Resident Evil 4 Remake: many surprises and no cuts

Resident Evil 4 Remake: many surprises and no cuts

Resident Evil 4 Remake

What should we expect from the various maps that will make up Resident Evil 4 Remake ? Based on what was recently reported by Dusk Golem, it seems that in the latest issue of Edge magazine, the development team confirmed the areas we all know, adding that they "will have more" to offer.

The details in the magazine confirm the presence of individual maps, including that of the island, specifying that the team that worked on Resident Evil 4 Remake was divided into three distinct groups each focused on a single explorable area to then compare and merge everything together: village, castle and island.

Going beyond their working structure, it really seems that we should also expect some new additions and novelties within this Remake. Will it be new elements to the experience that fans know by heart, or changes from the point of view of gameplay and modernizations in general?

(2/2) finished their section of the game, they came back together and went over each team's work for revisions & to focus on alterations for pacing.

But the devs mention the Island by name & say there's "A lot more to it" than the original game, but don't clarify any further.

— AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem (@AestheticGamer1) January 1, 2023

The information gathered so far on Resident Evil 4 Remake seems to speak for itself. It will certainly be a "renewed" experience as a whole, while taking into extreme consideration the characteristics of its origins. A job that, as also happened in the past, will have to deal with the passage of time, taking advantage of the current technical possibilities offered by this last one, and also by the penultimate, gen. We just have to wait for its expected release for March 24 on consoles and PCs, in the hope of seeing something more in terms of direct gameplay and general graphic design. What will they have added? What is the room for maneuver left, in this specific case, by Capcom? Will coherence in the past be a priority?

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