Outdoor pools: discover the Yeppon offers on the best around!

Outdoor pools: discover the Yeppon offers on the best around!

Outdoor pools

Now that spring has arrived and as the days get hotter and hotter, spending time outdoors with friends and family will become a habit. For some it will be time to start and think again about their outdoor swimming pool, for others it could be an opportunity to install one for the first time in their garden, with which to have fun and cool off.

For this reason, we we advise you to consult the offers made available by Yeppon regarding a series of outdoor pools. The price cuts applied by the store concern the Intex models, the leading brand in the sector. Thanks to these excellent discounts, you too will be able to enjoy a little luxury without having to spend a fortune.

The proposals take into account the best produced so far by Intex, i.e. swimming pools belonging to the range XTR Frame, but also quite compact models, suitable for medium-small gardens. You can then evaluate round or rectangular pools, with dimensions starting from 2 meters up to 9 meters in length. There is therefore something for everyone, also as regards the economic factor, given that you will have the opportunity to buy swimming pools for a few hundred euros, as well as models for over 1,000 euros, all significantly discounted.

If you have the possibility and the intention to spend a few thousand euros, opting for something different from the classic giant pool, then we advise you to evaluate the Intex Jet & Bubble Deluxe, which is the brand's top-of-the-range SPA. With this you will enjoy the highest level of water purity, made possible by advanced aeration techniques, including a double filtration system.

With its thousands of high strength polyester fibers, the Intex Jet & Bubble Deluxe will be pure comfort for up to 4 people. Everyone will receive a dedicated hydromassage jet, whose heated air bubbles will give you the opportunity to use this SPA even in autumn. The control and management of the water temperature, as well as all the integrated functions, will take place via a wireless display.

As if that were not enough, Intex has created a smartphone app compatible with this hydromassage SPA, allowing you to also manage it via Wi-Fi network. A technologically advanced product, which also comes with a square cloth for the base, to be used if you want to place the SPA on the ground in your garden, thus preventing any debris from damaging the underlying part.

Read also: Swimming pools garden | The best of 2023 That said, we just have to send you directly to the Yeppon page dedicated to these offers, reiterating once again the invitation to take advantage of these discounts, since we don't know how much stock of products available.

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