iPhone 14 Pro Max Review, Probably Not For You!

iPhone 14 Pro Max Review, Probably Not For You!

iPhone 14 Pro Max Review

Described by many as "the best smartphone money can buy" within the entire mobile landscape, in the iPhone 14 Pro Max review we will find out how much truth there really is in this statement, trying to highlight strengths and weaknesses in what is currently unquestionably “the best iPhone ever”.

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No one is “Pro” like him!

Unmistakably iPhone, unmistakably Pro. Since the first Pro model launched by Apple in the smartphone market, this product line has set itself the goal of 'goal of meeting the needs of premium customers, offering design and constructive care capable of making the user perceive quality in every interaction.

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iPhone 14 Pro Max is just another successful experiment, with a mix of quality materials able to combine in forms now well known to apple customers bitten. Compared to the last generation we find the same finishes plus a “purple” color variant. The obstruction of the photographic compartment at the rear which now houses the new 48MP main camera which we will discuss thoroughly in the dedicated section is increasingly evident.

Main novelty obviously the front dynamic island, which retires the notch by creating only a new aesthetic design element but also a real new form of interaction with the smartphone. In fact, keeping the Face ID functionality unchanged (and obscuring a small portion of the OLED display via software), Apple has created a new active area of ​​the screen, from those that are trivially hardware parts with which we would not normally have the possibility to interact.

"Credits: Mark Spoonauer - sportsgaming.win Guide" Cool? Useless function? The truth as it almost always happens is somewhere in between. Many have criticized this choice of Apple going to highlight how the "detachment" between camera block and "blackening" of the display is more evident than advertised in the presentation (true criticism, under the sun the difference is noticeable). Others have criticized the choice of not having focused on cameras under the display, still remaining bound to a choice capable of creating an important visual disturbance. However, the fact that applications to emulate this software feature have started to appear on the Android store since the first hours following the presentation tells the truth about this dynamic island more than any other story: Apple always manages to teach.

Whether it is a function that can change the use of your iPhone is in my opinion a lie. However, the fact that it is an aesthetic element (and partly also functional given the software sewn by Apple affixed to this area) capable of marking a distinctive trait with the past is equally true.

A brightness never seen before on a smartphone

Net of the Dynamic Island, the 6.7 ”panel of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is perhaps the best display ever mounted on a smartphone. In addition to the usual calibration quality to which Apple has accustomed us, the big news is represented by the new maximum brightness that can be reached, with the fabulous 2000 nit figure beating any current competition on the market.

"Credits: Mark Spoonauer- sportsgaming.win Guide" In addition to this, the support for LTPO technology with automatically variable refresh rate between 1Hz and 120Hz has finally made it possible to adopt always-on display technology. This is the ability to receive notifications, see the time and other system elements always reproduced on the panel of your device. This at least until the introduction of this feature in Apple sauce. The Californian company has in fact completely rethought this feature, going away from what has been seen so far on the market by offering a unique approach. In fact, the iPhone display with the Always-on mode activated (via software it is also possible to deactivate this option) will never go off completely, showing the lock-screen with a reduced brightness.

Therefore, unlike the Android manufacturers who use the OLED screen to completely turn off the pixels and show only some of them illuminated with few software functions, iPhone 14 Pro Max will continue to be virtually always in use, just as the name of the function would suggest. The estimated extra consumption with this option active is about 10/15% on a daily basis. This is not a problem, as we will see in the analysis of the autonomy sector. The element to be analyzed, however, is that of possible dead pixels due precisely to the constant reproduction of content. Only time will I be able to give an answer on this…

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THE cameraphone

Compared to the past , with the iPhone 14 Pro Max we are witnessing the largest camera change ever seen on an iPhone in recent years. In fact, compared to the past 12 MP, the main camera of the new Pro series is equipped with a sensor of even 48MP (to shoot at this resolution it will be necessary to activate the ProRAW mode).

However, it is not the only camera that changes , with the 12MP wide angle that even if it does not see its resolution altered, sees its physical dimensions enlarge, with the possibility of capturing more light and returning sharper and clearer images. Also present is a third 12MP lens dedicated to the 3x optical zoom.

In a market that increasingly sees software processing as capable of marking clear differences in the final results even more than in the optics itself, we cannot fail to mention the new processing system called Photonic Engine, specially designed by Apple to get the most out of the new focal lengths available in terms of image quality and resolution.

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The item software improvements should also include the new Action Mode designed specifically for video shooting in hectic and moving contexts, together with an update of the Cinema Mode, which now includes resolutions up to 4K.

Ultimately these are hardware and software improvements capable of extending the leadeship of the previous model (already a reference point for the mobile market for video) as a 360 ° cameraphone, suitable for from an audience of professionals who are looking for the best package in every context of use.

Battery and performance

iPhone 14 Pro Max is one of the best top-of-the-range smartphones on the market in terms of autonomy and battery performance. Thanks to the new Apple A16 Bionic chip, the autonomy of the new model can easily guarantee two days of normal use, with the extraordinary result of a day and a half of intense use (thus closing the first day even with 6 or 7 hours of display and still having residual autonomy).

It seems that compared to last year between iOS 16 which makes a fuss and the always-on display mode the overall autonomy is a bit lower when compared to iPhone 13 Pro Max, however, nothing that cannot improve with time and updates.

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Too bad for the absence of "modern" recharging technologies, with 60 watts and over from the competition that are absolutely snubbed in this historical phase by Apple, as well as reverse recharging, which with this autonomy could really do well!

Who is this iPhone 14 Pro for?

Returning to the initial question we started with the review of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, is it actually the best smartphone that money can buy today?

Net of preferences, obvious and very right dictated by one's needs and linked to the operating system, on a purely technical level we are in front of one of the best cars ever on the square. If not the best ever (there is no perfect smartphone for everyone), it is a product with a specific target represented by ultra-demanding users, for the most part digital creatives, who are looking for a superior class working tool from their smartphone. br>

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It's not just about the hardware and software quality, which has always been able to distinguish iPhones from the many top of the Android range , but with a set of features that, even if never at the absolute top, work in synergy to create an incomparable mix. The excellent autonomy, arguably the best multimedia sector for photos and videos, the best display, the best processor of the entire mobile landscape are just some of the peculiarities that can lead you to consider iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Device that even if its list price grows with exorbitant figures for the 256GB version (minimum version to enhance the multimedia potential of the terminal) it must not be seen as a “normal traditional smartphone”. In fact, the list price is nothing but a disincentive for those who would not know how to enhance the professionalism of this product and for whom Apple has thought of a wide range of options starting from entry devices such as iPhone SE. But for all those who fall within the target users: yes, perhaps it is the best smartphone that money can buy… until the next iPhone "Ultra"?

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