Werewolf by Night is inspired by Poltergeist

Werewolf by Night is inspired by Poltergeist

Do you remember Poltergeist, a 1982 American horror film directed by Tobe Hooper? Here, Michael Giacchino, director of Marvel's Werewolf by Night, revealed that he was inspired by this film. In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Giacchino stated that he wanted to bring horror to the MCU. He will be able to scare us with his special which will debut on Disney + next month.

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Michael Giacchino is inspired by Poltergeist for Werewolf by Night

The new Marvel director recalled how much he wanted to bring more terrifying action thanks to his special, namely Werewolf by Night, while keeping his target audience in mind. As a source of inspiration, he revealed that Poltergeist - Demonic Presence had a great influence on the project.

I'm not someone who loves slasher movies, I don't just love random killing of people, it's not mine gender. But if it's done in a credible, stylistic way, it's kind of fun entertainment. If you add the intent to bring a touch of fantasy, then it's right for me. That's why I love Poltergeist so much, it's one of my favorite movies in the world, because it does everything we love in horror movies and it does it in a humorous and characterful way. And that's just what I wanted to do with this.

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As the first trailer for Werewolf by Night revealed that he special will be in black and white, with that tint reminiscent of the classic monster movies "of the past", it is interesting to know that the director was inspired by Poltergeist - Demoniache presenze, which is in color, but is characterized by a superb use of the lights (of a television). It will surely be a cue for those familiar with the horror classic.

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