Kitchen Scales | The best of 2023

Kitchen Scales | The best of 2023

If you are looking for a scale for your kitchen, you have come to the right place! In our selection, we will help you find the model that best suits your needs. Choosing a good scale is essential, as it must be very precise so that you can dose the ingredients of your dishes very carefully and obtain the desired results. As has already happened in other articles of this kind, we compared the prices, the parameters and the market demand, selecting the scales taking into consideration the technical characteristics.

Therefore, in an attempt to give you a hand in choosing what may be the best kitchen scale for your needs, we have decided to draw up a handy list for you, with the aim of helping you make the most suitable choice for your pockets. Since we don't want to waste any more time, we close this short introduction and leave you with our selection of the best kitchen scales available on the market.

Best kitchen scales

Camry EK3226-NF-WW My Weigh Etekcity EK4150 Laica KS5015 Soehnle Page Profi

Camry EK3226-NF-WW

We are talking about a digital scale, designed to adapt to various needs, with a large platform with a diameter of 17 cm and a small LCD display. Therefore ideal for quickly and accurately knowing the weight of various foods. The product has a capacity of 5 kg and is built with a high precision strain gauge sensor system, so as to ensure you excellent performance. The platform we mentioned earlier is also made of stainless steel which is not only easy to clean and maintain but is also particularly resistant. It provides anti-dust, anti-corrosion, hydrophobic function and sterilization protection, and also allows you not to use chemical solvents to clean your scale. I don't care, the design is very minimal, thin and particularly compact, therefore perfect to be positioned anywhere in your kitchen, even if it is small.


My Weigh

This product is characterized by an excellent stainless steel notary tray, easy to clean and measuring 17.5 x 17.5 cm. I don't care about it, in addition to a large space on which to weigh even large foods, it is equipped with an excellent and large color LCD screen that will allow me to know all the information on the weight of the food with precision. It is a first quality product, of medium-high range, but very professional able to assure you the precision to the gram. Furthermore, the screen is protected from liquid foods thanks to a removable plastic layer and if necessary you can even add a second soft plastic protection. You will also have the possibility to accumulate the weight of different foods, if necessary.


Etekcity EK4150

This Etekcity scale is equipped with high capacity sensors, a stainless steel design designed to last longer, a removable bowl of almost 2L for versatile uses and also an excellent backlit display for clear readings of all available information. The bowl is actually one of the reasons to buy this product, as it will allow me to use it in various ways, even to mix more ingredients with precision before weighing them again. It is also characterized by a tare function which is also compatible with other containers. In this way you can measure a cup, a plate, a bowl of different sizes but always with particularly reliable data. To underline also the importance of the ambient temperature sensor and the kitchen timer to carry out the various steps of your dish without confusion.


Laica KS5015

Among the many alternatives on the market in question, we point out the excellent and cheap Laica KS5015. It is a multifunction scale made of reflective black tempered glass, a material that is up to four times more resistant than ordinary glass. The device immediately stands out for its slim design: it measures only 1.7 cm thick. Also noteworthy are the touch sensor buttons, which make use decidedly simple and intuitive. In addition to boasting a maximum capacity of up to 15 kg, and a large reverse display, this scale allows you to convert units of measurement from the metric system to the Anglo-Saxon one. It also includes the function of weighing liquids in milliliters or fluid ounces of water. Thanks to its precision and reliability, Laica KS5015 represents a valid aid in the preparation of your food and the exclusive young and modern Italian design also makes it a piece of furniture that further embellishes your kitchen.


Soehnle Page Profi

As the last product of this guide, we strongly recommend the purchase of the Soehnle Page Profi scale. Perfect for both light and very heavy pieces, up to 15 kg can be placed on its large platform and yet the precision in grams is maintained. The innovative Hold function blocks the weight indication for 10 seconds. In this way, even large objects that completely cover the display can be weighed easily. The smooth, anthracite-painted glass surface not only looks elegant, it is also easy to clean. Pleasant to use, this scale boasts the presence of the patented Sensor Touch technology: in fact, a light touch is enough to activate the functions of the Page Profi scale. It is also equipped with a tare function and automatic switch-off every time you finish using it, making weighing child's play.


How to choose the best kitchen scale?

The scale is one of the indispensable tools to have in the kitchen, because it allows you to prepare simple or elaborate recipes with the right doses of ingredients, without going by the eye and avoiding wasting time. Choosing a scale may seem like a simple operation, but based on your needs and your budget, the proposals are many and well diversified. that's why we thought we'd examine with you what are the main features that will be able to better guide you in your purchase, allowing you to bring home a scale that is suitable for what you are looking for and, why not, for the type of cuisine you prefer.

What is the difference between analog and digital? Maximum flow Minimum flow Accuracy Design Dimensions Are additional functions important?

What is the difference between analog and digital?

These two differences allow you to understand the type of product you are about to buy. Among the many evaluations to be implemented during your web search, the first and also the most obvious concerns the two general alternatives that you can find on the market. That is, you will have to choose between an analogue scale, also called mechanical, or a digital scale.

The first type corresponds to the classic kitchen scale which measures the weight using a needle designed to move on a numbered dial. Obviously, as we specified a little while ago, we are talking about a mechanically functioning product. What is the advantage of a mechanical model? Which does not need any battery to work. On the contrary, the cons are that these are much less precise products, so if you intend to prepare dishes or sweets where measurements are essential, this is not the best product for you.

Let's talk about the digital scale instead which needs the battery to power it and will allow you not only to weigh with high precision thanks to the sensors on the pan, but also to take advantage of numerous additional functions. You can obtain the gross and net weight of your favorite foods.

Maximum capacity

The maximum measurement capacity corresponds to the maximum weight supported by the appliance you are deciding to purchase. This is a fundamental feature in choosing your scale, especially if you are people who cook a lot and for many people, since you will dose a large quantity of ingredients every time. The higher the capacity, the more quantities of food you can weigh together.

Minimum capacity

An important factor if you are a true cooking enthusiast: the lower the minimum capacity, the easier it will be measure the quantity of food and particularly light spaces, with precision. The analog models generally have a minimum capacity of 50 g, while the digital ones allow you to accurately weigh even quantities of less than one gram. These are scales suitable for those who want to prepare very specific recipes, desserts or other dishes that require very specific quantities of sugar, salt or spices. Usually the purchase of a product with a high maximum flow rate and a low minimum will allow you to make the most of your recipes, without going by eye.


The accuracy of a kitchen scale is a fundamental aspect to keep in mind, also in relation to the characteristics that we have just mentioned and explained above. What does accuracy mean? It refers to the precision of the measurements that can be made with the balance in question and also how much it is able to approximate the values. Despite the common beliefs that digital scales are more accurate than mechanical scales, this is not always a certainty: it all depends on the quality and type of the sensors, which allow the weight to be measured with greater or lesser accuracy.


As far as the design is concerned, all the structural characteristics of the balance affect the accuracy of the measurement and its usability. The most important are the non-slip feet, the quantity and quality of the sensors, the size of the display and the presence of functional buttons for choosing the settings, the size and the measurement interval. In this case, not only is it a stylistic trait, which can vary within your furnishings according to your specific preferences and needs, but also the space you will actually want to occupy inside your kitchen.

Obviously design and dimensions are often inseparably linked, so a smaller and perhaps less professional scale can also be suitable for a rather small space, while ensuring excellent performance. It is generally true that a smaller scale tends to have a more minimalist design and consequently has fewer features suitable for those who want to cook even more abundant dishes or with foods that are more difficult to measure correctly. Consequently, the design is closely linked to the way you decide to use your item in your kitchen.


Larger dimensions mean more space, but also a greater maximum capacity. And for a family with many people, a large and capacious scale may be necessary. Greater width of the weighing surface can also be useful with the same capacity, because it allows you to weigh larger foods and use larger containers. In fact, within our guide, we have decided to offer different products for this very reason: not everyone needs a scale that ensures large dimensions, which is why the options in this guide are very different from each other. Generally when we talk about articles that touch 15 and 20 cm and even exceed them, we are talking about semi-professional or really professional articles. Consequently, it is an expense to be made if you intend to use this item very frequently, especially with foods that are rather heavy and difficult to weigh differently.

Are the additional functions important?

They are usually some of the calculation of the tare, the possibility of using different units of measurement, the indication of the battery level, the automatic switch-off after a few minutes of inactivity, the calculation of the calories of the weighed quantity and the measurement of the temperature of the room. Also in this case it is an option that must be evaluated, bearing in mind the use you will want to make of this scale and above all knowing how much you will use it differently from simply knowing how much pasta you are putting in the pot or how much the steak weighs. on the table. Obviously, the more additional and specific functions, the higher the budget will have to be.

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