Spigen has thought of everything, here are the new MagFit accessories for the iPhone 14 series

Spigen has thought of everything, here are the new MagFit accessories for the iPhone 14 series

Spigen has thought of everything

The four models that make up the iPhone 14 series are finally official: Apple has unveiled the new range of smartphones during its now classic September event in which the new Apple Watches have also found space.

Spigen, manufacturer of covers and accessories for smartphones since 2008 that aims to become the market leader, has not been caught unprepared and has already announced the availability of its new products dedicated to the renewed Apple iPhone family, and more.

Why choose Spigen accessories? Over the years, the company has demonstrated its ability to create long-lasting and high-quality products, being rewarded by the trust of thousands of users around the world. In addition, the brand is committed to evolving its proposals with the aim of improving and simplifying the lives of users, a fact certainly not to be taken for granted.

A simple snap, infinite possibility

Since the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple smartphones have always been equipped with MagSafe wireless charging technology. Obviously, the iPhone 14 also continues the tradition, including under the rear body a series of magnets arranged in a circle that facilitate the connection of accessories and improve their grip.

This is not just a trick to improve the alignment of the charging coils to maximize efficiency is also something that makes the use of MagSafe accessories much more immediate, easy and convenient.

Spigen immediately wanted to ride the wave and therefore created its line of MagFit accessories compatible with MagSafe. The magnets built into Spigen's MagFit cases and accessories line up and cling perfectly to your iPhone, so you can use your phone without worrying about the grip. Ready to have fun with magnets?

Tough Armor MagFit Ultra Hybrid MagFit Series Mag Armor and Valentinus MagFit Mag Armor MagFit for iPhone 14 Valentinus MagFit Cardholder Mag Armor MagFit for AirPods 3 Series OneTap MagFit OneTap Pro MagFit Tesla OneTap Pro MagFit MagFit Car Mount (Air Vent)

Tough Armor MagFit

One of Spigen's most famous product families is certainly the one called Tough Armor, high quality products that have protected various brands and models of smartphones for several years now part.

The Spigen Tough Armor has finally been made compatible with MagSafe, thanks to the inclusion of a strong magnetic ring. This solution has been designed to guarantee the connection of the smartphone to other MagSafe compatible accessories, all with a secure grip even when inserted in the cover and protected from falls and bumps. Of course, it's not just the strong magnetic grip that works, your MagSafe accessories will be able to charge Spigen's Tough Armor MagFit iPhone 14.

Speaking of falls and bumps, the Spigen Tough Armor cover protects your precious iPhone thanks to the use of what the company calls XRD foam. It is a material that wraps and embraces the smartphone to absorb the energy that in the event of a fall would otherwise damage the device itself.

Among the novelties of the new Tough Armor we find not only compatibility with MagSafe but also the presence of a comfortable stand in the back. This holder allows you to hold your smartphone on its side when placed on a flat surface to better enjoy social media videos, movies and TV series.

Learn more about Spigen Tough Armor Magfit

Ultra Hybrid MagFit

Another of Spigen's most well-known product families is that of the Ultra Hybrid transparent covers. The MagFit version compatible with the iPhone 14 ensures a firm and strong grip on the smartphone, while at the same time guarantees efficient wireless charging through the MagSafe accessories.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid MagFit is made of DuraClear TPU which slows down its yellowing, ensuring that the case remains crystal clear and transparent for a longer time. This will allow you to show off the color of your iPhone without it being covered or distorted by the protective case.

Learn more about Spigen Ultra Hybrid Magfit

Series Mag Armor and Valentinus MagFit

Mag Armor MagFit for iPhone 14

If you are looking for a simple and elegant iPhone 14 cover, the matte black design of the Spigen Mag Armor MagFit will surely grab your attention. This is the first, and certainly not the last, MagSafe compatible cover made by Spigen and therefore equipped with strong magnets that allow the iPhone to attach securely to the cover and at the same time connect securely to compatible accessories.

Valentinus MagFit Card Holder

Speaking of MagSafe compatible accessories, Spigen has created an elegant card holder called Valentinus MagFit, which will allow you to keep all your essential cards and documents securely attached to your phone and not to worry about forgetting or losing your wallet.

This is the best way to always have all the essentials with you, assuming that nowadays it is difficult to separate from your smartphone, which has now become almost an extension of us.

Mag Armor MagFit for AirPods 3

Has MagSafe magnetic wireless charging won you over? Would you also like to charge the earphones in the same way without having to look for the cable or the right position on the charging base? Spigen Mag Armor MagFit for AirPods 3 is what you need!

In addition to an included carabiner that facilitates the transport of Apple headphones wherever you go, the cover hides magnets that will allow you to take advantage of the MagSafe accessories too to charge your AirPods 3. Brilliant!

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OneTap MagFit Series

OneTap Pro MagFit For your car, Spigen has thought to a range of MagSafe compatible accessories that are sure to make your life easier. The most interesting is certainly the OneTap Pro MagFit height and distance adjustable stand, which with its strong magnets is able to support your iPhone 14 even on the roughest roads while at the same time allowing wireless charging at 7.5W. br>
Thanks to this charger it will be easier to position the iPhone at a comfortable distance for viewing the maps, for example, while at the same time it will guarantee you to arrive at your destination with still a lot of remaining autonomy!

Tesla OneTap Pro MagFit If you are one of the lucky owners of an electric car or a modern car with a large central touch display, Spigen's Tesla OneTap Pro MagFit charger is a solution that is as convenient as it is valid.

Thanks to an ingenious fixing system, it will allow you to hook your iPhone to the central display, which often represents for these cars one of the few comfortable fixing points if we exclude the glass of the pa rage.

MagFit Car Mount (Air Vent) And to conclude, Spigen has also thought about those who prefer to use the comfortable air vents of the car to mount the smartphone. MagFit Car Mount (Air Vent) is a convenient car mount compatible with the MagSafe charger (in this case not included and to be purchased separately) that will allow you to keep your iPhone always charged even during long journeys using turn-based satellite navigation. by-turn.

Discover Spigen's OneTap MagFit range

As you can see, Spigen's MagFit ecosystem compatible with iPhones and MagSafe chargers is full of useful and above all high quality products, it is also constantly expanding. Once you've chosen to use MagFit, it's hard to go back!

Don't miss out on these fantastic accessories, protect your iPhone 14 as soon as possible and make the most of all the potential of Apple's magnetic solution.

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