Dungeon and Dragons – The honor of the Thieves, Regè-Jean Page reveals his experience on the set

Dungeon and Dragons – The honor of the Thieves, Regè-Jean Page reveals his experience on the set

Dungeon and Dragons – The honor of the Thieves

Dungeons and Dragons – Honor Among Thieves is one of the most anticipated films of the next cinematic year, as demonstrated by the reactions of fans of the popular fantasy setting to the presentation of the trailer. Based on the famous world created by Wizards of the Coast, the film will see as protagonists a band of adventurers led by a histrionic bard (Chris Pine), who after having stolen a precious and powerful artifact on commission, will have to get it back in order to prevent the their patron to destroy the world. Waiting to see this band of unlikely heroes in action at the end of March, there is no shortage of opportunities for the cast to always keep their curiosity alive for this long-awaited film, an occasion that recently allowed Regè-Jean Page to talk about Dungeons and Dragons – The Honor of Thieves.

Regè-Jean Page talks about his experience on the set of Dungeons and Dragons – Honor among thieves

In Dungeons and Dragons – Honor among thieves, Regè-Jean Page is Xenk , a paladin who joins the band led by the bard played by Chris Pine in this acrobatic feat. During the recent CCXP in Brazil, the actor known for his role in Bridgerton was interviewed by colleagues from Collider , during which Page showed his enthusiasm to have worked with the two directors of the film, Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley :

They are two absolutely fantastic guys, incredibly funny. They really have a great love for this job, and they're not afraid to be serious and funny without using some kind of victim joke. Knowing how to be funny while still being serious, carrying the weight of this world and caring for these characters, and doing it steadfastly is a skill many directors don't possess. And I think we've been very lucky to have been guided by these people.

Considering the setting and what we saw in the recent trailer, dragons are certainly not lacking in the film set in the fantasy universe of Wizards of the Coast, powerful creatures that have always exerted an undeniable fascination on the collective imagination.

In the cinema these creatures have been the protagonists of films that have exalted their characteristics, but it is undeniable that the mighty creatures of Dungeons and Dragons are the dragons par excellence, and the possibility of seeing them on stage in Dungeons and Dragons – Honor among thieves is one of the most anticipated aspects of the film. In one scene of the trailer we can even see Xenk heroically throw himself against one of these creatures, a moment that for Page was incredible:

Fighting dragons is fun, it really is. For me, and I can say this because I think it's seen in the trailer, fighting a dragon is like fulfilling the dream of a ten-year-old boy walking around the house waving a sword, and this gigantic creature is half in your imagination and half in the world. real. Why, even though we worked with this mix of green screen, praticals and a pinch of Jim Henson-style puppets. Half the time the creatures in front of you give really good performances, and in the way that actors can be competitive, I went to compete with the puppets and I was like, 'You're not going to make me look bad, that's not going to happen!'. But it's much easier than you think, and at least twice as fun.

An amusement that has however reserved some rather complicated moments, as Page recounted

The more complicated takes are almost always those in which the group is complete. Keeping a straight face is tricky, extremely tricky with this gang, but fortunately that carries over to people watching because it's so much fun.

Dungeons and Dragons - Honor Among Thieves is a compelling story that will be staged by a cast full of important names in contemporary show biz (Michelle Rodriguez, Regé-Jean Page, Justice Smith, Sophia Lillis, Hugh Grant) that we will see in action on the big screen on March 30th.

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