The origin of Daredevil's costume in She-Hulk revealed

The origin of Daredevil's costume in She-Hulk revealed

It is no longer a mystery that one of the cameos we will see in the new Marvel Cinematic Universe series, She-Hulk, is the one starring Matt Murdock, the blind lawyer known as Daredevil. After his official entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the Cornetto will therefore return, not surprisingly, in a legal drama of the franchise, where we will see him in his superhero identity. The appearance is therefore central to this presence, so much so that from the very beginning the production of She-Hulk had a clear idea of ​​the Daredevil costume to show.

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Jessica Gao, screenwriter of She-Hulk, reveals the origin of the Daredevil costume

Let's not forget that the public has already had the opportunity to see Daredevil in a television series, thanks to the productions made by Netflix, where the Guardian Devil was played by Charlie Cox, who will again be the face of Matt Murdock in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This required the character to have a costume that, while having a contemporary look like the one shown in the Netflix series, had a new identity.

The only thing he had no control over was the costume. She had an extremely precise idea of ​​how they wanted the costume to be made. But don't have too many expectations, risking to be disappointed. Because we had a very specific tone in which to put characters like Daredevil, Abomination or Wong, who are usually seen as extremely dramatic, involved in serious projects, instead we brought them into the world of She-Hulk, playing on a totally different tone, what which does not require to radically change the characters, but to show their different side.

In the final scenes of the She-Hulk trailer shown during San Diego Comic-Con, we got to see Daredevil's daring entrance, wearing a red and yellow costume. This coloring belongs to the very first appearances of the character, when the drawings of the adventures of the Guardian Devil were made by Bill Everett, the same duotone then shown by the late Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb in the long flashback at the center of the miniseries Daredevil: Yellow.

At the moment, it is not known if this costume will be the official one of Daredevil in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and if we will see the origin. Despite being particularly expected in the franchise, Daredevil is a character that will be completely rewritten compared to the previous appearance in the series of the Netflix era, a decision necessary to adapt a character often characterized by moments of violence and tones far from the more calm narrative grammar of Marvel Cinematic. Universe. The presence of Daredevil in She-Hulk, although expected, does not have its own identity at the moment, a condition that does not allow us to know if his presence will be alongside Jennifer Walters will be in the role of ally or if instead we will witness an initial clash between the two.

Daredevil's future will surely be one of the most anticipated chapters of the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and his costume, with its history, will certainly play an important role.

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