All shades of Leonardo DiCaprio

All shades of Leonardo DiCaprio

It's time for great cinema on Sky and NOW with the Leonardo DiCaprio Mania initiative which starts on April 11th and ends on the 14th dedicated to the entire collection of films by Leonardo DiCaprio, the multifaceted actor and since superfine talent who could be considered the brightest star in Hollywood. To say it is his historic actor, with a long series of productions in which he has often participated as a protagonist and on other occasions wearing the role of the villain. A dream career, that of Leo, one of the most iconic and best of the many that Hollywood can boast. If there is one characteristic that has always characterized a protagonist of modern cinema, it is his skill. Someone would also mention charisma, as it is needed when it comes to having to play high caliber characters, such as Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street or the wealthy landowner Calvin Candie in Django Unchained , a ruthless and cruel slaver with very few good intentions .

Leonardo DiCaprio, during his thirty-year career, has participated in no less than forty-two films and taken part in complex roles. Well before he made himself known in William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet alongside a very young Claire Danes, the Los Angeles prodigy took part in Parents in Blue Jeans, an American sitcom divided into seven seasons which between 1985 and 1992 made drive a disproportionate number of spectators crazy. But let's proceed in order.

Discovering Leonardo DiCaprio's career

Story of a legendary talent Leonardo DiCaprio is still today the future

Story of a legendary talent

Born on November 11th of 1974, his first appearance was on television in the child-friendly program Romper Room, later appearing in Santa Barbara and first appearance in the b-movie Critters 3 . At just seventeen, alongside the legendary Robert De Niro, he plays a little boy in Want to Start Over. A year later, teaming up with Johnny Depp, he takes part in a complex role, playing a disabled boy in the drama Happy Birthday Mr. Grape, showing his talent to critics and the public, obtaining a Golden Globe nomination and another at the Oscars for best actor.


The young Leonardo DiCaprio, already considered a star waiting to explode, also figured in The Quick to Die, a western film in which he played The Kid, to then take part in Back from Nowhere and in Poets from Hell, who were not appreciated by critics or spectators. However, he was chosen to play Romeo Montecchi in Romeo + Juliet , a modern key to the tragedy composed by the English playwright William Shakespeare.

--> Leonardo DiCaprio's first years in the cinema that counts were punctuated by pleasant encounters with other actors, which made him grow from role to role, and thanks to some of them he understood that to make his way it was necessary to take all the necessary time and maintain one's humility, a value that has never failed. Even though he had lost an opportunity in his life, refusing a prestigious role because he still didn't feel up to it, he was involved in the film The Iron Mask in 1997, inspired by the novel the Vicomte de Bragelonne, securing a Razzie Award for his role of King Louis and Prince Philip. In the meantime, however, that period was punctuated by an extraordinary success that would further elevate his career: Titanic.

Playing the young Jack Dawson, a fictional character aboard the most famous ocean liner in pop culture, he ensures the future , obtaining a success that will lead him towards as many noteworthy films , participating in an episode of Celebrity . And after a sabbatical year, it's time for The Beach , a controversial film, based on the novel by Alex Garland. The meeting with Martin Scorsese, his current friend and confidant, will be decisive for future productions, which will pave the way for him thanks to Gangs of New York, a brutal and violent film alongside the legendary Daniel Day-Lewis. As if he still doesn't have enough, he will play the role of Frank Abagnale in Catch Me If You Can with Tom Hanks .

--> The period of Shutter Island will arrive alongside Michelle Williams and the meeting with Christopher Nolan, at the time appreciated director of the trilogy of The Dark Knight, appearing in yet another important role in Inception and shortly after in Django Unchained with Quentin Tarantino as the cruel Calvin Candie. Leonardo DiCaprio then took part in The Great Gatsby , ending up once again in the arms of Martin Scorsese in The Wolf of Wall Street in the elegant tuxedo of Jordan Belfort, the iconic protagonist of the American scene following the never forgotten Black Monday of 1987, which shaking the markets almost like the crash of '29 .

After almost twenty years of career, he gets his first Oscar ever with Revenant – Reviving, breaking a curse that had lasted for far too long. In this sense, Leonardo DiCaprio was the only actor who had not yet secured the most prestigious award ever, and had often been overtaken by other colleagues. In 2016 he will travel around the world in Point of no return – Before the Flood, telling viewers about the complex issue of global warming, which he considers a decisive battle to be won before it's too late. Together with Brad Pitt, he returns to work for Quentin Tarantino in Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood, playing the role of Rick Dalton, a former western film actor. His latest film, released in 2020, is instead the wonderful arthouse film Don't Look Up in which he plays Dr. Mindy, an astronomer who studies dead galaxies and teaches a university faculty, learning that a Comet is on a collision course with planet Earth.

Leonardo DiCaprio is still the future today

A courageous affirmation, you might say. And it is, indeed. Leonardo DiCaprio, in his long artistic journey, was able to project his talent into every personality that he found himself impersonating. One of his best interpretations, as complex as it is articulated and carefully studied, concerns Jay Gatsby, a businessman, a mogul and a philanthropist who tries to recover a lost love, organizing parties and buying expensive clothes, chatting with prestigious men of the New York of the 1920s.

In addition, this film sees him once again alongside Baz Luhrmann , with whom he worked in the past on the modern take on Romeo + Juliet . What can we say, in fact, about his role in this film? In a theatrical and dramatic guise, the Australian director's work brought to light a talent that was blossoming, and to which he gave valuable advice to increase their skills. Leonardo DiCaprio is simply still the future today because he is a flexible, intelligent and mature actor. A modern actor capable of using correct and detailed language. And that he demonstrated, especially working with James Cameron and Christopher Nolan, all his acting skills, and even a little more. The certainly known characteristics, especially in his roles, concern sad and tormented characters, who discover through events and worries the way to correct themselves and proceed with their own lives. A recognizable trait is hope, with Leonardo DiCaprio who played the last, the humans and the loneliest .

If there is an actor who has played more characters, tried approaches and often changed scripts more than anyone else , this is Leonardo DiCaprio, a talent who, even today, knows how to speak to the camera in a completely unique and personal way, a result achieved only by Christian Bale. Throughout his long career, he has played complex roles and worked with Hollywood's most important directors, learning the best and defining his own path in the world of cinema as Jack Nicholson and a few others have succeeded. On the other hand, a real legend doesn't need to measure his skill, even after all these personal and professional achievements.

We realized it immediately after its release of Don't Look Up , which initially few had understood effectively. Although it is a recently released film, the latter has an importance of him, because Leonardo DiCaprio has shown all his talent especially in the Adam McKay production. And he revealed an unparalleled humanity, when he explained the film's themes to those who didn't understand it in a video on the official Netflix channel to raise people's awareness of the most delicate issues.

From an actor like that, we couldn't expect better, and just look at his acting portfolio to realize it. He has played the last, the lovers and the fugitives, the redeemed and the desperate, the wicked and the good. He was a broker, a lawyer without a law degree, a reckless man on the Titanic and was a scientist with panic attacks and fear for the future. Leonardo DiCaprio can only be wished another thirty years of the genre. Indeed, even more .

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