Overwatch 2, playing is not the best way to earn coins

Overwatch 2, playing is not the best way to earn coins

Overwatch 2

The launch of Overwatch 2 (of which you can find Funko Pops on Amazon) is far from perfect. The title, in its new free to play form, has been plagued by numerous controversies from disappointed fans. These have involved various aspects which, in addition to bugs, range from connection and matchmaking problems to problems relating to the shop system and the high prices associated with it. Precisely in this wake, some users have demonstrated how much the reward system of the title developed by Blizzard is unbalanced and rewards players little.

In fact, in a Reddit tread, a user known as u/MyGoodFriendJon demonstrated how he was able to get more in-game currency from Microsoft Rewards than from Overwatch 2 itself. The comparison is even more merciless if it is considered that the user has completed all 143 rewards challenges offered by the game, for a total of thirteen weeks, compared to just three weeks of activity in Microsoft Rewards. The final balance is 780 game coins obtained in game and 800 received thanks to the Microsoft rewards system.

Among the comments on this post, Overwatch 2 users and fans went wild and started calling for action by the developers. Players are essentially divided between those who want a refund for the money invested in the purchase of in-game currency and those who, instead, simply ask for a percentage increase in the rewards offered by the challenges. At the moment, however, it is not yet clear if and how Blizzard intends to intervene to stem this problem.

I've earned more OW coins in 3 weeks of Microsoft Rewards than completing all 143 weeks across 13 weeks of OW2 from Overwatch

Also, in the comments on Reddit , you can also find details of the activities performed on Microsoft Rewards to obtain these rewards. While it's not uncommon for a title to have external sources of income, it seems rather nonsensical that external sources of income, as in the case of Overwatch 2, are the best way to obtain virtual currency.

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