Gaming Chair | The best of 2022

Gaming Chair | The best of 2022

What is a good gaming chair? Simple: a fundamental element of every player's life. Spending hours and hours in front of your favorite video game sitting on a product of questionable quality can in fact also be decidedly uncomfortable and, in addition to creating annoying problems and pains in the long run, it can also lead to losing part of the fun due to the title in question.

To overcome this problem and, above all, to guarantee the best possible comfort to our body during the various gaming sessions and beyond, it is therefore essential to have a good gaming chair, which can be at the same time comfortable, solid and, why not, also captivating on a stylistic level. In the sea of ​​different products that the market offers, however, it is often difficult to orient yourself and, if you are not careful, it is a moment to get confused and be deceived by some not exactly truthful description. In this article we are going to show you what are the best sessions ever. Therefore, these are products equipped with all comforts and characterized by very high construction quality, but also sold at prices that are not always accessible to everyone.

If you are looking for products that are still valid but cheaper, you can find them in our articles dedicated the solution to your needs. So here are the best gaming chairs for 200 euros or less and those for 100 euros or less. In addition, combined with a new seat, we also recommend the best headsets of 2022, to ensure that your multiplayer evenings are as comfortable and of high quality as possible.

Gaming chair, the best

Arozzi Torretta DX Racer5 Razer Iskur Secretlab Titan Evo Corsair T3 Rush

Arozzi Torretta

A gaming chair among the best ever is certainly the Arozzi Torretta, that is a proposal that manages to masterfully combine comfort, elegance and also an all in all accessible price . Designed with the most total ergonomics as a mantra, the Arozzi Torretta is equipped with two support cushions and a whole series of absolutely pleasant features, such as the inclination up to 165 degrees. Thanks to these and many other important characteristics, Arozzi Torretta can therefore prove to be a product of indisputable quality. Comfortable, built with particularly refined materials and also with a careful look at aesthetics: the chair is in fact sold in different colors, including black, blue and red and available at a more than honest price. All these features make the Arozzi Torretta a great gaming chair for virtually any of your needs

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DX Racer 5

If you are looking for a good gaming chair that is not too bulky, you will find in the DX Racer 5 one of the best solutions on the market. Thanks to a solid structure, a fabric covering, quality materials and remarkable comfort, the DX Racer 5 is in fact a respectable chair, perfect for all those who need a reliable and long-lasting product. It is currently available in two colors: a classic gray black or a red black, with both solutions that are certainly elegant and distinct. The only weak point of a very good chair lies in the physical characteristics of the user. As specified by the manufacturer, use is recommended for people with a maximum height of one meter eighty and a maximum weight of 100kg. If you meet these requirements, don't worry: the DX Racer 5 is one of the best gaming chairs ever.

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Razer Iskur

Do you want a gaming chair that is as ergonomic as it is beautiful to look at? Then the Razer Iskur is right for you, a product of the well-known company capable of offering comfort of the highest level and a design in step with the times. Contoured lumbar support, reinforced frame, high-density foam cushions and multilayer PVC synthetic leather: these are just some of the features of a gaming chair among the best on the market, also equipped with fully adjustable armrests. If you want to be comfortable and do it in style, the Razer Iskur is definitely the choice for you. The only barrier to access? The cost. It is in fact a premium product, which is certainly attractive, not sold at budget prices unlike the other proposals in this guide.

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Secretlab Titan Evo

In recent years Secretlab has taken the limelight, a company capable of producing high quality gaming chairs, appreciated by both gamers and professionals. Secretlab's strong point is then to be able to count on various types of collaborations, which allow the company to sell gaming chairs dedicated to some of the most popular franchises of the moment, such as Game of Thrones, League of Legends, Cyberpunk 2077 and many more. The Secretlab Titan Evo is the perfect model for practically everyone, thanks to three different sizes that allow the perfect fit for anyone, without forgetting the coating, which can also be customized according to the taste of the end users. For the rest, it is one of the best gaming chairs ever, both in terms of materials, design and, above all, great comfort.

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Corsair T3 Rush

As the last product in this long list, we have decided to offer you the Corsair T3 Rush, a proposal equipped with all the main features that make a high-level gaming chair attractive. With the T3 Rush Corsair has in fact managed to create a respectable product, equipped with a large seat, excellent comfort, a remarkable style and finishes that denote the premium nature of the gaming chair. Also in this case there are more colors, ranging from gray and white to gray combined with black. In short, finding something to complain about in the Corsair T3 Rush is really difficult and if you are looking for one of the best gaming chairs on the market, our advice is to keep it in great consideration. Perfect for those who want something elegant, comfortable and definitely valid in every respect.

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How to choose the best gaming chair absolute

Finding the perfect gaming chair for your needs isn't always easy, even when you don't have particular spending limits. In fact, there are many things to take into consideration and carefully evaluate and it would be a real shame to find yourself spending several hundred euros for a product that may be valid, but which fails to satisfy your needs. So let's see together what are the characteristics in choosing the best gaming chair ever.


As you can guess from the name of the guide itself, in this list we have gone to select the best gaming chairs ever, able to guarantee the best possible performance. However, this does not mean that we have completely ignored the price variable: all the proposals on this list are in fact equipped with technical characteristics and accessories that justify a perhaps high selling price at first glance. In short, we have privileged quality but also with an eye to its relationship with the price. To give you a better idea, in any case expect to spend between 300 and 500 euros to have one of the best gaming chairs on the market.


One of the key aspects is certainly the one relating to materials which, in most cases, are divided into leather, PU leather or imitation leather and fabric. Faux leather gaming chairs are certainly easier to clean but, on the other hand, they offer less perspiration than their fabric counterparts and, consequently, make you sweat much more easily, especially in summer. Furthermore, PU leather, in addition to being drastically cheaper, is a synthetic leather made of polyurethane and as such much less valuable than traditional leather.

In short, choosing which material to make your gaming chair is not it's just a matter of design, but also of price and quality. Do you want something to stay cool even in summer or do you prefer products that are much easier to clean?

Leather or fabric chair?

As mentioned above, there are gaming chairs made up of different materials. Now, however, it is right to ask the following question: is a leather or fabric chair better? There is no right answer to this question, and as trivial as it may seem, everything falls on the taste of those who are about to buy their own chair.

What we can tell you is that obviously a leather chair comes in a decidedly elegant way and is easier to clean . In addition to these qualities, however, it should be emphasized that during the warmer months a leather chair might not be the right choice if you don't like the resulting contact with the material.

Fabric chairs, on the other hand, have a wider choice thanks to the textures of the fabric but also to the designs and the various decorations that the various manufacturers offer. Furthermore, the fabric is more breathable than the skin, but on the other side of the coin, cleaning the fabric is already more complicated. This means that greater care and attention is needed if you decide to take home a set of fabric.

Build quality

Given that fabric chairs are rarer to find than leather, in many cases it is quite easy to be fooled by good materials and think that the entire gaming chair is built well, but this is not always the case. A good gaming chair must also be evaluated for its frame  and for its internal structure: it is important, above all, that the key parts (joints, welding, etc.) are solid, so that you have a durable product over the years.


Although practically all good level gaming chairs have these characteristics, it is still necessary to check whether they allow you to change the height and tilt the seat: two very comfortable features that should not be missing in a good gaming chair. Backrest which can therefore be adjusted in these two directions through usually two distinct levers placed under or on the side of the gaming chair. If the Y axis of the chair can usually be modified at will, for the inclination of the seat there are different types of gaming chairs: some have pre-set levels while others allow greater freedom in this regard.

As far as it concerns the elbow rests, in a good gaming chair they should at least be settable in height and, if necessary, also in the other dimensions. In short, the possibility of being able to move them forward or backward is an excellent feature which, however, is neither always present nor, on the other hand, as essential as the other adjustment possibilities.


Although they are not loved by everyone, it is always a good thing to make sure that posture supports are present in the gaming chair. We are talking about cushions designed to make the seat even more ergonomic. Not to be missed are in particular the one for the back, to be positioned on the lumbar area and which lightens the load on the spine, and the one for the head. Two essential accessories to say the least in a self-respecting gaming chair and which are able to prevent and avoid many small pains.

Very often they can also be bought separately, but there is no doubt that choosing something designed specifically for a product in question is definitely the best choice. Obviously you can also add other supports, whether they are cushions or other, in addition to that for the lumbar area and for the head, but be careful not to create ergonomically non-optimal positions. In short, the advice is to rely on the supports present with the gaming chair, usually in memory foam to ensure greater comfort, which are designed and manufactured specifically for the product in question.

Type of seat

In addition to the more traditional gaming chairs, the market today also offers a very varied choice as regards the types of seats. For example, if gaming chairs don't completely convince you, we suggest you also take a look at our guide dedicated to gaming poufs. The poufs offer a different comfort and are produced using different materials compared to the classic chairs that we have seen in this guide.


Of course, we know very well that this is not a feature of first relief like the previous ones, but after spending hundreds of euros on a gaming chair do you really want to settle for a design that doesn't suit you 100%? Elegant, showy, sober and tamarre: the beauty of these products is that they are designed to satisfy every type of palate. Because it's good to be comfortable, but you have to do it with style.

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