Audi DNA project, in search of character for electric cars

Audi DNA project, in search of character for electric cars

Audi DNA project

Electric cars, from various points of view, dominate those with internal combustion engines: they are generally faster, more powerful and have no harmful emissions. But if we look at them from a less technical and more emotional side, we realize that many acoustic and physical sensations have been lost: the sound of the engine revving up, learning to listen to it to decide when to change gear, the vibrations of the engine that come transmitted up to the seat ...

These shortcomings have not escaped Audi, which is developing a project called DNA, with the aim of deciphering the characteristics that make an Audi different from the others, and transferring these peculiarities to cars as well electrical.

"We are conducting an Audi DNA project to describe how an Audi car will feel in the future." This is the statement from the head of research and development of the German brand, Oliver Hoffmann. "As part of this project we will go into technical details such as the steering angle request or the car's acoustics. We want to clearly define the sensations that an Audi must convey when driving it. This also applies to when, one day, driving may be extremely automated. "

Hoffmann has pointed out that even design, aerodynamics and weight will always remain fundamental points in the development of Audi, even self-driving ones, which should arrive in the second half of this one. decade. | ); } The question addressed by Audi should be common to all car brands which, in order not to be left behind in the market, have hurried to develop electric car projects and put them on the market. In the rush, someone may have forgotten to consider the loss of sensations and emotions that this inevitable change is causing, at least to the most sensitive drivers.

Some car manufacturers are already moving in this direction, such as Dodge, which for its electric muscle car has developed a loudspeaker system that should simulate the sound of a petrol car, but obtaining poor results. Porsche has also promised that the next electric Cayman and Boxster will keep their spirit intact, as if they still have their mid-engine.

The road to making the driving experience of an electric car less aseptic seems rather long , so initiatives like Audi's DNA project are welcome.

Audi working on 'DNA' project to inform its future self-driving, electric cars

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