How much does it cost to maintain a Volkswagen T-Roc?

How much does it cost to maintain a Volkswagen T-Roc?

T-Roc is a mid-range SUV produced by Volkswagen and has been on the market for some time now; the German manufacturer offers only two endothermic engines, petrol and diesel (without any form of electrification) in several power steps. For petrol lovers, Volkswagen offers two engines, 1.0 TSI and 1.5 TSI ACT, respectively with 110 and 150 horsepower, and one diesel-powered, 2.0 TDI, available with 115 and 150 horsepower. Depending on the engine, it is possible to combine the seven-speed DSG automatic transmission and the 4Motion all-wheel drive.

As anticipated in our test, we had the opportunity to test Volkswagen T-Roc in the 1.5 150 horsepower engine, with R-Line set-up and 7-speed DSG automatic transmission. The starting price is about 35 thousand euros, but it is not difficult to raise the price by a few thousand euros by installing more attractive alloy wheels, "black style" accents or additional packages (such as the Tecno Pack that our model was equipped with ). For the more sporty, finally, the T-Roc R is available which, with its 300 horsepower, has drastically different operating costs.

But what are the costs to be incurred once the car has been purchased? | ); }


For the uninitiated, stamp duty is a possession tax and must be paid every year regardless of whether or not your vehicle is used. The expiry of the car tax is generally set within the month following that of enrollment; some regions allow you to pay it electronically using even significant discounts. Having made this necessary premise, Volkswagen T-Roc with its 150 horsepower (110 kW) requires an outlay of about 300 euros per year (depending on the region of origin).


Tire prices differ from model to model, a train of original equipment (at least for our model), Bridgestone Potenza S001, costs around 850 euros on Gommadiretto. For a set of winter tires, such as Bridgestone Blizzak LM005, you need to spend around 800 euros. Of course, replacement depends on the type of use and the amount of kilometers traveled per year, net of the possibility of "turning" the tires to achieve balanced wear. In the case of smaller tires, such as 215/60 R16, prices drop towards (for summer and winter) 600 euros per train on Bridgestone.


The matter here is even more complicated, due to of the numerous secondary activations available, to the municipality to which they belong and to the age of the driver. Judging from what is reported on the net, taking an average of the results collected, a basic RCA coverage for a 150 horsepower Volkswagen T-Roc 1.5 is about 700 euros per year. Value that, as anticipated, could tremendously rise or, why not, reduce depending on the clauses in play.


The Volkswagen service includes well-defined servicing, 30 thousand km or 2 years, 60 thousand km or 4 years and 90 thousand km or 6 years. The most "full-bodied" coupons are certainly those that start from 60 thousand km (or 4 years), which include in addition to the classic oil change, brake fluid and inspection, even the possible replacement of the DSG gearbox oil and all-wheel drive 4Motion (if available). Also in this case, for prices we have relied on the experience of users and, according to what is reported on the internet on average, depending on the dealer, the price can vary from 200 (first coupon) to 350 euros (4 years or 60 thousand km).


Do not forget the cost of the revision, fixed and controlled for everyone. To be carried out on a regular basis as indicated on your registration certificate, the cost of the revision is € 66.88.

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