A leaker revealed the future of Google Pixels (2023 – 2025)

A leaker revealed the future of Google Pixels (2023 – 2025)

Following a leak, Google's "road map" for Pixel smartphones for the three-year period 2023 – 2025 may be available.

Source: Front Page Tech To report the news is was the Android Authority website which claims to have received the interesting leak from an " anonymous but reliable " source which reported what Google's projects will be between now and 2025. As the site itself states, this is information, albeit reliable which are far from being definitive and immutable: many factors could intervene and thus alter the projects of the house in Mountain View. The leaked information must therefore be taken with the awareness that everything could change.

For 2023, the Android Authority source reported that Google will make some small changes to the Pixel range: T two phones, codenamed "lynx" and “felix” , will be launched around April or May. The first code name would "hide" Pixel 7a while behind "felix" Pixel Fold should be hidden. The same source confirmed that Google will keep the same price for the Pixel 7a, which would mean a US retail price of $449. However, the source was unable to confirm previous rumors about which updates Pixel 7a will present compared to its predecessor: among the rumors circulated, for example, mention was made of wireless charging and a refresh rate of 90Hz.

But the real news of 2023 will be the launch of the first foldable Pixel, which should arrive, according to leaked rumors, at a price of $1,799, which would put it in direct competition with Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold series . Also in 2023, Google will launch two new phones in its main series: Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, previously known as shiba and husky. The aforementioned source would have confirmed that there will be no particularly significant changes compared to the Pixel 7 series. However, the Pixel 8 (codename "shiba"), could have a smaller display and smaller overall dimensions. Instead "husky" (Pixel 8 Pro) will have the same display and the same general measurements as the Pixel 7 Pro. Finally there will be the debut of the Pixel 8 series of the product currently known by the code name "zuma", which Google is almost certainly using to cover Tensor G3.

2024 will see some major Pixel road map changes; first of all, there is a plan for a Pixel 8a, codenamed "akita" whose fate will however be decided on the basis of Pixel 7a sales. Going further, the leaker said that Google is considering abandoning the annual launches of the A-series devices and opting for a biennial launch instead. This would lead to an alignment with what has been seen for Apple's iPhone SE.

In the fall of 2024, Google will launch the Pixel 9 series: for the first time this series will have, according to the source, three devices. The first will be the base Google Pixel 9, which will likely be the same size and general format as the Pixel 8 (which, remember, is slightly smaller than the Pixel 7). There would also be the expected Pixel 9 Pro – codenamed “komodo” – with a 6.7-inch screen. Then, there would be a second Pro-level model codenamed " caiman ". This phone would have all the features of the Pro model, but a "only" 6.3-inch screen.

The leaker compared this strategy to what Apple has already seen doing for its iPhones. The Pixel 9 would be the equivalent of the iPhone 14, while the "caiman" would be equivalent to the iPhone 14 Pro. The 6.7-inch "komodo" would be more in line with an iPhone 14 Pro Max. When asked by Android Authority about how much this strategy is likely, the leaker said he's more than sure it's for sure: Google wants to mimic Apple's strategy, which means it needs a top-tier phone that's not as big as the Pixel 7 Pro. , names and availability are still all to be decided, the goal of placing three devices on the market is "set in stone".

Finally, again for 2024 , there is a project underway to introduce a second folding device; however, at the moment, there is very little information on this: it is likely that Google is waiting to see what the consumer response to "felix", its first foldable, will be before defining any action plan in detail.

Moving to 2025, the Android Authority source says that Google is evaluating different choices for the Pixel roadmap, and that it will be strongly influenced by what happens in 2023 and 2024 . First, Google is considering having a foldable clamshell phone to compete with the Galaxy Z Flip series. Should it decide to go this route, in autumn 2025 we could see, as part of the launch of the Pixel series, a foldable clamshell model, a non-foldable base model  and then two Pro-level versions. However, if Google abandons the foldable device , the company would go ahead with four traditional phones: a base model and a pro model, both in two versions, thus aligning with Apple's current strategy for iPhones.

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