended THQ Nordic's Digital Showcase, where the trailer for Alone in the Dark was presented, a remake of the homonymous survival horror created by Infogrames in 1992 and reinterpreted over the years by various development teams, without ever really leaving a mark . Well, this could be the right time, if we consider that some of the authors of SOMA and Amnesia are behind the project.

Actually, the announcement did not come as a surprise, as a few hours earlier they leaked images and details of Alone in the Dark that revealed various information relating to the game. We will return to take on the role of private investigator Edward Carnby, commissioned by Emily Hartwood to investigate the disappearance of her uncle at the disturbing mansion of Derceto, against the backdrop of a 1920s gothic setting clearly inspired by the stories of H.P. Lovecraft.

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