Resident Evil 4 Remake | How to defeat Ramon Salazar with… two eggs

Resident Evil 4 Remake | How to defeat Ramon Salazar with… two eggs

One of the most fearsome bosses of Resident Evil 4 Remake is definitely Ramon Salazar . Despite his diminutive and seemingly inoffensive appearance, this is a character that could give you quite a hard time, especially due to his acid-based attacks which, on higher difficulty levels, will cause considerable damage to your health bar . However, despite this small and necessary premise, we are well aware that no opponent really represents an insurmountable obstacle, provided you are in possession of the right equipment, of course. And it is precisely about this that we are going to talk to you in our guide.

As you may have understood from the title of the article, it is possible to defeat Ramon Salazar of Resident Evil 4 Remake using a particular type of object: the golden egg. In the entire adventure you will be able to find two of them: the first will be marked on the game map as a treasure, and will be located in the easternmost area of ​​the lake, reachable only when you unlock the possibility of using the boat; the second, however, will be placed inside a drawer, not far from the room where you will find the portrait of boss 4

--> These eggs might seem like simple alternative versions of the eggs you can normally come across during the game but, in reality, they have a triple use. The golden egg can be eaten (which we do not recommend), restoring part of your health; you can decide to sell it to the merchant, obtaining useful items for upgrades; ultimately, you may decide to hurl this particular type of egg at your enemies.

But how much damage can the golden egg cause? Although appearances can be deceiving, should this little golden egg hit its target, it will drain approximately 70% of the health bar from practically any enemy. Precisely on the basis of what has just been said, throw two golden eggs against Ramon Salazar and the victory will be yours in no time at all.

--> If you are looking for other useful tips on the game, do not hesitate to consult our complete guide of Resident Evil 4 Remake .

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