Some Games You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

There are all sorts of video games available in the industry which is why certain ones stand out years after their release. They may be recent or pretty old, but there are certain titles you shouldn’t miss out on. There are several such titles, so here are some suggestions:


The thing that makes this game amazing is that it lets you create your character. It’s one of the first RPGs that does this and lets you take your character to all sorts of missions on distant planets in the Star Wars universe. Or you can just take your character to the nearest cantina and enjoy a good game of Pazaak.

Pazaak is a card game that resembles blackjack as you’ll need a hand with a value of 20 or around 20 to beat your opponent. Blackjack is mostly a game available at online casinos all over the net. Sites like Spinsify make sure to update their lists with new casinos for players all over the world. They feature blackjack and a myriad of other casino games. The main thing to remember about them is to enjoy them responsibly.

Another thing that makes Knights of the OldRepublic great is the selection of choices in dialogue. They will impact the game as a whole and you’ll get to lean towards the light or the dark side of the force. So, you will get either the Sith or Jedi ending depending on your choices.

Assassin’s Creed II

There are several elements that make Assassin’s Creed a good game. The story is a classic as it starts as a revenge story, but evolves into something greater. As Ezio Auditore, you’ll get to avenge your father and brothers only to step into a bigger world where Assassins and Templars battle for supremacy. The game is set in Renaissance Italy and you’ll get to visit Florence, Venice, and lots of cities across the country.

Moreover, you’ll get to play on the side of the Assassins and you’ll use all sorts of weapons like swords, daggers, throwing knives, and the illustrious hidden blade. You’ll get to climb lots of buildings, and defeat many enemies from above or below as you slowly walk towards them to thrust your blade. Assassin’s Creed II continues the story of Ezio in Brotherhood and Revelations, and these games make up the Ezio Trilogy.

Resident Evil 2

This is a rather old game on the list and you can consider it one of the first horror titles. Resident Evil 2 has gotten a revamp and you can enjoy it in a modern setting. You’ll continue the story from the Spencer mansion to Raccoon City where you’ll visit an abandoned gas station with Leon or Claire depending on who you choose to play with.

Once you survive the zombie attack you’ll head for the city which is overrun by zombies and the police station is the only safe place remaining. But you’ll soon find out that some zombies managed to make it inside and that the police station is more than it seems. If you don’t mind some zombies and boss battles in tight quarters, then Resident Evil 2 is the game for you.


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