Echo Show 15: as big as a painting! Lowest price ever on Amazon!

Echo Show 15: as big as a painting! Lowest price ever on Amazon!

Echo Show 15

As you know, the long-awaited autumn edition of Amazon Prime Day is not far off, that is the two days of offers reserved for customers subscribed to the Amazon Prime service, which will start on the next 11 and 12 October.

Well, also net of the wait, it is a pleasure to inform you that, on the portal, the discounts have not stopped at all, and indeed Amazon has already fielded a series of early offers, available for all its customers, and totally reserved for Amazon devices Echo, including the product that we are going to present to you in this article.

What are we talking about? Simply the splendid Amazon Echo Show 15, which is currently the largest of the devices produced by Amazon, having a 15-inch screen, and proposing itself as a real digital window on the world!

A product that is more or less the size of a painting is that it is designed to be placed directly on the wall, with an effect that is nothing short of surprising both in terms of aesthetics and technology! The price? We are talking about € 209.99, against € 249.99, with a discount of 16% applied, which is the highest on this device since its launch.

Of course, we are talking about a price not for everyone, but also about an extraordinary product that, first of all, boasts a splendid 15.6 ″ touch screen, with Full HD resolution and a 5 MP camera, placed directly on the frame, and therefore also difficult to detect, to keep intact a form factor which obviously points directly to camouflage with the environment and furnishings in general.

But what is the Echo Show 15 for? Basically to do a bit of everything and, of course, to do what is now possible with the smallest devices of the Echo Show family, such as consulting news, listening to music, watching videos on the internet or, why not, using services in streming like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video!

Not only that, because being a device that integrates Alexa, Echo Show 15 can also act as a convenient HUB for home automation control, using Amazon's voice assistant to control devices compatible as vacuum cleaners, thermostats, lights, air conditioners and any other smart product compatible with the ecosystem set up by Amazon.

As if it were not based, Echo Show 15, given its generous size, boasts a comfortable picture-in-picture mode, with which you can, for example, view the surveillance videos of your smart cameras, while continuing to watch a video, news or whatever, and also has a be The feature that makes the screen a sort of "Photo frame", with which you can view the photos uploaded to the cloud on Amazon Photos, which will thus flow naturally on the panel while this is not directly used.

Read also : Amazon Prime Days are back! Lots of offers, for just 2 days in October! In short, we are talking about a beautiful product that, given the price, we suggest you take into consideration for the purchase, directly consulting the page dedicated to the promo, with the invitation to add the product to the cart as soon as possible, so that you can grab it sooner. that the price returns to its origins or, worse, that the product itself is out of stock!

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