At the Communication Festival this year we talk about freedom

At the Communication Festival this year we talk about freedom

Freedom is probably one of the longest-lived and transversal categories in human history, which touches both philosophy and civil rights, but also journalism, science, innovation, politics and everything related to our life. And that it is essential never to take for granted or definitively conquered: this is the theme that runs through the ninth edition of the Communication Festival, which this year brings together more than 160 guests protagonists of over 100 events organized from the afternoon of Thursday 8 to the evening of Sunday 11 September, as always in the setting of one of the most spectacular seaside villages of our peninsula: Camogli.

The event, of which has been a media partner since the first edition in 2013, has among its peculiarities the contamination and comparison between knowledge, bringing together science and history, technology and philosophy, entrepreneurship and justice, giving life to unusual mixes capable of triggering unexpected comparisons, even beyond the notoriety (in itself very high) of individual guests. "This is the formula that we are experimenting with more and more success, because it knows how to amaze and tickle the curiosity of the public, but above all it allows you to forcefully bring out and grasp the great contemporary themes in advance", summarizes for Danco Singer , director of the Festival together with Rosangela Bonsignorio.

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From Alessandro Barbero to the memory of Piero Angela Piero Angela at the Communication Festival 2021 to Alessandro Barbero, in information and journalism, with Enrico Mentana, and in justice between good and evil, with Gherardo Colombo. With an inevitable tribute to Piero Angela, a regular guest of the Festival and who should have brought a fourth pillar of discussion: freedom and science. (A special is also dedicated to Piero Angela which collects interviews, videos and podcasts of his keynote speeches in Camogli.)

On the opposite end of the program, in the afternoon and on Sunday evening, the delivery of the Communication Award stands out 2022 to Luciana Littizzetto and then the closing show Io in Blues by Irene Grandi. And in the middle of a busy program - up to 5 stages at the same time - made up of lectio magistralis, round tables, interviews, concerts, shows, breakfasts and aperitifs by the sea, excursions, press reviews, workshops and even an exhibition of the P46 gallery. dedicated to the world of cryptoart and blockchain technology, with the presentation of the works of Toomuchlag, Nate Hill and Matteo Mauro.

The directors of the Communication Festival Danco Singer and Rosangela Bonsignorio, at the center Luciana Littizzetto, winner of the Prize Communication 2022 The impact of artificial intelligence on free will How can the new frontiers of artificial intelligence coexist with human freedom? How do high tech applications fit in with the laws and regulations in force today? How will art change as a result of NFTs and how will our vision of the world evolve beyond and through the metaverse? To try to understand how the technological frontier always leads to emerging interpretations of the very concept of being free, a novelty of this edition is the section dedicated to free will and artificial intelligence.

They will be present in Camogli for Human Technopole Giuseppe Testa with a talk dedicated to Freedom and digitization of the living, then Elena Taverna and Nereo Kalebic to tell the evolution of the human brain from DNA to artificial intelligence. Guido Scorza, member of the College of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, and the scientific director of the Italian Institute of Technology (Iit) of Genoa Giorgio Metta will instead be in dialogue with Luca De Biase on the topic Artificial intelligence: the reasons for progress and those of law. Alberto Diaspro, director of Iit's Nanoscopy team and professor of physics at the University of Genoa, will focus on seeing the invisible, then Andrea Montanari and Cristiana Castellotti will also intervene on the metaverse for Rai Radio 3. Artificial Intelligence: new freedoms to acquire and old freedoms to keep will be discussed by Francesco Iorio, Elisabetta Ripa and the director of Federico Ferrazza. And speaking of epochal turning points, Guido Tonelli will tell how Ten years after the discovery of the Higgs boson, our vision of matter and the origin of the universe has changed in depth.

A further section of the program, centered on scientific research and technology, will animate the new location La Terrazza dei Saperi, in collaboration with the University of Genoa and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Infn): a schedule of 20 meetings in which - among others - will intervene the Infn director of Genoa Mauro Taiuti, Lucia Votano (first woman called to direct the National Laboratories of Gran Sasso), Gianluca Gemme, Rodolfo Zunino, Fabrizio Benente, Eliana Ruffoni and the director of the Righi Walter Riva astronomical observatory. For the youngest, a laboratory on mechatronics (but not only) and an animation dedicated to Blade Runner on the 40th anniversary of its release in theaters.

Podcast, data and politics Inside the four days is Also confirmed in this edition the festival in the Mondo Podcast festival, from 2020 a national fixed appointment with daily meetings dedicated to the podcasting phenomenon. In the schedule in collaboration with Audible, Rai Radio3 and Rai Play Sound there are many of the protagonists and protagonists of the Italian audio content scene, including the presentation of successful experiences (Massimo Picozzi, Saverio Raimondo, Giulia Cuter and Giulia Perona) and new series such as Miguel Gotor's Excellent Corpses (produced by Frame for Audible). And at the Communication Festival the new NielsenIQ data on listening to podcasts in Italy will be presented and commented for the first time, in an event moderated by

Among the topical ideas that are already known in advance, the imminent reopening of the school year will be the starting point for a debate on open and inclusive school together with the MyEdu team and Stefania Auci. While, in view of the political elections, Nando Pagnoncelli of Ipsos will present a preview of the updated data on the electoral prospects, on the last day (Friday 9 September) for the dissemination of opinion polls before the pre-election silence. And the daily news, with the sui generis press reviews in the morning, is entrusted in this edition to the coupled Aldo Cazzullo - Mario Tozzi, Luca Bottura - David Parenzo and Luca Bizzarri - Francesco Costa.

The 2021 Communication Award is went to Vinicio Capossela Shows, science and entrepreneurship The fil rouge of the 2022 Communication Festival, freedom, also becomes the starting point for looking into our past and present, not only through the eyes of history but also with those of science. Or rather, with the two things together: Stefano Allievi, Guido Barbujani and Silvia Ferrara, that is a sociologist, a geneticist and a linguist, will discuss the long march of Homo sapiens between migrations, conflicts and cohabitation that have marked the last 200 thousand years of human affairs. And speaking of conflicts - including Ukraine - Franco Cardini and Giovanni Gozzini will try to answer the ever-present question of who starts the war. Among the shows, Il duce delinquente with Aldo Cazzullo and Moni Ovadia, Stefano Massini with the multiethnic orchestra of Arezzo in When I will be able to love, Paolo Crepet with his new book between courage of passions and metaverse, the reading by Federico Rampini A what is America good for? Leader of the Free World or Empire of Evil? between anti-Western impulses relaunched by the war in Ukraine, freedom and a tendency to self-destruct. A world premiere will be the event Zen and the art of social media maintenance by Beppe Severgnini with the musician Carlo Fava. And representing the national rap scene Thirteen Pietro (Pietro Morandi, Gianni's son) together with Murubutu with Solito posto, usual troubles.

Freedom and communication is a combination about which many questions are often asked and their own proposals Italian entrepreneurial realities (there are endless examples of them), and on this issue managers such as Luigi Ferraris (FS Italiane), Giovanni d'Alessandro (Basko), Roberto Olivi (Bmw), Antonio will confront each other - bringing and sharing stimuli Baravalle (Lavazza), Cecilia Ferranti (Enel), Francesco Bono (Audible), Furio Garbagnati (Weber Shandwick), Luca Dal Fabbro (Iren), Luigi Merlo (Msc), Francesco Profumo (Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation), Oscar Farinetti ( Eataly), Gabriele Galateri (Iit), Maurizio Decollanz (Ibm) and companies such as Banca Passadore, Generali, Eni, Spreaker and Snam.

How to follow the Festival, in Camogli and online The events of the Communication Festival are all live and in attendance and, like every year, they are for all free. To participate, reservations are required, by registering from the page dedicated to events, active from Monday 29 August at 12:00 (for the main events, seats may be sold out in a few minutes).

The most anticipated events will be broadcast live simultaneously on multiple stages, and almost all matches will also be available online in live streaming on YouTube. Furthermore, the Festival lives on Instagram, Facebook and podcasting platforms (the nickname is festivalcom) with dedicated podcast series.

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